Lean Sigma Corporation Black Belt Course Review

Lean Sigma Corporation Black Belt Review

RATING: ★★★★★When it comes to Lean Six Sigma, don’t let its name deceive you: it is a very complicated and intricate form of project management methodology. While its name may initially suggest the idea of a ‘diet Six Sigma,’ Lean Six Sigma is actually a combination of different project management frameworks that work together in order to improve project performance while reducing waste.With this context, it becomes clear that becoming Lean Six Sigma certified isn’t as easy as it sounds. But here’s the good news:Aspiring project managers have a multitude of options when it comes to Lean Six Sigma educational materials. These include a variety of online prep courses which are designed to provide all of the information and practice required to understand the core concepts and pass the certification exam at any belt level. And when it comes to Lean Six Sigma, Lean Sigma Corporation offers some of the best resources for students looking to brush up on the Yellow Belt, Green Belt, or Black Belt level.



Lean Sigma Corporation was created by a professional in the field of project management with over 10 years of experience. The goal of their educational materials is to teach core Lean Six Sigma concepts in a manner that is easy to approach and understand. Although they offer programs for all three major belts, this review will focus specifically on their Green Belt course.By granting enrolled students with access to a substantial library of study materials, students who enroll in Lean Sigma Corporation’s Green Belt course offers a multifaceted study guide that will take them from the beginning to the end of their exam certification journey. An unlimited access period provides them will all the time they need to study, with the ability to take the official certification exam at the end. According to claims from the course provider’s website, students are extremely happy with the quality of their educational material with a 98% satisfaction rating.

Here’s a course snapshot of Lean Sigma Corporation’s Green Belt course:

  • 600+ practice question bank
  • 85 professional development units (PDUs)
  • 17 eLearning video modules
  • 5 DMAIC practice tests
  • Curriculum variations focusing on statistical software 
  • 1 full-length practice exam and 1 final certification exam


What’s Included in Lean Sigma Corporation Black Belt Review

Practice Tests

All of the practice quizzes and tests contained in this educational prep course pull from a pool of over 600 practice questions. These questions cover concepts revolving around Lean, Six Sigma, and DMAIC methodology to fully flesh out students’ knowledge of pertinent information. Just over 200 of these questions are used to generate smaller practice questions, while others are used to comprise 5 DMAIC Tests and the full-length practice exam

eLearning Lectures

Lean Sigma Corporation also includes 21 video modules that explain key Lean Six Sigma concepts in an intuitive and visually pleasing way. These modules are professionally narrated and fully animated in a way to encourage that students are engaged with the material and retain important knowledge from each lesson.

Statistical Software Training

In addition to learning the concepts behind Lean Six Sigma methodology, professional project managers are expected to understand how to use relevant statistical software. Some common programs used for this purpose are Minitab, JMP, and the SigmaXL extension for Microsoft Excel. Depending on their needs and preferences, students can specialize Lean Sigma Corporation’s prep course to focus on one of these three programs.


Don’t know what PDU’s are? Keep reading:Short for professional development units, these are educational units that signify a student has met educational requirements necessary to qualify for achieving and maintaining project management certifications. Although they aren’t explicitly required for Lean Six Sigma certification, these units are helpful for students who wish to continue their project management education and work towards additional certs.Lean Sigma Corporation’s LSS Black Belt course provides students with 105 PDUs that are officially recognized by the Project Management Institute, which is the organization that handles many different project management certifications such as the PMP, PMI, and CAPM. As a result, many students and established professionals can use these PDUs to meet the requirements to sit for other certification exams or qualify as CPE.

Practice Tests

In order to reinforce students’ knowledge of core concepts and evaluate their readiness to pass the final exam, Lean Sigma Corporation provides several quizzes and tests for them to complete. Their Lean Six Sigma Black Belt course contains 21 practice tests with ten questions each to coordinate with the eLearning modules as well as 5 DMAIC tests with 25 questions each that students are required to pass in order to qualify for certification. Aside from these, this course also allows students to take a full certification exam as a practice run before taking the real thing.

Certification Exam

Something that Lean Sigma Corporation offers in their prep course that isn’t always included in other Lean Six Sigma courses is the ability to take the final certification exam at the end. This exam is aligned with the requirements outlined by the IASSC and ASQ and is accredited by The Council for Six Sigma Certification, which is recognized in over 160 countries all over the world.

Lean Sigma Corporation Pricing

Lean Sigma Corporation’s prep courses have different prices based on belt level. Due to the fact that is has the largest curriculum, their Lean Six Sigma Black Belt course has the highest price of all their educational programs at $1,495. This is higher than the average cost of a Black Belt prep course but is still within the range of reasonable prep course prices.What if you can’t afford to pay this much? Here are some alternative options:For individuals who are interested in Lean Sigma Corporation’s study material that don’t have the money to pay for the course, there are several supplementary products they sell at greatly reduced prices. These include small study guide pamphlets and longer textbooks, with many of them costing well below $100. They won’t provide the same educational quality as their full prep courses, but they can suffice as extra study resource for students enrolled in a different course or pursuing independent study.


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Lean Six Sigma Corporation Pros and Cons

Here’s a brief rundown of the positive and negative aspects of Lean Sigma Corporation’s LSS Black Belt course:

  • PDUs: Out of virtually every single other Lean Six Sigma Black Belt prep course, Lean Sigma Corporation’s offers the highest number of PDUs upon completion. While this isn’t particularly important for this level of project management certification, it’s incredibly helpful for students who plan on furthering their education with additional project management certs.
  • Support: In the rare case that an enrolled student is having an issue with their prep course, Lean Sigma Corporation provides a few helpful methods of getting in touch with their support team. In addition to an email form, students can consult a forum populated by staff members as well as a group chat or private chat for live communication.
  • Access: Many of the Lean Six Sigma prep courses provided online offer limited access periods ranging anywhere from three months to a year. On the other hand, all of Lean Sigma Corporation’s educational courses give students unlimited access to their study material. This provides students with a limitless amount of time to prepare for their certification exam as well as a helpful resource if they need to pursue CPE in the future.
  • Price: With all the impressive features and content included in this Lean Six Sigma Black Belt course, it shouldn’t be a tremendous surprise that it comes at a high cost. And while it is far from the most expensive course of its kind, the price tag is still well above the budgets of many students.

Ideal Customer

In case you’re still not sure if Lean Sigma Corporation is the right educational program for you, here’s a quick breakdown of what kind of students will and won’t appreciate its features:       If you’re a student who learns best through lecture content, this is the course for you.        If you’re a student who plans on pursuing additional project management certifications, this is the course for you.        If you’re a student who likes taking lots of practice quizzes and tests, this is the course for you.        If you’re a student who learns best in a classroom setting with a live instructor, this is NOT the course for you.        If you’re a student who wants to access learning material on your phone, this is NOT the course for you.

Final Recommendation

Lean Sigma Corporation is easily one of the best Lean Six Sigma Black Belt education providers around, if not the best. They offer an enticing amount of features and comprehensive educational material that is more than adequate for teaching students the ins and outs of LSS methodology at an expert level. Their instructors are highly qualified and can provide additional support for struggling students, which has led to an impressively high satisfaction rate.Although they may offer limited mobile functionality and an intimidatingly high tuition, this is still a sound investment for students who want to get serious about Lean Six Sigma. Lean Sigma Corporation earns our seal of approval and comes highly recommended to anyone looking to CRUSH the Lean Six Sigma Black Belt exam!



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