Best CPA Prep CoursesFinding the best CPA prep course could be one of the most important factors in passing the CPA exam. You’ll need to make sure you not only find a great deal, but also a course that fits your unique learning style.

Each CPA review course touts having the best features, pass rates and prices but with so many options how are you to know which is best? Choosing the wrong course could cost you and take months more of your study time. Luckily we have you covered!

Tatou lava tofotofoina ma iloilo vasega le prep CPA uma, ma suesue i mea e faaaoga o loo i lalo o lea e te le! The comparison below is aimed at helping you figure out which CPA exam prep course is best for you.

Compare The Top 5 Best CPA Prep Courses & Study Materials Below:

Surgent CPA Prep Course (Rank: #1)

Surgent CPA Prep Courses

faatulagaga aotelega: ★★★★

Most Experienced Instructors: Surgent CPA Review has many long-time and almost famous instructors. Liz Kolar, CPA (25 year CPA exam prep instructor) and Jack Surgent, CPA (leading CPE course provider with 20+ years of experience) created the Surgent CPA Review course with the vision of making the study process faster and targeted than the competition. They take a less is more approach with little distractions and present you with only the key items you need to pass the exam.
Tupe Faamaoniga Toe: Ia maua se faamasinoga saoloto 5 o Aso e tofotofo tulia lo latou ala ina ia masani i ai ao le i faia so o se faaiuga. Latou ofoina atu foi se Faamaoniga Toe Tupe, o lea afai e te fai o latou ala ma iu ina lē mafai e agavaa mo se tupe toe faafoi atoatoa. Lenei o loo faaalia ai le auala mautinoa latou i ai i lo latou ala iloiloga CPA ma o loo latou naunau e tuu a latou tupe o le mea lea latou gutu.
Tekonolosi tupu fua: O le ala Surgent CPA Review e matua faigofie ona faatautaia ma o le a outou cruising i totonu ma fafo o le lesona ma le faigofie. Better yet Surgent has adaptive learning technology that algorithmically determines your trouble areas and helps you focus on them. They say using this method they help save students on average over 50 hours of studying time! What would you do with all that extra time?


Wiley CPAexcel Prep Course (Rank: #2)

Best CPA Course Discounts

faatulagaga aotelega: ★★★★★

Unlimited Use: Once you buy Wiley CPAexcel their review course doesn’t ever expire. This includes use of their practice tests, vitio, quizzes, and all other CPA study materials. Wiley also includes FREE course updates, so you’ll never have to worry about studying with outdated materials.
Multiple Choice Questions: Wiley’s Platinum course includes more multiple questions than you’ll probably ever need. With over 12,000 multiple choice questions from previous CPA exams Wiley has more than any course available. This allows you to get the repetition you need without worrying about seeing the same question.
Mini Topics: Each practice section is broken down into mini sections of about 30-45 minute in length. This makes studying around tough schedules or full time jobs easy.
Best For Self Studiers: Wiley CPAexcel does not have live classes and their support is limited to a message board on which it can take over a day for a response. If you learn best from one-on-one help or more of a classroom setting, then this course might not be the best fit.

Roger CPA Prep Course (Rank: #3)

CPA Prep Course Roger

faatulagaga aotelega: ★★★★

Course Access: Roger now offers CPA candidates who purchase the Elite Course Package unlimited access to their study materials. This is crucial, allowing you to study at your own pace and giving you peace of mind that your course will never expire. They also include course updates for new exams to ensure you’ll always be studying with the most relevant and important content.
Easy Memorization Techniques: Roger uses mnemonics throughout his lectures to give an easier way for students to process and remember many of the details that appear on the exam.
Exciting Lectures: With Roger Philip you’ll never fall asleep. He teaches each lecture with enthusiasm and a lot of energy. His engaging teaching style makes the material much more interesting and helps most students stay motivated.
Financing Plans: Roger CPA Review has financing options for students on a budget. This is a great opportunity to get started studying earlier because the course doesn’t expire and you get can started for as little as $149.

Gleim CPA Review Course (Rank: #4)

Gleim CPA Review Course

faatulagaga aotelega: ★★★★★

Practice Tests: Gleim has a nice variety of testing tools to keep you engaged such as True/False quizzes, MCQ tests, Final Exam Reviews and Task Based Simulations. All these options, plus one of the largest libraries of MCQ’s should give you plenty of practice before you sit for the exam. Their full review course includes over 9,200+ multiple choice questions, which is significantly more than most any other CPA prep course.
Audio Review: Gleim’s complete course also includes an audio CPA review for those who want to study on the go in their car, train or plane. These provide an excellent way to learn the material during non-traditional study times like driving to work, and can be easily downloaded to your smart phone, iPod or mp3 player.
Lava Aano auiliili: O tusi e auiliili ma faaaoga se aofaiga tele o jargon faapitoa. E ui lava o le toatele o tamaiti e sili i se ala atoatoa maualuga, isi e mafai ona lagona ai le lofituina e ala i le anoanoai o faamatalaga.


Yaeger CPA Study Materials (Rank: #5)

Best CPA Study Materials

faatulagaga aotelega: ★★★★

Top Notch Customer Support: Yaeger’s unique Live Instructor Hotline provides personal 1 on 1 support that is unlike any other CPA prep course. This allows students to directly contact and talk to the instructors (many of whom helped create the course) for help with any questions that arise. Yaeger has become famous for his promise, “Whether by phone or email—you can contact me and the other instructors personally almost anytime.”
Easy To Follow Lectures: The lectures include detailed instructions to make sure that students are on the right path. Instructors will work through hundreds of MCQ’s with you and help navigate you through those tricky problems. This hands on approach is really unique to Yaeger and is a distinct advantage especially if you’re pursing your CPA after being out of school for some time.
Old School Style of Teaching: Students not used to long lectures may get distracted with Yaeger. The video lectures are structured very much like most accounting classes you probably had in college, and move a little slower than many students would prefer.


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