PMP praktyk eksamensPMP practice exams are one of the beste studie gereedskap om jou toetstellings aansienlik verhoog. Deur te probeer een of meer praktyk te toets onder toestande wat die PMP eksamen te simuleer, jy sal uit te vind hoeveel tyd wat dit neem om die eksamen voltooi en of jy enige swak areas wat addisionele studie vereis, terwyl jy nog tyd om iets daaraan te doen.

As 'n reël, die meer PMP spot eksamens wat jy neem, die meer bekende sal jy saam met die formaat en inhoud van die toets, wat sal jou help om die eksamen vinniger en onder minder stresvolle toestande voltooi.

Klik hieronder om die top navorsingsuniversiteite 4 Beste PMP praktyk eksamens & Mock Exams For 2019

PMP Practice Tests
Free Trial
Praktyk eksamens
Praktyk Vrae
1800 PMP/ 750 CAPM
Custom Exams
PMP $59-$149
CAPM $49-$139
PMP $99.99
CAPM $89.99
PMP $125
CAPM $59

PMP Mock Exam Verskaffers

Several companies offer PMP and CAPM practice tests. Many simulate the actual exam’s computer screen and timing for each question. Maatskappye wat die praktyk eksamens bied vir die aankoop sluit:

#1: PM Master Prep

Out of all the PMI study resources available for students today, PM Master Prep has some of the most impressive features at one of the most affordable price points! Here are just a few reasons why this course is so great for aspiring project managers:

  • 1,400 praktyk vrae
  • 15 practice tests
  • Unlimited access and test retakes
  • Supplementary textbooks and eBooks
  • 100% no-question asked money back guarentee

PMP and CAPM Practice Exams offered? PMP & CAPM

Free Trial? You can schedule a demo if you sign up here (PMP) of sign up here (CAPM)

Details: This course combines practice questions and supplementary study materials to prepare students for the PMP exam.

PMP: 1,400 practice questions spread out over 15 practice tests. Additional study materials include textbooks, eBooks, an EVM calculator, formula and calculation cheat sheets, case study videos, en meer!

CAPM: 1,200 practice questions allows you to take the 150 question practice test multiple times with numerous combinations. The practice tests are 3 hour assessments covering all 10 knowledge areas.

Number of Practice Questions: 1,400 (PMP) / 1,200 (CAPM)

Format: Full-length practice exams in a simulated test environment

Can you create custom practice exams? No, but unlimited generated tests are available through the Super Simulator

ontwerp & Content of Online Test Bank: Students who enroll in PM Master Prep have the option to pick either the Exam Simulator or Super Simulator package. The PMP Exam Simulator is their most basic and affordable package, containing all 1,400 practice questions in a simulated exam environment. This package also includes 15 additional practice tests that go over specific areas of the PMP exam in greater detail.

The PMP Super Simulator is similar to the first package in the sense that it contains all of the same material with a few extras. The same practice questions and tests are provided in the same format; all of the new additions are supplementary study tools. These include detailed sheets outlining specific formulas and calculations encountered on the PMP exam as well as 25 case study videos.


PMP/CAPM Exam Simulator: $59/$49

PMP/CAPM Super Simulator: $149/$139 ($134/$125 with code: Crush)

bottom Line: PM Master Prep has the best study package for students looking to prepare for the PMP or CAPM exam at a price point that doesn’t break the bank. For both exams, Exam Simulator and Super Simulator have tremendous benefits that will greatly improve their chances of a passing grade. 10% af the Super Simulator is only for a limited time. Act now before it’s too late!


#2: BrainBOK PMP praktyk eksamens

brainbok review

Die Crush die PM Eksamen toekenning vir beste PMP praktyk eksamen natuurlik is toegeken aan BrainBOK! Hierdie kursus verdien die #1 spot as gevolg van die volgende redes:

  • 3 vollengte PMP praktyk eksamens
  • 3 vollengte CAPM praktyk eksamens
  • Gedetailleerde antwoord verduidelikings met skakels na materiaal en eksamen geskiedenis dop verwysing
  • Ability to create custom practice exams in “Mastery Mode”

The medallion signifies that BrainBOK has gone above and beyond to create a course that will help you pass your exams and help you achieve your career goals!

PMP and CAPM Practice Exams offered? Ja

Free Trial? Ja, sign up here.

Details: Five full-length practice exams for both PMP and CAPM.

PMP: 3 full-length (200 vrae) practice exams plus Mastering the PMBOK 1 (100 vrae), and Mastering the PMBOK 2 (200 vrae), in addition to one free PMP Formula Challenge exam (100 vrae).

CAPM: 3 full-length CAPM exams (150 vrae), the CAPM Formula Challenge exam (50 vrae), plus Mastering the PMBOK Exam 1 (100 vrae), and Mastering the PMBOK Exam 2 (200 vrae).

Number of Practice Questions: 900 (full 5-exam pack).

Format: Full-length simulated exams. Gedetailleerde antwoord verduidelikings met skakels na materiaal en eksamen geskiedenis dop verwysing.

Can you create custom practice exams? Only in Mastery Mode (see below)

ontwerp & Content of Online Test Bank: Access to full-length PMP and CAPM formula-based exams and multiple choice question (MCQ) exam designed to simulate the real exam in terms of question similarity and computer interface. Questions can be marked for review so you can come back to them once in the “review mode.” In addition to answer explanations, the score report shows if you passed or failed, your overall score, and proficiency level by Process Groups and PMBOK Guide chapters. Your exam history lists all the exams you’ve taken, the result, and the score. You can click on any exam to open and review it.

In Mastery Mode you can create a special exam with 25 vrae (maximum of 30 minutes long) that are selected from your Mastery Mode Database. Every time you get a question wrong on a practice exam or mark a question for review, it goes into this database and the only way to remove that question from the MM database is to get it right on a future practice test. Only available with the Premium Pro, Premium Plus, and to Exam subscribers.


PMP 5-Exam Pack + Formula Guide: $99.99/ CAPM $89.99

PMP 3-Exam Pack: $79.99/ CAPM $69.99

Practice Exams or PMP Formula Challenge Exam purchased separately: $29.99 each/ CAPM $24.99

flitskaarte (PMP or CAPM): $49.99

bottom Line: BrainBOK went above and beyond with their PMP practice exams. Students have thousands of practice questions and five full exam simulations with which to study, but the PMI-ACP is sadly not represented.


#3 PM Eksamen Simulator


PMP and CAPM Exams Offered? Ja

Free Trial? Ja, sign up for 3 day free trial here.

Aantal praktyk eksamens: 9 complete exams for PMP / 5 exams for CAPM

Number of Practice Questions: 1,800 sample questions very similar to those on the exam for PMP exam, 750 questions for CAPM exam.

Format: Access the simulator from any web browser, there are no downloads. Take any of the 9 complete PMP practice exams or 5 CAPM exams in a simulated environment. (A new version, the PM Exam Simulator 2.0 is scheduled to be released on May 2nd, 2016.)

Can you create custom practice exams? No

ontwerp & Content of Online Test Bank: Updated to reflect changes to January 2016 eksamen, the PM Exam Simulator is a web-based PMP Exam preparation environment. Choose from three different exam modes in the PM Exam Simulator: die “Learning Mode” provides hints and answers and no time limitations, die “Timed Mode” offers hints and answers but limits your time, and the “Real Exam Mode” simulates the actual PMP exam experience. Just as on the actual PMP exam, you can mark questions for review and come back to them. You can repeat the exams as many times as you like.


PM Exam Simulator from now until May 2nd: $99.99 for 90-day access.

PM Eksamen Simulator 2.0 (available May 2nd): $125

CAPM Exam Simulator (750 vrae): $59

bottom Line: The online PMP exam practice environment made by Exam Simulator offers three different styles of study. At such a low asking price, this is an excellent deal for the versatility it provides.


#4 Sybex PMP Test Bank

Sybex PMP Reivew

PMP and CAPM Exams Offered? PMP only

Free Trial? Ja

Aantal praktyk eksamens: 2 PMP practice exams with 200 questions each.

Number of Practice Questions: 400+

Format: Web-based access to test question bank that allows you to create customizable practice sessions, quizzes and practice exams and includes answer explanations. Progress Report feature provides metrics and shows areas that need improvement. Compatible with Mac and PC.

Can you create custom practice exams? Ja. You can create unlimited custom practice sessions and tests.

ontwerp & Content of Online Test Bank: Sybex’s cloud-based PMP Test Bank allows you to study with three different modes: practice session (study mode), pop quiz and practice test. Question Sets, Bookmarks and Notes are stored online, so you can start a customized practice session on one device and resume on another, if necessary. You can bookmark questions, take notes, and turn the answer explanations on or off.

Customize your practice tests by choosing how many questions you want from each domain, and filter question types by choosing questions you’ve never seen, those you’ve gotten wrong, or bookmarked. Check out your progress in the Progress Report section, which lists the questions you answered incorrectly alongside the answers. The Progress Report can also be customized to show your percentage scores by sub-domain and gives you the option to include or exclude past saved sessions.


Sybex PMP Test Bank: $75

afslag: Get the 20% OFF student discount if you are a faculty member, full-time or part-time college or university student.

bottom Line: Sybex is a reputable brand that offers a well-made PMP test prep study plan. While their lack of additional material for CAPM and PMI-ACP is disappointing, Sybex’s affordable price is hard to beat.


Top 6 Redes te neem 'n PMP praktyk eksamen

1. Raak vertroud met die toets

Mock exams are often based on actual exams from previous years, so you will get a feel for the structure and types of questions that typically appear on the PMP exam. Being familiar with the content and structure of the exam will help you answer questions more quickly and accurately. You will need to answer 200 questions in 4 hours and will probably want to build in time to review and come back to those questions you aren’t sure about. Praktyk sal jou help om bykomende tyd te skep vir die hersiening van jou antwoorde wanneer jy die eksamen te neem.

2. Learn Which Topics to Study

Sekere onderwerpe is meer as ander beklemtoon en is geneig om meer dikwels verskyn op die eksamen. By taking mock exams, jy sal 'n gevoel vir wat onderwerpe meer gereeld getoets te kry en in staat wees om jou studies meer konsentreer op die gebiede.

3. Identify Your Strengths and Weaknesses

Praktyk eksamens sal jou help om jou sterk punte en swakhede verstaan. As jy gereeld is geneig om 'n sekere tipe vraag verkeerd verstaan ​​nie op jou praktyk eksamen, you will know what to go back and study. You’ll also know which areas you’ve mastered, so you can save time by not spending any more time on those topics.

4. Retain and Apply Knowledge

Practice exams give you a chance to apply what you’ve studied. Many of us learn by repetition and use. You are more likely to remember what you’ve studied and be able to answer questions correctly if you practice them repeatedly.

5. Spread out Your Study Sessions

Research shows that “chunking” information while you study makes it easier to retain. Deur spasiëring uit jou studies en neem praktyk eksamens met gereelde tussenposes, jy kan studeer, neem 'n praktyk toets, sien jou vordering, en gaan terug na die bestudering van 'n paar meer. Dit sal jou help om te verhoed dat vetmesting op die nippertjie, wat baie minder doeltreffend.

6. Reduce Stress and Anxiety

Praktyk eksamens sal maak dat jy voel meer bereid op die dag van die eksamen en die vermindering van toetsverwante angs. You won’t waste time reading instructions you already know or trying to figure out the structure and content of the test if you are already familiar with it from taking practice exams. Studying with many practice tests will also give you the experience to know if you need to move more quickly through questions, or if you are on track with your current pace.

How Many Mock Exams Should I Take?

Well, the answer is as many as possible, but it will depend on your schedule and time constraints. Taking one or two mock exams is obviously better than none, but in general, the more practice tests you take, the better prepared you will be when you take the actual PMP exam. If possible, take several mock tests early on in your studies so that you can identify knowledge gaps and address them in your overall study plan.

If you have time, try to take at least 6-10 eksamens. That may seem like a lot, but research shows that the more practice you get, the faster and better you will become at answering questions correctly, which is the key to passing the exam.

Most commercial review courses offer at least a few practice exams in their bundled course (some offer 9 of meer!) and you can find additional free mock exams or purchase them individually online. For your convenience, we’ve compiled a list of companies that will let you purchase mock exams below.
75% of PMP candidates use mock exams as their primary way to prepare for the PMP exam, and for good reason.

Best PMP Practice Exams Online

PMP praktyk eksamensRanking
PM Master Prep1
PM Eksamen Simulator3
Sybex PMP Test Bank4
PMP praktyk eksamens
Geskryf deur: Amit Patel
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