Best FE Exam Review Courses – Top 5 In 2024

If you’ve been scouring the internet for the best FE exam prep courses, you can give your fingers a rest.

Our experts recognize the fact that earning your Fundamentals of Engineering (FE) certification is often the last step before entering the professional engineering workforce (even if you eventually want to get your PE license).

However, passing the exam is easier said than done— so if you want to be among the 70% of students who pass, you’ll need some help. Usually, this comes in the form of an FE exam prep course, also known as an FE review course or test prep FE review.

But which are the best FE exam review courses around?

Each of the five FE exam prep courses listed offers unique benefits for passing the exam. To guide your choice, our experts have thoroughly reviewed each course, analyzing their strengths and weaknesses. We’ve also gathered insights from former FE candidates who used these courses successfully, ensuring you get a well-rounded view to make an informed decision.

So keep reading to find out which study course will be the best to help you start your engineering career ASAP!

1. School of PE Fundamentals of Engineering Exam Review

At the top of this list of best FE exam prep companies is School of PE. School of PE is able to provide content for students of all learning styles through a blend of live online and self-study content. So when it comes to an FE exam prep course, School of PE gives the best of both worlds.

Many students studying for FE exams are hesitant to go with School of PE for test prep because they assume that they only focus on PE exams or PE FE exam prep. Thankfully, this isn’t the case, and School of PE shines with its FE exam review.

Reddit User Recommendation


FE Prep


I would recommend the School of PE or PPI2PASS. Both of those have great online courses that may help you out. If you are looking for something less expensive, there’s a plethora of free online YouTube videos and whatnot.


Course Details

School of PE focuses heavily on lecture and testing content to prepare for the FE exam. So, if you’re a visual person, their FE prep video lectures will be a hit. These video lectures can be watched on-demand or live with student interaction. Another perk, each is taught by a certified exam instructor and comes with a set of notes that help reinforce the concepts that you’ve learned as part of the lesson.

Another great thing about this FE exam prep review course is that you can take the knowledge learned through the video review and apply it to the workshop questions written by the same instructors. Based on your performance on these tests and quizzes, School of PE will adjust your study schedule to better suit your needs.

The price for this course varies based on whether you choose on-demand or live online. The on-demand course is a monthly subscription of $290— but that price can be brought down by purchasing multi-month bundles. Alternatively, you could choose to enroll in the live online course for $1,290; it follows a set schedule and consists of about 80 hours of studying.

School of PE stands out as an exceptional choice due to its remarkable pass rates, surpassing the national average by a significant margin. A prime example of this is the January 2023 Civil FE exam, where a mere 62% of test-takers achieved success while an impressive 87% of School of PE students triumphed.

This exceptional track record showcases the effectiveness and superiority of School of PE’s review courses, demonstrating their unparalleled commitment to ensuring your success in passing the exam. By choosing School of PE, you position yourself to be among the elite group of individuals who excel and surpass expectations, propelling your engineering career to new heights.

School of PE Features

  • 80+ Hours of Video Lectures
  • Study Hub
  • Practice Portal Pro
  • Refresher Notes
  • Pass Guarantee
  • Workshop Practice Problems
  • 24/7 Support

School of PE Pros & Cons:

  • Multiple Formats: School of PE allows you to take their live online courses as well as their on-demand course offerings that let you work at your own pace. This mix of styles is what makes them one of the best FE exam prep courses on the market. So, if you’re someone with a busy life and need to make your own study schedule, you can do that. Are you looking for a more guided FE exam prep experience? These FE prep courses will meet your needs as well.
  • Experienced Instructors: Several Reddit reviews mention the high quality of instruction from experienced professionals. These instructors not only teach the material but also provide insights into exam strategies and real-world applications.
  • Refresher Notes: Each lesson comes with a set of notes prepared by the instructor. These give personal insights into important aspects of the FE exam. Plus, they’re an excellent tool for reinforcing what you’ve learned as you move further along in the study schedule.
  • Adaptive Study Plan: School of PE’s on-demand courses come with customized and adaptive study materials and plans. Each student will be asked to fill out a series of questions at the start of the course, and a study plan will be generated based on their answers. That plan will then be adjusted automatically based on your performance during the course.
  • Practice Questions and Exams: The review course includes a vast array of practice questions and mock exams that closely mimic the format and difficulty level of the actual FE exam. This extensive practice helps students become familiar with the exam format and improves their time management skills during the test.

Case Study: Mona’s Success with School of PE’s FE Civil Review Course

Background: Mona was gearing up for the FE Civil exam and decided to use the School of PE’s FE Civil Review Course as her main study tool.

Experience with the Course: Mona focused heavily on the course’s lecture videos and workshop problems, which are key components of the School of PE review guide. She found the practice problem portal mixed in quality, with some problems being highly beneficial and others less so. Despite this, she felt the comprehensive nature of the course was crucial for her preparation.

Outcome: Mona passed the FE Civil exam on her first try. She observed that the material in the lecture videos, while seemingly overwhelming at first, was all relevant and essential for the exam. The quizzes and practice exams provided by School of PE were tougher than the actual exam, but mastering these materials made the real exam feel significantly easier.

Reflection: Mona recommends the School of PE, especially for those who need an all-encompassing study approach. She points out that understanding the challenging quizzes and practice exams is a key to success in the actual FE exam. Her advice to future exam takers is encouraging: “Good Luck! I hope this helps!”

One last point: School of PE has a podcast that highlights advice from experts like Pablo Cruz on how to pass exams. Check out this one that is all about the FE!

Bottom Line: School of PE stands out as our top choice for FE exam preparation. With its comprehensive study materials, experienced instructors, high pass rates, and structured learning approach, it offers an unparalleled educational experience.

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2. PPI2Pass FE Exam Prep Courses

PPI2Pass Courses

PPI has both Live Online and OnDemand prep courses for the FE exam, in addition to separate access to their popular PPI Learning Hub platform which you can purchase at different access levels depending on the amount of study time you need. Their programs are highly personalized and comprehensive.

By the end of the course, you’ll be intimately familiar with the testing process, which will alleviate any pre-exam anxiety you may otherwise have.PPI2Pass prepares you for the FE exam through a series of practice tests and self-study materials. By the end of this course, you’ll be intimately familiar with the testing process, which will alleviate any pre-exam anxiety you may otherwise have.

FE Prep

Trust Pilot Review


The PPI course was overall pretty good. The course had a good schedule and the professor was really great at his job. Prof. Art Chianello taught us over 3 months and we managed to review most of the subjects pretty thoroughly. He was a great instructor who took extra time outside of class to answer our questions about the course material. I managed to pass in one go after the course! Definitely will repeat for PE when I’m ready.


Course Details

PPI courses open with a series of diagnostic exams designed to gauge your knowledge of NCEES exam topics. This data is then used to create a dynamic study plan consisting of lectures, readings, and practice tests. Completing these materials fills in the gaps in your knowledge detected by the diagnostic tests. You’ll also be asked to complete practice exams after certain milestones in the course. Doing so allows instructors to gauge how well you’re learning and what aspects of your schedule need to be shifted.

Pricing for PPI’s FE exam prep courses is dependent on what type of program you want (Live Online, OnDemand, or Self-Study) and the access period. For example, the all-inclusive  Live Online course is offered at one price, while the prices for OnDemand and Self-Study programs vary depending on how long you want access. They also offer the option of paying through Affirm for 0% APR.

PPI2Pass Features

  • Choice of Live Instructor, Videos, or Self-Study
  • QBank Access Containing Thousands of Problems
  • Diagnostic Exams to Gauge Your Readiness
  • Comprehensive Review Manual 
  • Passing Guarantee for Live Online Course Enrollees

PPI2Pass Pros & Cons:

  • Expert Guidance: Every aspect of this course has been designed by a team of professional engineers. They draw upon their personal and professional experience when creating lessons for you. As a result, each lesson offers a unique look into the day-to-day work of a licensed engineer.
  • Nearly 50 Years of Experience: PPI offers in-depth reference materials, quizzes, practice exams, and more, all based on decades of advanced analytics and applied learning science.
  • User-Friendly Online Interface: Users have noted the palatable and user-friendly web interface of PPI2Pass, which enhances the overall learning experience and makes it easier to navigate through the course materials.
  • Too Comprehensive: Some examinees have said that they felt overprepared for their exam after taking a PPI prep course. This could mean that although the exam might feel easy, you may end up doing a lot of work. However, if you’re willing to put in the work, PPI will stand by you with their Passing Guarantee.
Bottom Line: PPI2Pass, designed by professional engineers, offers a unique blend of real-world expertise and nearly 50 years of educational experience. Its comprehensive, user-friendly course ensures thorough preparation, sometimes even beyond exam requirements, backed by a Passing Guarantee for dedicated students.

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3. Civil Engineering Academy FE Test Prep Courses

Civil Engineering Academy Courses

Much like School of PE, Civil Engineering Academy focuses heavily on lecture-based content. However, they have a key difference in methodology.

Civil Engineering Academy values efficiency and saving time above all else. Their lectures are clear and concise, although they lack certain additional details that extra courses have. Doing so ensures that you’re able to easily fit each lecture into your busy schedule. Plus, it limits the amount of time you need to spend studying before sitting for the FE examination.

As with PPI2Pass, Civil Engineering Academy charges monthly for access to their course. However, this is a much cheaper alternative: one month costs $297, 6 months cost $697, and 12 months cost $897. Each option grants access to everything this course has to offer, so you only have to pay for the length of time you feel is appropriate to prepare for the exam.

Civil Engineering Academy Features

  • 300+ Video Practice Problems
  • 14 Core Course Modules
  • Practical Exams
  • Certificate of Completion
  • NCEES Reference Handbook

Civil Engineering Academy Pros & Cons:

  • Engaging Course Lectures: Most of this course consists of a series of video lectures. Each of these delivers information in an engaging visual format. Plus, each lesson serves to break down difficult concepts into more easily understood parts. Thanks to that, it’s easy to understand everything you need to know for the FE exam.
  • Video Practice ProblemsThis course includes over 300 practice problems, and each one comes with a video answer explanation that walks you through the problem-solving process step-by-step. Civil Engineering Academy wants you to understand the exam and its underlying concepts, not just memorize answers!
  • Realistic Practice Exams: Reviewers have noted the realism of the practice exams provided by the Civil Engineering Academy, which closely mimic the actual FE exam format and difficulty, aiding in better exam preparation.
  • No Live ContentIt’s a little disappointing to be unable to interact with your teachers during lessons. You can ask them questions via email, but it doesn’t quite have the same impact. If you want some extra help the included private Civil Engineering Academy Facebook group would be a good start.
  • Limited Course Access Duration: Some users have pointed out that the course offers limited access durations (one-month, six-month, or one-year), which might not be sufficient for all candidates depending on their individual preparation timelines.
Bottom Line: Civil Engineering Academy is a solid option for anyone who wants to prepare for the test quickly. But if you’re interested in something a bit more in depth and don’t mind devoting the necessary time, check out School of PE.

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4. Capstone Learning‘s Fundamentals of Engineering Exam Review Course

Capstone Courses

Capstone is a firm believer in computer-based learning; their whole FE exam prep course takes advantage of modern technology to teach you what you need to know. Each practice exam you take will perfectly mimic the computer-based environment of the FE exam. Plus, each lecture has been designed to use the strengths of computer learning. At any time during a lesson, you can easily pull up handouts, ask questions, or access essential tools and formulas.

Capstone Learning’s FE review course is fairly affordable compared to others on this list. It costs $699 to gain access to the full course. Alternatively, you could choose to just buy the problem sets or a sample exam for $299 and $70, respectively. That’ll ensure that you gain the exam practice, you need if you aren’t interested in the lectures.

Capstone Learning Features

  • Computer Based Learning
  • Tutor Support
  • Test Taking Strategies
  • Detailed Answer Explanations
  • Sample Exams

Capstone Pros & Cons:

  • Practice Exams: Capstone’s practice exams mimic the real thing as closely as possible. Completing these will help you develop test-taking strategies as you grow comfortable with the test format. And if you set a time limit during exams, you can practice the time management that’s required in the FE exam.
  • Collaborative ForumAt any time, you can speak with other engineers studying the same thing through a collaborative forum. Doing so will give you insight into test-taking strategies that help other people. Additionally, you can ask and answer questions there for some extra practice.
  • Civil Engineering FocusedCapstone provides content for most disciplines, but civil engineering is clearly their main focus. Their civil engineering exam content includes a full-blown prep course; other disciplines only have practice problems or a few lectures. Luckily, prices match the amount of content on offer, so everything other than civil engineering stays fairly cheap.
  • Limited Interaction with Instructors: Capstone Learning’s FE Exam Review Course, like many online courses, might have limited direct interaction with instructors. This can be a drawback for students who prefer a more interactive, classroom-like environment or need personalized guidance.
  • One-Size-Fits-All Approach: While Capstone Learning offers comprehensive materials, the course might not cater to the unique learning styles or specific weaknesses of each individual. This could make it less effective for students who need more customized study plans or focused attention on certain topics.
Bottom Line: Capstone Learning’s FE Exam Review is strong in civil engineering but less comprehensive for other disciplines, and its generalized approach may not meet the needs of students seeking personalized study plans.

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5. Udemy FE Review Courses

Udemy Courses

Udemy differs from the other companies on this list since it doesn’t offer a full-blown prep course. Instead, they sell a set of practice exams that mimic the FE exam. Each one is mobile-friendly and self-paced, so you can take your time working through them. Consequently, that makes the tests very easy to fit into a defined study schedule. Doing so allows you to use them as supplemental materials for the rest of your studying.

If you want these tests, it only costs $149. Paying once grants you lifetime access to both the tests and their answer sheets. This might be enough to help you pass on your second attempt, but the courses listed above are better for helping you pass on the first try.

Udemy Features

  • 3 Practice Tests
  • Mobile Friendly
  • Included Answer Sheets
  • Repeatable Exams

Udemy Pros & Cons:

  • Lifetime Access: All exams purchased from Udemy can be accessed for as long as you like. Thanks to that, these serve as excellent review materials every few months. You can easily check how well your studying is going based on how your scores change over time.
  • Affordability and Accessibility: Udemy is known for its affordable pricing, often offering courses at a fraction of the cost of traditional educational programs. This makes FE Exam Review courses on Udemy highly accessible to a wide range of students, regardless of their budget.
  • Exams OnlyUdemy doesn’t have a full-blown prep course; they only offer practice exams. These are great as supplemental materials, but might not prepare you for the FE exam on their own. Consider taking this with another prep course like School of PE.
  • Lack of Personalized Attention: Udemy courses typically do not offer personalized attention or interaction with instructors. This can be a disadvantage for students who require more direct guidance, feedback, or have specific questions that need expert answers.
  • Limited Course Updates: Some courses on Udemy may not be regularly updated. For an exam like the FE, which can have evolving content and format, outdated materials could lead to gaps in preparation or misalignment with the current exam standards.
Bottom Line: While Udemy’s FE Exam Review courses are affordable and offer a wide range of options, they may fall short due to variable course quality and lack of personalized attention. Additionally, the potential for outdated content could be a significant drawback for students seeking the most current and comprehensive exam preparation.

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Commitment to Consistency

At “\Crush, we are committed to maintaining consistency in our content, especially regarding our reviews of PE exam prep courses. We recognize the importance of providing up-to-date and relevant information, given the ever-evolving nature of educational course offerings. As of 2024, we ensure that our content is current and pledge to continually monitor and update our resources. This approach is a testament to our dedication to delivering accurate and timely information to our readers, underscoring our commitment to content accuracy and relevance.

FE Exam FAQs

Q: How many times can I take the FE exam?

A: According to the NCEES, you can attempt the exam 3 times a year. Obviously, it’s better to only take the exam once and pass on your first try, which is why we recommend using one of our top-rated FE exam review courses to prepare for your exam date.

Q: Is the FE exam open note?

A: Sort of. Although you can’t bring in any outside notes, every test taker is provided with a reference handbook for the exam. You can bring a calculator with you, although this will be checked by a proctor to ensure no cheating programs are included.

Q: How much does the FE exam cost?

A: It costs $175 to register for the FE exam. After you’ve done so, you may select a test date. However, some state licensing boards may require you to pay additional fees before you can start working as a professional engineer.

Q: Is the PE exam harder than the FE exam?

A: Since the FE exam covers a wider range of topics, most test takers consider the FE exam to be harder than the PE exam. You’ll also need to take the FE exam and pass it before you can take the PE exam. Know everything about the FE and PE exams before you take them.

Q: What is the best FE prep course?

A: From School of PE to PPI2Pass to Excel Test Prep Course offerings, there are so many great FE course materials on the market. The best FE exam prep course will depend heavily on personal needs. However, School of PE offers excellent practice materials based on the FE reference handbook and topics you’re sure to see on exam day.

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