Sybex PMP Exam Review

Sybex PMP Exam Review

Sybex PMP Exam Review ★★

Sybex PMP Review offers a simple review course to help you pass the PMP exam. With materials created and approved by industry leaders, you have access to a customizable course that features a combination of basic methods to pass your test.

By incorporating an assignment timeline widget, an exam planning calendar, and lecture videos from a qualified instructor, this in an adequate offering for PMP prep.

Keep reading to find out more about the good and the bad from Sybex:

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1. Lecture Video Content

Sybex PMP® exam review course features video lectures from an industry leader wiuth exam experience. Around 14 hours of content centers around Cynthia Snyder Dionisio. Her lessons provide insight into exam strategies and test-taking tips that you’re not going to find elsewhere.

2. Customizable Calendar

If you’re like most PMP exam candidates, finding time to study is one of the more difficult parts of passing the test. With the Sybex PMP® platform, you’re given access to an exaWiley PMP Platinum Coursem planning system that can coincide with whatever life you’re living. If you can only study on Tuesday and Thursday nights, adjust the settings to accommodate this schedule.

3. Course Completion Gauge

A visual representation of your progress can be a helpful tool – this not only alerts you to how far you’ve gone, but also reminds you that you need to put in more time! This feature breaks down your progress within the overall course, what percentage of the questions you’ve completed, how far along you are with regard to practice exams, your completed test bank percentage, and your overall study time. It’s nothing new, but it works!

4. Metrics

Many courses offer data to help you see where you need improvement and what areas in which you may be suffering. This course does so in a manner that’s user friendly, as it gives you a complete breakdown of this information in the “My Metrics” section. Use this to see exactly where you’re struggling and where you may need to spend less time.


1. Website

While other courses may have flashy websites that feature the latest in design and intuitive responses, this course lags slightly behind. This may not be the best designed website out of all of the courses, but the content is what really matters.

2. Bells and Whistles

This course is about as simple as it gets. For those students who enjoy a direct and to-the-point learning style, this is your best option. For other students, who may prefer the latest and greatest features and exam prep bells and whistles, there are other courses that provide more options and innovative approaches to the classic learning style.

3. Review Book

In addition to lecture content and online metrics, Sybex provides students with a physical textbook for added review. This book has been updated over the years to reflect changes to the exam curriculum, but not to the degree where it’s very effective. There are several reviews online from frustrated customers who hated the confusing and irrelevant questions contained in these books.

Ideal User

Sybex PMP® exam review course is designed for candidates who have busy schedules yet want to put in the work when they have time. It’s designed to prepare you for the test in the matter of a couple months, if you’re spending two days a week preparing. And in these respects, I would say that this course is a success.

However, there are several cut corners that are immediately apparent when examining Sybex’s extra study materials. In particular, the textbook is notoriously useless and will cause more frustration than insight. But if you’re not interested in the textbook, you can still get a lot of value out of their lecture content.

My Suggestion

At a very reasonable price, this exam prep tool isn’t that bad. You get top-level video lectures and exam questions to work off of, as well as a customizable schedule that can coincide with your busy life.

So long as you’re not concerned with additional features, this should be a good enough study resource to pass the PMP exam. However, there are tons of great courses that offer much better features without a tremendous price increase.


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Summary of Course Features

  • Comes with 35 PDUs
  • 14+ hours of lecture videos presented by a top industry professional
  • Online test bank of more than 650+ practice questions
  • Guarantee – Partner Until You Pass’
  • Online flash cards, digital review text and core study materials
  • Two full mock exams
  • Customizable calendar
  • Course completion gauge and progress tracker
  • Detailed metrics to analyze performance


Platinum Review Course
Includes: 35 PDUs, Partner Until You Pass Guarantee, 14+ hours of lecture videos, core study materials, two exams, online test bank with 650+ questions.
Gold Review Course
Includes: 14+ hours of lecture videos, core study materials, 25 PDUs, online test bank.
PMP Test Bank
Includes: Compliant with PMP Exam format, scoring requirements, and Exam limits, as well as two full mock exams and 400 practice questions.


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Sybex PMP® Exam Review Breakdown

1.Flexible and Self-Paced Program 1. Lacking Extra Features
2.Expert Videos 2. Simple Course Design
3. Exam Metrics 3. Poor Textbook Quality
4. Scheduling Assistance  
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