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GreyCampus brings students organized, instructor-led live and on-demand PMP prep courses at a reasonable cost, as well as an entire year of access to online study materials. Their study materials are available online or offline and include the PM Toolkit, flashcards, and interactive lectures.

With training offered by project management experts and availability in more than 50 locations around the world, GreyCampus’ PMP, CAPM, and PMI-ACP prep courses stands out from their competition.

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Grey Campus PMP Course Features

  • Print copy of PMBOK 5th Edition Guide
  • 3 to 4-Day Workshop or 32 Hours of Live Online Instruction
  • 35-Contact Hour Certificate with Live, Premium, and Standard options
  • 30-Day Instructor Helpline with Premium Online Self Learning course
  • 21 Hours of Video Lectures with Standard and Premium Online Self Learning
  • 3 Full-Length Санҷишҳо Масхара бо 1500+ Амал Саволҳо
  • 500+ Flashcards
  • 15 Ягонаи Tools PM Toolkit
  • Барномасозони Mobile барои Android
  • 100% Кафолати пул
  • Зиндагӣ дар сомона, Ва Дар бораи талабот Имконот омӯзиши дастрас
  • 1 Пардохти абонентӣ Соли ба сомона Маводи Форум

Кампус Грей Нархгузорӣ PMP

Омӯзиш PMP – Омузиши Худшиносӣ дар сомона

Нархи: $300
Дар бар мегирад:1-дастрасии сол 21 соат таълим видео, 3 санҷишҳои амал simulated, 500+ flashcards, PM Toolkit бо 15 воситаҳои PMP умумӣ, 35-тамос шаҳодатномаи соат, ва 30-рӯз РВКД дар Муаллими.

Зиндагӣ-онлайн Форум

Нархи: $699
Дар бар мегирад: Курсҳои онлайн Зиндагӣ бо 32 соат таълим зинда, сертификатсия, and experience and interaction with project management tools. Availability varies.

Grey Campus PMP Strengths

1. Self-Learning Platform

One of GreyCampus’ best features is the well-organized content that can be used for independent study. Study materials and questions are sorted by knowledge area and practice group, allowing students to focus their attention on areas that give the greatest difficulty. GreyCampus’ course monitors progress and provides a cumulative performance overview. Students are also given access to a PM Toolkit that includes resources used by Project Managers as well as more than 500 flashcards.

2. 35 Тамос бо соат

The Online Self-Learning PMP prep course will cover the 35 contact hour requirement that students need in order to apply and sit for the PMP exam, awarding those who pass with a certificate as proof. Both the self-learning and live instruction options include these contact hours, meaning that students will require no additional education to take the exam after concluding any GreyCampus PMP prep course.

Grey Campus PMP Questions Online Review

3. Interactive Lectures

As part of their Online Self-Learning package, GreyCampus includes several hours of informative video lectures. These often consist of a qualified instructor speaking with a slideshow visual aid and a live transcript along the right-hand side. Students have the option to pause, rewind, or skip certain lines and slides in each lecture, allowing for a level of interaction that rivals that of a live instructor.

Grey Campus PMP Interactive Lessons Online

4. 1 Соли Access

With one year of access to the course, students have plenty of time to study and learn the material. This is especially helpful for students who finish the course and take their PMP exam with time to spare, since they can access these same learning materials in order to brush up on certain concepts. This access also applies for students who pick the live instructor packages.


Grey Campus PMP Weaknesses

1. Имтиҳонҳо Simulated

GreyCampus offers three simulated exams in their PMP review course. For the vast majority of students, this should be enough material for them to become more comfortable with the exam-taking process and prepare for the real thing without wasting a great deal of time. Аммо, the lack of more than three simulations and the exclusion of customizable simulations is disappointing since competing educational providers do provide these amenities.

2. Дастгирии муштариён

GreyCampus таъмин чат, телефон, and email support on top of a 30-day instructor helpline for answering specific questions in a one-on-one setting. While the instructor helpline is a convenient and high-quality feature, the customer support is disappointing and has led to many complaints left online from frustrated students trying to resolve issues.

Корбар беҳтарин

Бо як қатор пешниҳодҳо албатта онлайн ва Ояндасоз, усулҳои гуногун таҳсил, ва қобилияти интихоб сатҳи таҳсил ба шумо лозим аст, GreyCampus courses will meet the demands of most students. The instructor-led classes are ideal for those who need the individual guidance of an instructor as motivation to stay on task or for students who simply prefer traditional classroom learning. The live online courses are excellent as well because they are interactive and allow students to ask questions during class.

Grey Campus Practice Questions

The Online Self Learning option is a better fit for self-motivated students who want to study on their own schedule and don’t necessarily have the time or budget to attend a live class. Exam candidates can choose the best course based on their budget and individual needs, since any package will provide them with the requisite knowledge and experience to sit for and pass the PMP exam.

Grey Campus PMP analytics

Маслиҳат ман

GreyCampus offers several options for studying for the PMP exam, including live classroom, live online, and an on-demand course. This makes them a good fit for students who are working full-time while trying to study. It’s clear from observing their Online Self-Learning package that GreyCampus is committed to providing high-quality education for students in a manner that is friendly and effective.

Having access to the course for 12 months is a nice perk, but with only 30 days of helpline access, you will have to organize your study time accordingly. Furthermore, issues with customer support are unfortunately to be expected and should be planned for if any issues arise that will necessitate contacting them. Аммо, students should find themselves very satisfied with their results after taking GreyCampus’ PMP prep course.


GreyCampus Online PMP Course Review: Summary

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Беҳтарин Хусусиятҳои
1.Хуб-Созмоншудагон таълим Платформаи
2.Дар бар мегирад 35 Тамос бо Сертификати қиёмат
3.Дастгирии муштариён ва Муаллими Кӯмак
4.Барномасозони Mobile
5.1 Соли Access

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