Best Six Sigma Green Belt Coursestufaina o le Ono Sigma suʻega o tusi faamaonia Green fusi e leai se galuega faigofie, ma e faapena foi o le sailia o se polokalama i le initoneti lelei e fesoasoani ai i suesuega mo le. O lenei leaga le mea moni ona o se aofaiga e lē gata toetoe lava o kamupani e tuuina atu aoaoga o loo maua mo tamaiti o le vasega e filifili mai ai, ma nisi o le sili atu nai lo isi. Ona o le suesuega tele o le a alu atu i le faia o se faaiuga faailoa, na o nisi o tamaiti musu i lenei tulaga ma e le alu mamao i le ausiaina o latou tusipasi.

Oo i le taimi mo lena e suia ai.

Matou faia le suesuega o atoatoa mo lou manuia ma maua ai avanoa o le polokalame e fa e sili ona lelei e ono Sigma fusi Green. Le siata o loo auiliili atu i lalo o le a mafai ai ona e faatusatusa uma o latou foliga ma tau, ma nisi faamatalaga e uiga i kosi taitasi e mafai ona maua nisi o loo i lalo. Keep reading to figure out your ideal plan of action in order to CRUSH the Green Belt Six Sigma exam!

Best Six Sigma Green Belt Training Courses in 2020 (April):

CRUSH RANKING #1 #2 #3 #4 #5
faatulagaga aotelega
COMPANYLean Sigma CorporationMSI Tusi Faamaonialotoa GrayExpertRatingCert Global
PRICE Green fusi
$59/mo. (10 months)
Green fusi
Green fusi
Green fusi
Live Online
faapau vagana $1,460
Show Coupon
checkimagevagana $150 $1,424
vagana 10%
Faamaoniga TUPE-TUA 7 asocheckimage 3 asocheckimage 1 aso
AUAI FESILI 600+ 400+ 360 200+ 600+
FULL LENGTH PRACTICE EXAMScheckimagecheckimagecheckimagecheckimagecheckimage
VIDEO INSTRUCTIONcheckimagecheckimagecheckimagecheckimagecheckimage
PDU’s 85 20 5 3 24
FREE COURSE DEMOcheckimagecheckimagecheckimagecheckimagecheckimage
TAMAITIITI LAGOLAGO Email & Forum Support Email & Forum Support Email Email Email & Forum Support
ONLINE ACCESS PERIOD Unlimited 30 aso 1 Year 365 aso 90 aso
auiliiliga ATILIFaitau Review FullFaitau Review FullFaitau Review FullFaitau Review FullFaitau Review Full
amataamata neiamata neiamata neiamata neiamata nei

Lean Six Six Sigma Corporation (Rank: #1)

faatulagaga aotelega: ★★★★★

Faataitai Fesili: Although it may not have the most practice questions out of all the prep courses on this list, Lean Sigma Corporation provides an amount that is well above average. le 600+ question bank is used to create small practice quizzes and larger exam simulations.

Course Demo: The fact that this course costs so much may lead some cash-strapped students to have second thoughts about enrolling. Fortunately, Lean Sigma Corporation provides a generous course demo that outlines the ins and outs of their prep course in order to help justify the large monetary investment.

Unlimited Access: Students who sign up for any of Lean Sigma Corporation’s courses will have unlimited access to their training material. This means that not only will this information help them to pass the certification exam, but that it can also be accessed in the future if they need to brush up on it.

Line pito i lalo: There are many reasons why Lean Sigma Corporation offers the best online Six Sigma Green Belt course today. From their excellent support team to their wide range of learning material, enrolled students will be on the right track to success.


MSI Certified Six Sigma Course (Rank: #2)

faatulagaga aotelega: ★★★★★

PDUs: students who complete their Green Belt certification course will receive a high volume of professional development units. At roughly four times the amount as many other Six Sigma Green Belt courses, students enrolled in MSI’s course will receive enough PDU’s for certification and CPE with a few to spare.

Certification Included: Although offering both a study course and certification exam used to be a common practice, MSI is one of the few Six Sigma Green Belt course providers that still does this. Even better is the fact that this is bundled with their course under one extremely affordable price: an even rarer sight.

Flexible Options: MSI’s Six Sigma Green Belt course has a flexible course structure that allows students to complete its curriculum at their own pace and on their own time. This aspect of MSI’s course is particularly popular among students and serves as powerful motivation to actually complete it.

Line pito i lalo: Students will have to overcome the clunky design of Becker’s review course before they can get the most out of it. Ae peitai, it does offer some appealing benefits to students who can tough it out.


Grey Campus Six Sigma Course (Rank: #3)

faatulagaga aotelega: ★★★★

Guarantee: Students enrolled in GreyCampus’ Six Sigma Green Belt course that aren’t satisfied with its quality will have three days from the date of initial enrollment to receive a full refund. This is a longer grace period than most other Six Sigma courses, which will give students some more time to accurately evaluate the course’s quality.

Video Lectures: GreyCampus provides Six Sigma students with a great deal of helpful video content that breaks down advanced Green Belt concepts. These lectures are presented in a manner that allows students to quickly and seamlessly switch between video and written content.

Live Courses: GreyCampus offers a Live Classroom educational package for students that can provide an unparalleled learning experience built around Six Sigma methodology. leaga 'ua, these courses can only be taken in a limited amount of locations, all of which are near the US east coast.

Line pito i lalo:GreyCampus offers live instruction, ample PDU’s, and an intuitive interface that will help students wrap their heads around Green Belt Six Sigma methodology. Provided they live near the east coast, these options are convenient and relatively affordable.


ExpertRating Six Sigma (Rank: #4)

faatulagaga aotelega: ★★★

Access Period: ExpertRating offers students a full year to access their Six Sigma Green Belt materials and complete the exam. This is more than double the length of access time most Six Sigma study courses offer for enrolled students which will certainly come as a major relief for those who like to take their time studying.

All-Inclusive Packages: Everything is included in ExpertRating’s course that students will need to study for and take the Six Sigma Green Belt exam. These comprehensive materials are also conveniently included in one affordable bundle, making it a great option for aspiring project managers on a tight budget.

Limited Content: ExpertRating lags behind other courses when it comes to the amount of practice questions offered in their curriculum. They also lack video content of any kind. The absence of these features makes their course’s lower price justifiable and slightly less appealing.

Line pito i lalo: While they may not offer as much study material as other online Green Belt courses, ExpertRating’s real world educational scenarios are great for helping students to better understand Six Sigma methodology.


iCert Global Six Sigma (Rank: #5)

faatulagaga aotelega: ★★★★★

Simulator suʻega luga o le initoneti: Students who complete iCert Global’s Six Sigma Green Belt prep course are granted an additional 3 month period to access exam simulations. These practice tests provide students with experience in a test environment that is nearly 1:1 with the actual exam.

Black Belt Mentoring: Students in iCert Global’s Black Belt Certification course serve as mentors to assist their Six Sigma Green Belt students. The combination of professional instructors and experienced student mentors ensure that there is no shortage of qualified instructors to which students can reach out.

tau: Although the first tier of iCert Global’s Six Sigma Green Belt study material is reasonably priced, their Live Instruction program that garnered such high praise is much more expensive. Students will need to pay over $1000 to enroll in this highly lauded prep course.

Line pito i lalo:uunaia iCert Global tamaiti o le vasega e aoao mai le tasi i le isi ao aoao ua foi e se vaega o faiaoga agavaa. O lenei metotia faaleaoaoga tuufaatasi e fesoasoani e faateleina ai le lelei o lo latou ono Sigma vasega faapea foi tausia maualalo latou tau mo le vaega e sili ona.


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