боло 6 pmp online prep coursesTrying to select the best PMP Training course can be a challenge. будани маълумот ин қадар ҳазм ва мардуми бисьёре аз курсҳои гуногун интихоб аз он ҷо. Мо ин равандро барои шумо содда кардаем, ки љараёни интихоб осон аст.

Фарқи байни бомуваффақият гузаштани кардан ё имтиҳон PMP асосан вобаста аст, ки чӣ тавр, инчунин маводи омӯзиши шумо тайёр. Using a PMP prep course that doesn’t match your learning style can cause you to score lower and even fail your exam, арзишашон шумо моҳ вақти таҳсил ва ҳаққи имтиҳони иловагӣ. Гард аст, дар ин ҷо, то боварӣ ҳосил мекунад, ки рух медиҳад!

Мо таҳқиқ ва баррасӣ ҳар курси асосии онлайн омӯзиши PMP дар бозор то ба шумо лозим нест, ба! Дар ҷадвали нисбат ба поён шумо кӯмак мекунад, муайян кардани он, маводи омӯзиши беҳтарин ки талаботи шумо.

Here are the Top 7 Best Project Management Professional (PMP) Certification Exam Training Courses & Online Study Materials of 2019

Brain Sensei (рутба: #1)

brain sensei pmp

, баҳои умумии: ★★★★★

Brain Sensei Pros & Cons:

Interactive Lessons with Storytelling: Unlike competing PMP review courses, Brain Sensei will draw you into a story of a female Samurai who overcomes project planning challenges in Feudal Japan. Stories have been used to share knowledge and teach lessons since the dawn of humankind. Studies have also found that when you receive information in the form of a story, it’s easier to absorb and recall information.
Your Own Personal Sensei (Instructor): Brain Sensei understands that self-studying with slide shows is not very engaging. That’s why they give you your own personal animated sensei! He acts as your teacher throughout the course, offering any additional help or questions you may run into.
35 Тамос соат Дохил: Since Brain Sensei is a Registered Education Provider (REP) with the Project Management Institute (хурду миёна), you will receive the 35 hour requirements for the PMP exam. This course is a great way to maximize your study time without having to pay extra for a course that will let you gain contact hours.
Course Design: While other courses have flashy technology and an innovative website layout, this course is pretty basic and lacking in terms of design. This may be preferred since it is a direct and to-the-point way of learning. There won’t be any distractions that take your focus away from studying.

поёни Line: What sets this course apart from every single other PMP online study program on the market is their gamified narrative structure. Students even have a virtual instructor in the form of a cartoon Sensei!


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PM PrepCast PMP Course (рутба: #2)

pmprepcast pmp review

, баҳои умумии: ★★★★★

PM Prepcast Pros:

Як-оид ба як дарсдињї: Шумо дарсдињї фардӣ даст, агар шумо барои дохил шудан ба курси иҷроияи PM PrepCast ё харидани PMP дарсдињї алоҳида. Як-оид ба як дарсдињї аз коршиноси PMP ба шумо ба воситаи қитъаҳои мушкилтарин барномаи роҳнамоӣ ва ба шумо ҳар як имкониятро диҳад ба даст саволҳои шумо ҷавоб дод тарафи халки.
PMP Simulator Имтиҳони: Дар тринажёр имтиҳон ба шумо имкон медиҳад, то тайёрӣ ба имтиҳон PMP 4-соати бо саволҳои хеле воқеӣ дар шароити санҷиши монанд. PM PrepCast’s Executive package includes up to 8 simulated exams with 1,600 саволҳои. Шумо ба даст 90 рӯз дастрасӣ ба тринажёр имтиҳон PMP аз рўзи шумо бигирад нахустин имтиҳон simulated.
Имконот Mobile: PM PrepCast барои телефони худ дастрас аст, ҳаб, ё компютер, бинобар ин шумо метавонед дар дастгоҳ аст, ки қулай барои шумо омӯзиши. Дар видео кардаанд, ки истифодаи он бо iTunes optimized шуд, новобаста аз дастгоҳи худ (шумо лозим нест, ки ба истифода iPad, Бодрухин ё рдЖрдЗрдкреЙрдб). Дар чун каме ҳамчун 45 дақиқа ба шумо хоҳад дастрасӣ ба тамоми семинар аз дастгоҳи Handheld ва ё планшет худро доранд!
35 Тамос бо соат дохил: If you complete the PM PrepCast course and pass the class’s final exam, Шумо метавонед чоп 35 Шаҳодатномаи Тамос Соатњо, ки шарти барои имтиҳон PMP аст. Андешидани Бартарии ин хариду фурӯхт, ки дар рафти дарунсохташуда – гирифтани иловагӣ 35 Тамос соат дар як курс алоҳида шуморо арзиш $150 ё бештар.

поёни Line: Students who enroll in PM Prepcast’s PMP course will receive all of the tools and training needed to become a professional project manager. This includes coaching, contact hours, exam simulations, and even a handy mobile app.


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Sybex PMP Шарҳи Имтиҳони (рутба: #3)

Sybex PMP Reivew

, баҳои умумии: ★★★★

Sybex PMP Pros & Cons:

Video Content: While other sites may have hours and hours of video content, the quality of Sybex’s lectures is unmatched. Featuring project management guru Cynthia Snyder Dionisio, this is the Rolls Royce of video content. Not only has she written numerous books and worked on the committee to reshape the exam itself, but also she delivers succinct and unique insight to future test takers.
Choose Your Own Schedule: Sybex PMP® exam review prep course is designed for people who live in the real world – if you can do only one or two days a week, that’s plenty! This customizable feature allows you to finish studying at your own pace. ҳамчунин, you can choose which questions and topics that you want to cover in each lesson, or simply go with the standard layout.
Back To Your Desk: Selecting your own syllabus, completing exam questions, getting assignments and grades, this course makes you feel like you’re back in school. This is how many people learn best, as it helps to map out a course for your brain to follow while studying
Flashy Appearance: If you’re looking for an aesthetically pleasing and visually engaging course, this isn’t the choice for you. While the information and videos are of the highest quality, this isn’t a piece of internet art – it’s a bare-bones design that will get you to the PMP promised land.

поёни Line: Wiley’s video content is second-to-none, and the flexible scheduling provided by their online PMP course will be invaluable to time-pressed students. Just don’t let their garish web design scare you off.

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ExamsPM Prep Course (рутба: #4)

ExamsPM Logo Long

, баҳои умумии: ★★★★

ExamsPM Pros:

Тамос бо соат ва PDUs: ExamsPM’s course has a value beyond its ability to prepare you for the test. It also gives you a 35-contact hour certificate upon completion: one of the prerequisites for PMP certification. This comes at no extra cost so you can save money while working towards your career. Furthermore, the course comes with thirty additional PDUs toward recertification. Consequently, thanks to that you can maintain your certification while working towards the PMP.
Free Content: Curious about what kind of content is on offer? Check out the free content that ExamsPM provides! Doing so will help you get familiar with the service before deciding if you want to pay for it. Their content includes a study guide, имтиҳонҳои амал, a formula guide, and even a free course. Ба таври, few PMP services (ё certification exam materials in general) are confident enough in their material to let you see so much of it before you pay!
кафолати Pass: ExamsPM is so confident in their teaching that they offer a pass guarantee. Hence, a refund is available to anyone who doesn’t pass the PMP within six weeks of starting the course. They check this by having students send them their test scores and refunding anyone who doesn’t pass. This means that all of the monetary risk is on ExamsPM, not you.
Pay for Support: Although ExamsPM offers a highly efficient email support team, it is only for people who buy the exam simulator and course bundle. бадбахтона, this means that their support is locked behind a $579 purchase. Honestly, each tier is well worth the price of entry; Аммо, it’s disappointing to not have access to support in the lower tiers.

поёни Line: ExamsPM is a competitive and high-quality course for project managers looking to pass the PMP. Everything about this course is designed to make the process easy and fast, and in just six weeks you’ll be PMP certified. Definitely check ExamsPM out!

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BrainBOK PMP Review (рутба: #5)

brainbok pmp review

, баҳои умумии: ★★★★

BrainBok PMP Pros & Cons:

Нарх Бузург: For just $149, you can get the whole Premium Pro package for 180 рӯз, including access to 1,000+ questions and 3 full-length practice exams. If that is too much money, you can always start with Premium subscription for only $29.99 or the Premium Plus Subscription for $59.99 or buy individual practice exams or study components separately!
ITTO Explorer Tool and Excellent Flashcards: Need more help with Inputs, Tools ва Усулҳои, ва натиҷаҳо (ITTO)? BrainBOK’s ITTO Explorer will bring you up to speed on each Process Group and Knowledge Area with this dynamic tool. With any paid subscription you will also get 2,000 pre-made flashcards that will help you memorize all the most important material and to avoid learning gaps.
No Video Lectures or Live Instruction: If lectures are your preferred way of learning the material, this course may not be for you. BrainBOK keeps prices low, but you have to cover the material on your own without live or online lectures to explain the information.

поёни Line: Students who are looking for high-quality video lectures will be disappointed by BrainBOK’s online PMP course. Аммо, their low price tag and thousands of free flashcards are nice compensatory features.


Simplilearn PMP Шарҳи (рутба: #6)

simplilearn pmp review

, баҳои умумии: ★★★★★

SimpliLearn PMP Pros:

Ҳадия Форум чандир: Бо ҳам имконоти омӯзишӣ зинда ва худшиносии омӯзиши дастрас, Шумо метавонед интихоб кунед, ки оё шумо мехоҳед, ки ба кор як курси-худидоракунии наҷиб ва ё инструктори-ҳидоят. Андешидани рафти Online Худшиносӣ Омӯзиш барои 30-180 рӯз аз макон дар ҷаҳон, ва ё барои дохил шудан ба курси зинда-онлайн ё дар-шахси-инструктори оварда дар минтақаи шумо.
Озод Маводҳо: Simplilearn offers multiple extras with each live course offering. Гарчанде ки ин фарқ, special offers often include a free course (such as Захмгирифта сертификатсия карда амалкунандаи PMI кард course and Microsoft Project 2013), a free 200-question PMP Simulation test, and a User Forum with free advice and support.
86 PDUs and 35 PMI Тамос соат: Шумо ба даст 86 PDUs бо рафти тадорукотӣ Simplilearn PMP; this is in addition to the 35 contact hour requirement for taking the PMP exam. Ки PDUs хеле зиёд аст, аз ҳама раќибон пешниҳод. Баъд аз шумо шумораи зарурии соат дар сомонаи Simplilearn кард анҷом, шумо дода хоҳад шуд мешавад 35 сертификат соат тамос бе ягон арзиши иловагӣ.
Кафолати пул: Simplilearn offers a 100% Кафолати пул, so if you don’t pass using their course you get a full refund! This shows just how confident they are that their course will help you get your PMP certification. For their 4-day PMP Bootcamp, ҳаққи нав экспертизаи аст, аз ҷониби Simplilearn пардохт ва андозаи боқимонда баргардонида аст, ки агар шумо ба имтиҳон гузарон нест.

поёни Line: SimpliLearn offers a convenient user experience with their versatile study packages and decent amount of free content. They also offer enough contact hours and PDU’s for most candidates.

Becker PMP Шарҳи (рутба: #7)


, баҳои умумии: ★★★★★

Becker PMP Pros & Cons:

Flexible and Convenient Course: Becker’s online review course allows you to set your own schedule and pace. Assignments can be completed on your own time according to your specific time constraints and obligations. Access is available from anywhere with an internet connection.
Low Price: If you are on a tight budget you will appreciate Becker’s low prices for quality materials. The online PMP Exam Review Course costs just $699, and the PMI-ACP Exam Review Course is a great deal for only $499. Both courses include the necessary PDUs for certification, access to 2 имтиҳонҳои амал, hundreds of practice questions and more.
Not for Beginners: Less comprehensive than other prep companies, which allow you to choose among various features and add-ons, Becker offers a no-frills review course and only 2 имтиҳонҳои амал. Becker clearly states on its website that its courses are designed for students with prior experience and education in PMP.

поёни Line: Make no mistake: this Becker course is not meant for beginners. Аммо, students with some prior knowledge of project management can learn a lot from this advanced and affordable PMP course.


PM Campus PMP Review (рутба: #8)

pm campus pmp review

, баҳои умумии: ★★★★★

PM Campus Pros & Cons:

E-Coaching Available: Имконот дохил кассаи кӯмак ва “мепурсанд, коршиноси” хусусияти, Аммо, you can also pay for additional, live E-coaching to augment your prep course. Ин аст, ки беҳтарин, агар шумо мехоҳед, ки ба муайян ва кор оид ба минтақаҳои заиф худро зери роҳбарии як омӯзгори ботаҷрибаи, мубориза мебарад ва дар роҳи онлайн ангезаи боқӣ мемонад, ва ё саволҳои иловагӣ кӯмак ҷавоби ва мушкилоти амал.
мурофиаи Free & имтиҳони сохтакоронаи: A free trial gives you access to the online Training Center and includes content from the Platinum PMP Prep Exam Bundle. низ як имтиҳони сохтакоронаи PMP ройгон бо вуҷуд 200 Саволҳои амал. Дар мурофиаи озод иҷозат медиҳад ба шумо ба кӯшиш пеш аз ту харидорӣ кунад, ки албатта шумо интихоб беҳтарин бозии вазъияти худ аст.
Шумораи маҳдуди таҷрибаи Саволҳо: With only 600 practice questions and three full-length simulated exams, PMCampus lags behind its competitors. As the saying goes, practice makes perfect, Ва он аст, ҳамеша беҳтар ба амал бисёр саволҳои гуногун ба омода барои имтиҳони воқеии.

поёни Line: бадбахтона, PM Campus doesn’t offer very many questions for students to answer in their PMP prep course. Fortunately, they do provide several options for reaching out to a counselor or instructor.


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