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best online pmp training coursesTrying to select the best PMP Training course can be a challenge. There is so much information to digest and a multitude of different courses to choose from. We have simplified this process for you so that the selection process is easy.

The difference between successfully passing or failing the PMP exam largely depends on how well your study materials prepare you. Using a PMP prep course that doesn’t match your learning style can cause you to score lower and even fail your exam, costing you months of study time and additional exam fees. CRUSH is here to make sure that doesn’t happen!

We have researched and reviewed every major online PMP training course on the market so you don’t have to! The comparison chart below will help you determine which study materials best fit your needs.

Click Below To Research the Top 7 Best Project Management Professional (PMP) Certification Exam Training Courses & Online Study Materials of 2018

  1. PM PrepCast PMP Review Course
  2. Brain Sensei PMP Review Course
  3. PMTraining PMP Exam Prep Course
  4. Wiley PMP Review Course
  5. SimpliLearn PMP Review Course
  6. BrainBok PMP Review Course
  7. Becker PMP Review Course
PMP Online
pm prepcast review course brain sensei review pmtraining review course wiley pmp exam review course simplilearn pmp review brainbok pmp review becker pmp review








★★★★★ ★★★★★ ★★★★★ ★★★★ ★★★★ ★★★★ ★★★★★
MAATSKAPPY PM PrepCast brein Sensei PMTraining Wiley PMP Simplilearn PMP BrainBOK PMP Becker PMP
PRYS $315 $265
Wys Coupon
$680 $400
kry Discount
$599 $349
kry Discount
$495 $421
Wys Coupon
$499 $279
Wys Coupon
$120 $699
GELD-TERUGWAARBORG 90 Dag geld-terug waarborg Ja Ja Partner Until You Pass Guarantee Ja Ja Geen
praktyke vrae 1,800 Oor 900 1,000 400+ 83 Chapter-End Quizzes 1,000 N/A
VOLLENGTE praktyk eksamens 9 4 20+ 2 5 3 2
VIDEO ONDERRIG 50 Ure Oor 40 Hours of Interactive Lessons 65 Interactive Lessons 12+ Ure Hundreds of Short Video Lessons N/A 35 Ure
Voortgang Bewaking
STUDENT SUPPORT E-pos & Forum Support Facebook Forum & Email Support Foon, Live-Chat, en e-pos Support E-pos & Forum Support Foon, Live-Chat, en e-pos Support Email Support Instrukteur E Support
ONLINE ACCESS PERIOD 90 dae 180 dae 90 dae Access Until You Pass 180 dae 180 dae 180 dae
MEER BESONDERHEDE Lees die volledige resensie Lees die volledige resensie Lees die volledige resensie Lees die volledige resensie Lees die volledige resensie Lees die volledige resensie Lees die volledige resensie

PM PrepCast PMP Course (rang: #1)

pmprepcast pmp review


PM Prepcast Pros:

Een-tot-een-afrigting: You’ll get personalized coaching if you sign up for the PM PrepCast Executive course or purchase PMP Coaching separately. One-on-one coaching from a PMP expert will guide you through the most challenging parts of the program and give you every opportunity to get your questions answered by a pro.
PMP Eksamen Simulator: The exam simulator allows you to prepare for the 4-hour PMP exam with very realistic questions under test-like conditions. PM PrepCast’s Executive package includes up to nine simulated exams with 1,800 vrae. Jy kry 90 days of access to the PMP exam simulator from the day you take the first simulated exam.
Mobile Options: PM PrepCast is available for your phone, tablet, of rekenaar, sodat jy kan studeer op die toestel wat die meeste geskik is vir jou. Die video's is geskik vir gebruik met iTunes, ongeag van jou toestel (jy hoef nie 'n iPad gebruik, iPhone of iPod). In so min as 45 minutes you will have access to the entire workshop from your handheld device or tablet!
35 Kontak Ure Included: If you complete the The PM PrepCast course and pass the class’s final exam, you can print the 35 Kontak Ure Sertifikaat, which is a prerequisite for the PMP exam. Take advantage of this bargain embedded in the course – getting the additional 35 Contact Hours in a separate course will cost you $150 of meer.


brein Sensei (rang: #2)

brain sensei pmp


Brain Sensei Pros & Cons:

Interactive Lessons with Storytelling: Unlike competing PMP review courses, Brein Sensei sal jy trek in 'n storie van 'n vroulike Samurai wat oorwin projekbeplanning uitdagings in feodale Japan. Stories is gebruik om kennis te deel en leer lesse sedert die begin van die mensdom. Studies het ook bevind dat wanneer jy inligting ontvang in die vorm van 'n storie, is dit makliker om te absorbeer en onthou inligting.
Jou eie persoonlike Sensei (instrukteur): Brein Sensei verstaan ​​dat self-studeer met skyfievertonings is nie baie aantreklik. Dis hoekom hulle gee jou jou eie persoonlike geanimeerde sensei! He acts as your teacher throughout the course, offering any additional help or questions you may run into.
35 Kontak Ure Ingesluit: Since Brain Sensei is a Registered Education Provider (REP) with the Project Management Institute (MKB), you will receive the 35 hour requirements for the PMP exam. Hierdie kursus is 'n goeie manier om jou studietyd te maksimeer sonder om ekstra te betaal vir 'n kursus wat jou sal laat jy kry kontakure.
natuurlik Design: Terwyl ander kursusse het flitsende tegnologie en 'n innoverende webwerf uitleg, hierdie kursus is redelik basiese en ontbreek in terme van ontwerp. Dit kan verkies aangesien dit 'n direkte en to-the-punt manier van leer. Daar sal nie enige afleiding wat jou fokus weg te neem uit die bestudering.

GO brein Sensei

PMTraining PMP Review (rang: #3)

PMtraining PMP exam reviews


PMTraining Voor:

Interaktiewe kursus Options: Their Live Online Course and the On-Demand version of this course have various interactive features that provide a customized learning experience. You can interact with your instructor and peers in the Live Online Course and get one-on-one access to instructors during scheduled Q&A sessions, which make the course feel more like traditional classroom instruction.

Pass Guarantee: PMTraining’s pass guarantee for all Live Online PMP classes means that you can keep taking the course for free until you pass. The company advertises that 97% of students who take one of their live courses pass the PMP exam on the first try. If you fulfill all course requirements and fail to pass the exam, you can take the same course again for free along with unlimited access to their study materials.

MKB Certification Hours Included: Beide die live en on-demand PMTraining kursusse sluit 35 PMI kontak ure en PDU krediete, which meet the requirements for your PMP Exam and certification. You’ll get twice the bang for your buck by completing your certification hours while you study – all from the convenience of your home or office.


Wiley PMP Review (rang: #4)

wiley PMP exam reviews


Wiley PMP Pros & Cons:

Video Content: While other sites may have hours and hours of video content, the quality of Wiley’s lectures is unmatched. Featuring project management guru Cynthia Snyder Stackpole, this is the Rolls Royce of video content. Not only has she written numerous books and worked on the committee to reshape the exam itself, but also she delivers succinct and unique insight to future test takers.

Choose Your Schedule: Wiley’s PMP exam prep course is designed for people who live in the real world – if you can do only one or two days a week, that’s plenty! This customizable feature allows you to finish studying at your own pace. Also, you can choose which questions and topics that you want to cover in each lesson, or simply go with the standard layout.

Back to Your Desk: Selecting your own syllabus, completing exam questions, getting assignments and grades, this course makes you feel like you’re back in school. This is how many people learn best, as it helps to map out a course for your brain to follow while studying.

Flashy Appearance: If you’re looking for an aesthetically pleasing and visually engaging course, this isn’t the choice for you. While the information and videos are of the highest quality, this isn’t a piece of internet art – it’s a bare-bones design that will get you to the PMP promised land.


Simplilearn PMP Review (rang: #5)

simplilearn pmp review


SimpliLearn PMP Pros:

Flexible Course Offerings: Met beide leef en self-studie leer opsies, you can choose whether you want to do a self-paced or instructor-guided course. Take the Online Self-Learning course for 30-180 days from anywhere in the world, or sign up for a live-online or in-person instructor-led course in your area.
Free Material: Simplilearn offers multiple extras with each live course offering. Alhoewel hierdie verskil, special offers often include a free course (such as PMI se Agile Certified praktisyn Natuurlik en Microsoft Project 2013), 'n gratis 200-vraag PMP Simulasie toets, en 'n gebruiker Forum met gratis advies en ondersteuning.
86 PDUs en 35 PMI Kontak Ure: Jy kry 86 PDUs met die Simplilearn PMP voorbereidende kursus; Dit is bykomend tot die 35 contact hour requirement for taking the PMP exam. Dit is aansienlik meer as die meeste mededingers PDUs bied. Nadat jy die nodige aantal ure op die webwerf Simplilearn se voltooi, jou uitgereik sal word die 35 kontak ure sertifikaat teen geen ekstra koste.
Geld terug waarborg: Simplilearn bied 'n 100% Geld terug waarborg, so as jy nie slaag met behulp van hul kursus kry jy 'n volle terugbetaling! This shows just how confident they are that their course will help you get your PMP certification. For their 4-day PMP Bootcamp, die hereksamen fooi betaal word deur Simplilearn en die oorblywende bedrag terugbetaal as jy nie die eksamen te slaag.


BrainBOK PMP Review (rang: #6)

brainbok pmp review


BrainBok PMP Pros & Cons:

Great Price: For just $149, you can get the whole Premium Pro package for 180 dae, including access to 1,000+ questions and 3 vollengte praktyk eksamens. As dit te veel geld, jy kan altyd begin met Premium inskrywing vir net $29.99 of die Premium Plus Inskrywing vir $59.99 of koop individuele praktyk eksamens of studie komponente afsonderlik!

ITTO Explorer Tool en uitstekende Flashcards: Wil jy meer hulp met insette, Gereedskap en tegnieke, en Uitsette (ITTO)? BrainBOK se ITTO Explorer sal julle bring op hoogte op elke proses Group en Kennisarea met hierdie dinamiese instrument. Met enige betaalde inskrywing sal jy ook kry 2,000 pre-made flashcards that will help you memorize all the most important material and to avoid learning gaps.

No Video Lectures or Live Instruction: If lectures are your preferred way of learning the material, this course may not be for you. BrainBOK keeps prices low, but you have to cover the material on your own without live or online lectures to explain the information.


Becker PMP Review (rang: #7)



Becker PMP Pros & Cons:

Flexible and Convenient Course: Becker’s online review course allows you to set your own schedule and pace. Assignments can be completed on your own time according to your specific time constraints and obligations. Access is available from anywhere with an internet connection.

Low Price: If you are on a tight budget you will appreciate Becker’s low prices for quality materials. The online PMP Exam Review Course costs just $699, and the PMI-ACP Exam Review Course is a great deal for only $499. Both courses include the necessary PDUs for certification, access to 2 praktyk eksamens, hundreds of practice questions and more.

Not for Beginners: Less comprehensive than other prep companies, which allow you to choose among various features and add-ons, Becker offers a no-frills review course and only 2 praktyk eksamens. Becker clearly states on its website that its courses are designed for students with prior experience and education in PMP.


PM Campus PMP Review (rang: #8)

pm campus pmp review


PM Campus Pros & Cons:

E-Coaching Available: Options include a help desk and “ask an expert” funksie, egter, you can also pay for additional, live E-coaching to augment your prep course. This is ideal if you want to identify and work on your weak areas under the guidance of an experienced tutor, are struggling to remain motivated in an online course, or need additional help answering questions and practice problems.

Free Trial & Mock Exam: A free trial gives you access to the online Training Center and includes content from the Platinum PMP Prep Exam Bundle. There is also a free PMP mock exam with 200 praktyk vrae. The free trial allows you to try before you buy to make sure the course you choose is the best match for your situation.

Beperkte aantal Practice Questions: met slegs 600 practice questions and three full-length simulated exams, PMCampus lags behind its competitors. As the saying goes, practice makes perfect, and it is always better to practice many different questions to prepare for the actual exam.


What are the best PMP review courses?

Best Online PMP Training Courses of 2018 – Comparison Guide

PMP Online Prep Courses Praktyk Vrae
PM PrepCast 1,800
brein Sensei Oor 900
PMTraining 1,000
Wiley PMP Oor 400

PMP Online Training
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