Best PMP Certification CoursesFinding a PMP Course Aoaoga Tusipasi is an important decision you’ll make on your journey to pass the Project Management Professional exam.

Many students learn better in a traditional classroom-type setting rather than from a self-paced prep course. We have researched and reviewed the best PMP certification classes online to help you better compare them.

The comparison chart below will help you decide which PMP certification study materials best fit your needs.

(also, if you feel like a PMP course that is strictly online and on-demand would be better for you, check out our recommendation here)

Best Live-Online PMP Certification Prep Courses

PM Prep Matai (Rank: #1)

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Unique Approach: In particular, students and PMP candidates who are sick of traditional review courses and study materials will like PM Master Prep. Faataitaiga, their Online Live course offers a new approach to helping students pass the PMP exam that requires no memorization at all. Nai lo, the use of narrative-focused Case Stories help students immediately understand what to do in specific situations they’re bound to experience in their professional careers.
Communication: Any instructor will tell you that communication is the key to their ability to teach. Mo lena mafuaaga, PM Master Prep’s Online Live offers students the ability to reach out for help from instructor Scott Payne at any time. When considering the numerous personal training sessions and weekly tutoring calls, it’s clear that this company has placed great emphasis on communication when designing this course.
Realistic Curriculum: One reason why students can so often feel frustrated or disappointed by other study materials is because they teach them through vague concepts instead of realistic applications. On the other hand, PM Master Prep’s course bucks this trend and teaches important project management knowledge through 12 weeks of guided training designed to cut through the fat and provide only the important info.
Poor Design: To be clear, this course gets a high ranking because it provides a legitimate educational experience for all applicants. Ae peitai, you might not get that impression at first when looking at their website. Numerous spelling errors, formatting issues, and a garish color palette gives off a strong impression of illegitimacy. Ultimately, you’ll have to look past these surface-level issues to see what PM Master Prep is really about!

Line pito i lalo: The Online Live course from PM Master Prep is unlike anything else on the market for PMP candidates. Thanks to Scott Payne, you can learn the ins and outs of project management without falling asleep from boredom. We recommend this course to anyone looking for something quirky but still effective at helping them pass their tests!


ExamsPM PMP Training Review (Rank: #2)

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faatulagaga aotelega: ★★★★★

ExamsPM PMP Course – tulaga e lelei

Free Extras: ExamsPM provides potential students a chance to try out several aspects of their PMP prep course before making a financial investment. That way, you’ll know exactly what you’re getting into: no unwelcome surprises! Additionally, they include four bonuses if you enroll in any of their course tiers. This includes additional study materials for Agile and business analysis.
Long Access Period: Sometimes life gets in the way of your study plans and you find yourself taking a lot longer to prepare for your exams than you initially expected. If you’re worried about this happening to you, ExamsPM has your back with their generous 1-year access period. Because of this, you can take all the time you need to make sure you pass the PMP exam on your first try!
Packed Curriculum: In addition to over 1,500 faiga fesili, ExamsPM offers 5 full-length practice exams as well. These are simulations designed to imitate the real thing, which can be tremendously helpful in preventing pre-exam anxiety. And if you’re looking to expand your project management knowledge base, there’s always the bonus content based on business analysis and the Agile methodology!
No Buying Risk: The only thing that feels worse than failing the PMP exam is feeling like you’ll never get that time and money back. Fortunately, ExamsPM firmly believes that you’ll pass the exam with the aid of their study materials; because of this, they’ll give you a full refund if you aren’t able to pass after using their prep course.

Line pito i lalo: ExamsPM has a lot of appealing features that make it a serious contender for the best PMP review course on the market. Thanks to the sizable question bank, multiple bonus offerings, and a generous satisfaction guarantee, choosing this study course is really a no-brainer!


GreyCampus PMP Course (Rank: #3)

grey campus pmp certification classes


One-on-One Time with an Instructor: Instructors have 10+ tausaga’ experience in Project Management, and are active PMP certificate holders, so you know you will be getting great instruction when you get your individual coaching time. You also get 24/7 customer support and access to a 30-day instructor helpline if you are in between live PMP class sessions.
1 Full Year of Access: GreyCampus gives you access to their PMP Certification program materials for 12 months, which is several months more than most competitors. You’ll have more than enough time to learn and practice the material before the exam. Note that you only get 30 days to take advantage of the instructor helpline, so be sure to schedule your PMP certification exam prep to maximize the use of that feature.
100% Tupe Faamaoniga Toe: GreyCampus offers a 100% money back guarantee if you do not pass the Project Management Professional exam the first time you take it. You must take the PMP certification exam within 14 days of completing the course completion, finish the entire course, pay all enrollment fees, and pass 2 of the Mock Tests in the GreyCampus portal with a score of at least 75% to qualify.
Mobile App: GreyCampus has a mobile app for Android users with some free content as well as access to 13 knowledge area exams and more than 200 flashcards. This is a nice extra because you will want to study in between your live PMP classes whenever you have time in order to get the most out of the course. leaga 'ua, there is no app for iOS devices.

Line pito i lalo: All of the instructors associate with GreyCampus are highly experienced and their Android mobile app is convenient for students on the go. They also offer a full year of access to their material.


Simplilearn PMP Certification (Rank: #4)

simplilearn pmp certification course


Excellent Resources: In addition to online PMP classes with an instructor, you will get five full-length PMP Simulation Exams, 83 Chapter-end quizzes, ma 4 PMP exam simulations to practice exam-like questions. The live online course includes full access to all of the online PMP materials available in the Self-Learning course, so you can keep studying even when you are not in class.
Free Material: Simplilearn offers multiple extras with each PMP course offering. Although these vary, special offers often include a free course (such as Fōmaʻi Tusi Faamaonia Agile a PMI ala ma Atinae Microsoft 2013), a saoloto 200-fesili suega faatupu PMP, ma a Forum faaaogāina saoloto fautuaga ma lagolago.
86 PDUs ma 35 PMI itula Contact: e te maua 86 PDUs ma le ala sauniuniga Simplilearn PMP; e faaopoopo lenei i le 35 faafesootai itula manaoga mo le aveina o le suʻega PMP. e tele e sili atu lena nai lo PDUs sili ona tauva ofoina. A uma ona e faamaeaina le numera o itula i luga o upega tafailagi a le Simplilearn, o le a tuuina atu ia te oe le 35 contact hours certificate at no additional cost.
Tupe Faamaoniga Toe: Simplilearn offers a 100% Tupe Faamaoniga Toe, so if you don’t pass using their course you get a full refund! This shows just how confident they are that their course will help you get your PMP certification. using their course risk-free. For their 4-day PMP Bootcamp, the re-examination fee is paid by Simplilearn and the remaining amount is refunded if you do not pass the exam.

Line pito i lalo: Although SimpliLearn’s PMP training course is of a tremendously high quality, they offer a very generous trial offer and an affordable asking price. Students will also receive several contact hours and PDU’s.

PMstudy PMP Prep Course (Rank: #5)

pm study pmp certification classes


Minimal Prep Work: You can complete minimal prep-work to get 40 PMI Contact Hours to apply for the PMP Exam before your class starts. Unlike competitors, PMstudy recommends you attend the live class sessions without doing any PMP certification preparation. galue lenei faataitaiga sili ona lelei pe afai e te ave le mea moni i le taimi lava latou PMP Aoaoga i luma o le suʻega. le tulaga e tatau, o le a outou ave se vasega 4 o Aso e, faia le meaaoga, ma suʻe le suʻega i le aso 5.
saʻoloto 30 PDUs mo Education Faifai Pea: Afai e te saini atu mo se ala initoneti ola, outou tau e aofia ai 30 PMI PDUS, lea faamalieina faaauauina o aoaoga manaoga mo le tausaga muamua mo Polofesa Poloketi Pulega faamaonia. e faaopoopo lenei i le 40 PMI itula Contact o le a outou manaomia ina ia nofo ai mo le suʻega PMP.
sili taugata: PMstudy’s options come at a hefty price. At $1,899, the live virtual course costs significantly more than most competitors’ PMP classes. Their impressive success rate (98.7% of students pass the PMP exam) and the Money Back Guarantee may make the cost worth it for you.

Line pito i lalo: PMStudy offers a user-friendly and hassle-free PMP certification course that even includes a generous 30 units of CPE. Ae peitai, all of these enticing features come at an intimidatingly high price.