lean six sigma black belt certification training coursesAttaining Lean Six Sigma Black Belt certification is tough, Аммо хабари хуб ин аст, ки бисёре аз маводи омӯзиши гуногун ва барномаҳо барои он метавонад онлайн ёфт. Ин истодаанд гуфт, Дар қатор имконоти таълимӣ дастрас барои донишҷӯён метавонанд гардон дарёфти беҳтарин онлайн курси омӯзиши мушкилоти асосӣ ва сарчашмаи изтироб.

How can a student with virtually no Lean Six Sigma knowledge or experience know which Black Belt course is right for them?

That’s where we come in!

We’ve conducted a great deal of research and analysis in order to find the best online Lean Six Sigma Black Belt courses around. Specific features are outlined for each one in the chart below, making it easy to find out what some courses provide that others don’t. So what are you waiting for?

Keep reading to find out more about how you can CRUSH the Lean Six Sigma Black Belt exam!

боло 6 Best Lean Six Sigma Black Belt Certification Courses [UPDATED 2019]

CRUSH RANKING #1 #2 #3 #4 #5 #6
, баҳои умумии
ШИРКАТGoLeanSixSigmaТакя Sigma CorporationMSI Certified Simplilearnшаҳраки ГрейИнститути Pyzdek
$129/mo. (10 months)
$299 $399 $500 ба $1,499 $3,500
тахфиф Захира $200
нишон купон
Захира $2,130
нишон купон
checkimage Захира 30%
Захира 10%
нишон купон
КАФОЛАТ ПУЛ-ПУШТ 30 рӯз 7 рӯзcheckimage 3рӯзcheckimagecheckimage
Имтиҳонҳо амал дарозии пурраcheckimagecheckimagecheckimagecheckimagecheckimagecheckimage
Видео Дастурамалиcheckimagecheckimagecheckimagecheckimagecheckimagecheckimage
Русия PDU 48 105 30 35 45 18
Demo ЉАРАЁНИ РОЙГОНcheckimagecheckimagecheckimagecheckimagecheckimagecheckimage
ДАСТГИРИИ ХОНАНДА Email & Forum Support Email & Forum Support Имейл Email & Forum Support Имейл Email & Forum Support
ДАВРАИ ДАСТРАСӢ ОНЛАЙН 1 сол бемаҳдуд 1 сол 180 Рӯзҳои 1 сол 1 сол
тафсилоти бештарХонда шуд Шарҳи пурраХонда шуд Шарҳи пурраХонда шуд Шарҳи пурраХонда шуд Шарҳи пурраХонда шуд Шарҳи пурраХонда шуд Шарҳи пурра
Оғози короғоз АКНУНоғоз АКНУНоғоз АКНУНоғоз АКНУНоғоз АКНУНоғоз АКНУН

GoLeanSixSigma Шарҳи (рутба: #1)

Go Lean Six Sigma

, баҳои умумии: ★★★★★

Saves Time: For students who have a difficult time fitting extra studying into their already-packed schedule, GoLeanSixSigma is the perfect choice. Even when approaching the highly technical Black Belt level, this prep course makes sure that all lessons are concise and free of filler or mindless busywork.

Engaging Story: It’s rare to find a high-quality prep course that also provides entertainment value. In the case of Go Lean Six Sigma and the adventures of their hypothetical business, Bahama Bistro, that’s exactly what students get!

Accreditations and Endorsements: Although there is no one governing body for Lean Six Sigma courses that provides professional accreditations for prep courses, GoLeanSixSigma still provides its legitimacy through its professional associations. In addition to having helped train individuals working for high-profile organizations such as Airbnb, Tesla, Disney, and Amazon, they’ve partnered with prestigious educational institutions such as UCSD and FIU to teach accredited courses.

Simple and Easy Communication: Any student who enrolls in GoLeanSixSigma’s Go-Getter Program instantly gain access to several highly convenient channels of communication, both with their fellow students and with professional instructors. There’s a forum perfect for discussing the finer points of their Black Belt curriculum, the aforementioned live Webinars, and instantaneous contact with Go Lean Six Sigma’s Master Black Belt teachers.

Mandatory Green Belt: All students who choose to enroll in GoLeanSixSigma’s Black Belt course are required to pass their Green Belt course as well. This means that any students who just want to skip ahead to the highest level of project management methodology won’t be able to do so if they enroll in this course.

поёни Line: If you want to try a Lean Six Sigma prep course that approaches the subject in a unique and interesting manner, GoLeanSixSigma is the way to go. And if you prefer to do things the old-fashioned way, they still has you covered with their frequent Webinars and podcasts. моҳиятан, this Black Belt prep course offers the best of both worlds, making it our top pick for all future project managers!


Такя Sigma Corporation (рутба: #2)

, баҳои умумии: ★★★★★

Русия PDU: Таъмини беш аз кофӣ рушди касбӣ адад барои қонеъ кардани талаботи назардошти лоғар имтиҳон Шаш Sigma Black камарбанди, Такя Sigma Corporation ҳатто грантҳои кофӣ кард PDU барои қонеъ кардани талаботи бештар CPE барои мутахассисони таъсис дода.

Дастурамали Видео: In order to efficiently convey important information to their students so that they actually understand it, Лоғар Sigma Corporation тақсим кардани маводи Видео худро ба 21 Модулҳои омӯзишӣ, ки пурра аниматсионии ва касбӣ Муслим.

Demo Форум: Since this Lean Six Sigma Black Belt course costs a lot of money, students who are intimidated by this price can try a free course demo. Ин намоишӣ намунаи модули eLearning лоғар Sigma Корпоратсияи Русия таъмин мекунад ва бояд ба омӯзанда кӯмак қарор, агар он ба роҳи рост барои эҳтиёҷоти худ кард.

поёни Line: Lean Sigma Corporation offers excellent video content and more than enough PDU’s to make it one of the best Lean Six Sigma Black Belt courses available to students. Онҳо ҳатто пешниҳод намоишӣ ба хотири quell ташвиш аз донишҷӯёни шубҳа.


MSI Certified Lean Six Sigma Study Materials (рутба: #3)

, баҳои умумии: ★★★★★

Exam Included: A major perk for students enrolling in MSI’s Lean Six Sigma Black Belt course is that they can take the actual exam at the very end. This exam is proctored by MSI and is open-note, meaning that students are encouraged to write cheat sheets or crib notes for use during the exam.

Course Access: Everything a student needs to study the material, sit for the exam, and achieve professional accreditation is included in MSI’s Lean Six Sigma Black Belt course. In order to ensure that students have enough time to complete all these study materials, MSI provides a full year of course access.

No Videos: It may come as a surprise to some students that MSI’s online Lean Six Sigma Black Belt study program contains no video content whatsoever. Although they still offer a lot of helpful educational material, the lack of video lectures will dissuade visual learners from giving this course a try.

поёни Line: Донишҷӯёне, ки манфиатдор дар ҳадди имконияти онҳо гузариш ба лоғар имтиҳон Шаш Sigma дар ҳоле ки сарфаи вақт хоҳад барномаи маънӣ MSI дарк мекунад, ки бар мегирад, санҷиши сертификатсияи кушода-ёддошт мебошанд.

Гузаштан ба MSI Certified

Simplilearn Lean Six Sigma Study Materials (рутба: #4)

, баҳои умумии: ★★★★

Нархи: While it isn’t the cheapest option on this list, SimpliLearn’s online Lean Six Sigma Black Belt study course is one of the best options around for students on a budget. It’s rare to find other courses that offer the same features as this one with a price below $1000, let alone below $500 like SimpliLearn.

Industry-Specific Projects: Simplilearn puts students to the test with real projects from specific industries. Many of these assignments will require students to work with a business as part of their LSS team, providing valuable work experience and a hands-on look at project management in specific industries.

Access Time: It’s true that SimpliLearn provides students with an extremely effective set of Lean Six Sigma Black Belt study materials that will be incredibly helpful acclimating them to the world of project management. бадбахтона, students will be limited to an access period of six months to complete all of this coursework.

поёни Line: While some certification programs are largely theoretical, SimpliLearn designed their Lean Six Sigma prep course for the real world. That’s why it’s so surprising that they left out some important features.


Grey Campus Lean Six Sigma Study Materials (рутба: #5)

, баҳои умумии: ★★★★★

Study Time: Students who sign up for GreyCampus’ online Lean Six Sigma Black Belt course will be guaranteed a thorough lesson plan with ample time going over all of the included study material. Even their most affordable Black Belt study package contains more than 200 hours of study time.

Professional Accreditation: GreyCampus’ LSS courses are all certified by the IASSC for their ability to educate students on this highly acclaimed project management ideology at the professional level. Black Belt students can rest assured that their time and effort spent completing this course will not go unappreciated.

Дастгирии муштариён: In situations where enrolled students needed to contact GreyCampus’ support team in order to resolve problems with their Black Belt course, their experiences have been less than ideal. Communication options are limited to email, and the wait time is fairly long for these issues to be resolved.

поёни Line: So long as enrolled students don’t need to reach out to their support team, GreyCampus is an excellent fit. They offer an in-depth course with instructor assistance and over 200 hours of study time.


Pyzdek Institute Lean Six Sigma Study Materials (рутба: #6)

, баҳои умумии: ★★★★★

-Лоиҳа дар асоси сертификатсия: The Pyzdek Institute offers a project-based certification that is both widely recognized among companies and unique in itself. They even work with nonprofit organizations to provide master level project certifications for LSS Black Belt students.

Нақшаи пардохт: Pyzdek’s online Lean Six Sigma Black Belt course are offered at an intimidatingly high price. Аммо, they offer various payment plan options for students who have budgetary concerns so they can avoid worrying about their bill and just get started studying ASAP.

Guarantee: Unlike many of the other Lean Six Sigma Black Belt courses listed here, Pyzdek doesn’t offer any kind of money back or score increase guarantee. When coupled with its high price and lack of a trial or demo, many prospective students may not want to take a risk on this course.

поёни Line: Pyzdek approaches the Lean Six Sigma study process in a way that is fundamentally sound and drastically different from the majority of competing study programs, making them an excellent choice for students.


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