Six Sigma vs. PMP Certifications

Let’s break down each certification and expand on the methodology or approach behind Six Sigma and project management. By the end, you’ll know which of the two (or both) will complement your career path and which option will give you a better return on your time and financial investment.

4 Best Six Sigma Careers

While deciding which industry to pursue for your career is important in terms of sustainability and pay, taking the time to research companies can impact your overall happiness and satisfaction in your job. You want to find an organization that meets your needs, matches your values, and encourages growth and development.

Best Online Six Sigma Certification Programs

Choosing an online Six Sigma Certification program can be a challenge because there are more and more companies offering them than ever. We had our experts narrow it down to the top five companies and pour through each of their courses to simplify the process for you

Six Sigma Green Belt Certification Training Courses

We’ve conducted the exhaustive research for your benefit and found the four best Six Sigma Green Belt programs available. The detailed chart below will allow you to compare all of their features and prices, and more information about each course can be found further below. Keep reading to figure out your ideal plan of action in order to CRUSH the Green Belt Six Sigma exam!

Best Six Sigma Black Belt Certification Courses

The Six Sigma Black Belt Certification program can be a tough nut to crack. And with so many different resources for students to choose from in terms of online study programs, all containing different features and dubious claims, it can be tough just finding a decent prep course to help students pass the exam. Sadly, some students get so hung up on this aspect of the process that they never move past this first step.

GreyCampus Six Sigma Review

GreyCampus brings students organized, instructor-led live and on-demand PMP prep courses at a reasonable cost and an entire year of access to online study materials. The PM Toolkit, proven training by course experts, and availability in more than 50 locations around the world make GreyCampus stand out from the competition.

Pyzdek Six Sigma Review

RATING: ★★★★ The Pyzdek Institute is one of the early pioneers in Six Sigma training in the United States. The name Pyzdek is almost synonymous with Six Sigma. They often work with companies of employees to certify candidates through actual projects.

Simplilearn Six Sigma Review

Simplilearn brings their excellent reputation to bear with a solid Green Belt course in Six Sigma certification. Simplilearn professional educational certifications are accredited and recognized by major companies such as Bank of America, Samsung, and Microsoft. Their training program ensures you are fully prepared for the ASQ exam.

iCertGlobal Six Sigma Review

iCert Global is one of the few companies to offer both Instructor-Led Online course and in-person classroom sessions throughout the country for Six Sigma certification. The rigorous Six Sigma methodologies and statistical analysis that make it such a sought after professional certification are well taught by iCert Global.

MSI Six Sigma Review

MSI Certified offers a great (no experience required) Six Sigma Black Belt certification course guaranteed to help you advance your project management career. MSI is an accredited small business, owned by veterans, based in the United States. Offering a 30-day money-back guarantee and a free white belt 20 minute course, MSI Certified makes it easy to choose them for your professional certification needs.

ExpertRating Six Sigma Review

ExpertRating is a company known for excellence in certifications for the modern professional. The Six Sigma course offerings from ExpertRating range from Green Belt to Master Black Belt. You can even go Lean. All of their courses feature certification for no additional cost.