Best Six Sigma Black Belt CoursesProgram Certificiranje Six Sigma črni pas je lahko trd oreh. In s tako veliko različnih virov, za študente, med katerimi lahko izbirate glede na spletnih študijskih programov, vsi vsebujejo različne funkcije in dvomljive terjatve, je lahko težko samo iskanju primerne prep tečaj za pomoč študentom opraviti izpit. Na žalost, much like the Six Sigma green belt certification process, nekateri študentje se tako obesil na ta vidik procesa, ki se nikoli ne premikajo mimo tega prvega koraka.

It’s time for a change.

In the comparison chart below you will find detailed information that we’ve found through several days of research. We’ve broken down the different features of the four best Six Sigma Training courses available online; you can also read more on each provider below by reading the listed pros and cons further down the page. Keep reading to find the best Black Belt course to meet your needs, and take the next step in your professional project management!

Top Six Sigma Black Belt Certification Courses Compared [UPDATED 2020]

Lean Sigma Corporation Black Belt (Mesto: #1)


PDU: Zagotavlja več kot dovolj Profesionalni razvoj enot, da izpolnjujejo zahteve za nadaljevanje Lean Six Sigma črni pas izpit, Lean Sigma celo daje dovolj PDU izpolnjuje večino zahtev CPE za uveljavljenih strokovnjakov.

Video Navodila: In order to efficiently convey important information to their students so that they actually understand it, Lean Sigma deli svoje video vsebine v 21 učni moduli, ki so popolnoma animirani in strokovno pripovedovali.

Predstavitev predmeta: Since this Lean Six Sigma Black Belt course costs a lot of money, students who are intimidated by this price can try a free course demo. V predstavitvi je primer e-učenja modula Lean Sigma in bi morala pomagati študentom odločiti, če je to prava pot za svoje potrebe.

Spodnja črta: Lean Sigma Corporation offers excellent video content and more than enough PDU’s to make it one of the best Lean Six Sigma Black Belt courses available to students. Ti so celo ponujajo demo z namenom, da bi zadušilo vsako strah od negotovih študentov.


MSI Certified Six Sigma Course (Mesto: #2)


Brezplačen preizkus: Something that MSI’s Six Sigma Black Belt training provides that won’t be found from many of their competitors is a free trial. Students are free to try this demonstrative course before paying any tuition fees whatsoever, which should help to relieve some of the stress that comes with that kind of decision.

certificiranje Vključeno: MSI includes the certification exam at the end of their Six Sigma Black Belt course, with the proctoring fee automatically paid out of their initial tuition. Čeprav je bilo to nekoč standardna značilnost teh tečajev, številni drugi programi zagotavljajo več te ugodnosti.

Podpora: Tako kot svojo ponudbo Six Sigma zeleni pas, če tehnična vprašanja se zgodi, da pride v času študenta študijem prek MSI, zagotavljajo nekaj podporne kanale, ki so primerna in učinkovita. Ti vključujejo standardno e-poštni kontaktni obrazec in celoten forum, ki je naseljeno s člani osebja in sošolcev.

Spodnja črta: MSI je one-stop-shop za Six Sigma črni pas študijskih in certificiranje materialov. Despite including both a comprehensive curriculum and a certification exam at the end, this is an extremely affordable study course.


Grey Campus Six Sigma Course (Mesto: #3)


PDUs: Both initial certification and CPE requirements for professional development units are met and exceeded by GreyCampus’ Six Sigma Black Belt course. They are among the educational providers with the largest amount of PDU’s offered at 45, blowing most of their competition out of the water.

Practice Izpiti: GreyCampus incorporates some practice exams into their Black Belt curriculum. These are full-length simulations of the actual certification exam and are designed with accuracy down to the last detail. This standout feature of their course should help greatly to improve students’ confidence.

Live Courses: GreyCampus’ Traditional Classroom package is perfect for students who learn best in a traditional classroom environment. Vendar, the availability of these physical classrooms is severely limited and won’t be viable for students outside of the United States.

Spodnja črta: GreyCampus offers an appealing package for students interested in both passing the Six Sigma Black Belt exam and meeting the requirements for CPE. They also offer an excellent live classroom course, although its availability is troublesome.


ExpertRating Six Sigma (Mesto: #4)


Cena: ExpertRating’s Six Sigma Black Belt course has the lowest tuition fee out of all the courses listed here. While some corners were clearly cut in order to reach this lower cost, enough material is still included in this course to make it an excellent budget study program.

Real Project Scenarios: It’s crucial for professional project managers to understand proper implementation of Six Sigma concepts. ExpertRating uses real-world examples to help students understand how to implement Black Belt methods both in theory and in practice, which is more that some courses can claim to offer.

No Video Lectures: ExpertRating’s Six Sigma Black Belt course is so affordable due to the absence of many common prep course features, such as video lectures or video-based content in general. This may disappoint some students who learn best when information is presented to them visually.

Spodnja črta: The real world scenarios included in ExpertRating’s study course are fantastic for helping students acclimate to Six Sigma Black Belt methodology. Na žalost, the absence of other important study features holds this course back from achieving greatness.


iCert Global Six Sigma (Mesto: #5)


Minitab Implementation: Instructional material based around Minitab is included in iCert Global’s Six Sigma Black Belt educational course. Any professional project manager will tell you that it’s crucial to understand Minitab for their career, and this course will provide an excellent method for students to accomplish just that.

Predstavitev predmeta: Students can take advantage of iCert Global’s free demo in order to determine whether or not the course is a good fit for them and their needs. This helps to better justify spending the larger sum required in order to enroll in their Six Sigma Black Belt course.

Cena: Although iCert Global does offer a stripped-down Six Sigma Black Belt study program at a lower price, it’s their Live Online Instruction course that most students will want to try. The bad news is that this course has a ludicrous price tag greater than $2000.

Spodnja črta: iCert Global approaches studying for Six Sigma in an unconventional but effective way. It’s true that their best course is extremely expensive but the free demo they offer should help students make an informed purchasing decision.


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