Simplilearn Lean Six Sigma Review

Last Updated:April 26, 2018
Amit Patel
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simplilearnAANSLAG: ★★★★

Simplilearn’s Lean Six Sigma certification comes in a wonderful array of packages that scale up without dramatically rising in price. It’s a certification that comes from a company with a stellar reputation for providing complete professional educational certifications that are are accredited and recognized by major companies such as Microsoft, Samsung, and Bank of America. The training program completely prepares you for the International Association for Six Sigma Certification (IASSC) exam.


1. Bedryf Spesifieke fokus

The beauty of the Lean Six Sigma Training courses from Simplilearn lies in the ability to focus your training to a specific industry. While the healthcare industry implementation uses the same methodologies of LSS as the IT industry, it will utilize different tool-kits for that implementation. Simplilearn provides you with the right tools for the right industry, rather than blanket generalities that might not fit your specific needs.

2. Self-Paced and Live Instruction

You have options aplenty with Simplilearn. They offer LSS training for Green Belt, Black Belt and a complete package that brings you from zero training to Black Belt with the inclusion of Minitab. For the standalone packages, you can choose to do a self-paced option with 180 day access to online resources. In addition to the self-paced resources, the live instruction offers 90 day access to instructor led online classes.

3. Support Forum

The support forum is accessible if you do not choose the online live instruction packages (and also if you choose live instruction). During normal business hours, you can expect near instant responses from Simplilearn. The forum is also host to a plethora of participant discussions boards that are full of resources.

4. Real Life Projects

Simplilearn puts your training to the ultimate test with real life projects that give you an unparalleled experience for utilizing Lean Six Sigma. Your real life projects can be part of a current organization or business, otherwise you’ll be inserted into a live project as part of the LSS team.

mobile-friendly-website5. modulêre ontwerp

Simplilearn features a beautiful modular design that breaks down the methodology from Lean Six Sigma into easily consumable modules. The toolkit parsed out among the modules use the most up-to-date tools, allowing for quick implementation into the real world. The breakdown of the methodologies of LSS through the modules mirrors the principles of reducing waste and maximizing efficiency.


1. Eksamen fooi ingesluit

Should you opt for the full Lean Six Sigma training and Certification process, neem jou uit inleiding tot Green Belt om Black Belt, jy sal moet opdok oor die prys van die eksamen. Aan die positiewe kant, die pakket word aangebied teen 'n mededingende prys wat dit in ag neem. Regardless, the value of the complete package is still amazing even without including the exam fee.

Ideale User

The Simplilearn Lean Six Sigma training programs are ideally suited for you if you need severe structure without a ton a instruction. For the budget minded professional, Simplilearn has an amazingly complete self-paced training package. The company also has an outstanding complete package for the uninitiated.

my voorstel

Simplilearn het 'n reputasie vir die samestelling geweldig deurdagte professionele opvoedkundige opleidingsprogramme. Hierdie reputasie is beslis verdien met hul Lean Six Sigma opleiding program. Terwyl dit nie die prys van die eksamen ingesluit, dit is gepas geprys om hierdie feit te verreken. Die vaartbelynde modules is gepak met nuttige gereedskap wat maklik in die werklike wêreld geïmplementeer word. Die breedte van opsies maak dit 'n ideale keuse vir 'n verskeidenheid van mense van verskillende behoeftes.



Opsomming van Kursus Features

  • Online Live Onderrig
  • Support Forum
  • 40 Uur van instrukteur-geleide opleiding
  • 27 Uur van E-leer inhoud
  • 4 Real Life Projects
  • 4 simulasie toetse
  • Aligned to IASSC


Green Belt Self-paced Training

Prys: $399

Sluit: 180 days of online access to E-learning content, support forum, four simulation tests, and four real life projects.

Green Belt Online Classroom Flexi-pass

Prys: $999

Sluit: Green Belt Self-paced Training resources plus: 90 days of access to online instructor-led weekend classes.

Black Belt Self-paced Training

Prys: $399

180 days of online access to E-learning content, support forum, four simulation tests, and four real life projects.

Lean Six Sigma Expert Masters Program

Prys: $1,199

Sluit: Black Belt Self-paced Training resources for 365 days plus: 15+ instructor-led batches for key courses, 4 course industry leading learning path, Masters Certification upon completion.


Simplilearn Lean Six Sigma Breakdown

Simplilearn Lean Six Sigma Strengths
1. Bedryf Spesifieke fokus
2. Self-Paced and Live Instruction
3. Support Forum
4. Real Life Projects
5. modulêre ontwerp
Simplilearn Lean Six Sigma Review
Geskryf deur: Amit Patel
4 / 5 sterre

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