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Choosing a Project Management prep course that best fits your learning style and background is the most important decision you will make…

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Nice to Meet You

I’m Amit and I’m here to help you pass the PM exam without wasting tons of time or money. We’ll approach this just like we would any project by cutting the fat and becoming as efficient as possible.

The first step is finding which type of certification you need and where to get it. I cover these topics in many of my blog posts and have full pages devoted to each methodology. I’ve gone through all of them and know which courses are the best!

The first time you take the PMP Exam can be a major struggle. Especially if you haven’t been in school for a while. So getting back into shape for studying long hours can be difficult. But I figured it out and found the right way to do so. This will help you gain certificates for the other methodologies and make you an extremely valuable asset for any employer. And believe me, that value will come through when it’s time to talk raises!

Take my advice, it’s peppered throughout the entire site. I breakdown everything you’ll need to know and the best way to go about it.

-Amit Patel

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