ExpertRating ono Sigma Reviewfaatulagaga: ★★★★★

ExpertRating is a company known for excellence in certifications for the modern professional. O le taulaga moni ono Sigma mai ExpertRating tele mai Green fusi e malamalama lelei fusi Black. E mafai foi ona alu faalagolago. o latou ala uma faaalia faamaoniga mo se tau faaopoopo. The company is widely used by some of the biggest companies in the world like Google, IKEA, Deltek, and UPS. ExpertRating certifications are a great value for the money.

tulaga e lelei

1. faʻamaoniga

ofoina ExpertRating tusi faamaonia ma o latou ala, making it a one-stop-shop when becoming certified in Six Sigma. You will have to pay for a hard copy, but only shipping and handling. Online transcripts are available at any time for proving your credentials. This makes the affordable pricing even better.

expertrating-faatusa2. afifi tuufaatasiga

ExpertRating has even more value in that they offer the ability to combine packages. You can bundle in Project Management Certification with every level of Six Sigma certification. But the discounted combination package isn’t just limited to PM related certifications, there are dozens of other certifications from Business Writing to Speed Reading.

3. Lē Oloa Gaosi Auaunaga

Six Sigma is mostly used in the manufacturing industry or in healthcare services, but ExpertRating helps break the mold and offer implementation into other industries where the methodologies of Six Sigma can be beneficial through the elimination of waste in project management. The inclusivity makes ExpertRating a great choice if you are not in the manufacturing or healthcare industries.

4. Lanu meamata, Black, and Master Black Belts

Many employers conduct in-house training and certification; having inexpensive accredited certification with a low level Green Belt helps you attain Six Sigma training that’s attractive to companies that offer high level in-house certification. But you can also aim for mastery with a Master Black Belt option. You can also go for the middle ground with just a Black Belt course. The level of options make this a very versatile program.

5. galuega Faatino o tulaga

When learning Six Sigma methodologies, it’s crucial to learning how to implement them. Learning the philosophies and principles associated with them are time and money saving efficient ways of managing projects. But you must learn more than just the ideas behind Six Sigma. ExpertRating utilizes implementation to help achieve true learning through the use of several project scenarios. E leai se isi auala sili ina ia mautinoa ua e aoaoina se manatu autu nai lo le tuuina i faiga.

tagata e faaaogāina lelei

o-2ExpertRating offers a Six Sigma course that is perfect for the person that needs the flexibility to choose how long they want to take to complete the course. The year long expiration date allows you to either take it out in a month or take your time and do it over the course of the year.

lo'u Fautuaga

The range of course offerings from Green Belt to Master Black Belt with the ability to add additional certifications, make ExpertRating’s Six Sigma certifications an excellent value. You have a year to take advantage of the program and the price is among the best in the industry. The project scenarios will ensure that you’ll know exactly how to implement Six Sigma methodologies into any project. And when you’re done with the course, you’ll take the certified exam at no extra cost.


Aotelega o le Vaega Course

  • Faataʻitaʻiga Aoaoina Faatinoga faavae
  • Forum luga o le initoneti
  • Green fusi Course
  • Black Course fusi
  • Master Black Belt Course


Green po o fusi Black

tau: $99.99

e aofia ai: Online platform featuring 350 itulau o le aoaoina punaoa; DMAIC levels I and II; Organizational Performance Management; Tusipasi suʻega Mulimuli.


Expert Rating Six Sigma Breakdown

ExpertRating Six Sigmamalosiaga
2.afifi tuufaatasiga
3.Lē Oloa Gaosi Auaunaga
4.Lanu meamata, Black and Master Black Belts
5.galuega Faatino o tulaga
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