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Last Updated:February 24, 2018
Amit Patel
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Wiley LogoRATING: ★★★★

Wiley PMP Review offers an innovative and easy-to-use review course to pass the PMP exam. With materials created and approved by industry leaders, you have access to a customizable course that features tried and true methods to pass your test.

By incorporating a unique assignment timeline widget, an exam planning calendar, and lecture videos from Cynthia Snyder Stackpole–a member of the committee revising the test for upcoming years–this review is the best of what the prep industry has to offer.

The online platform allows you to edit your exam plan to fit your schedule and easily track your progress with intuitive reminders and a course completion meter.


1. Lecture Video Content

Wiley’s PMP exam course features video lectures from an industry leader and future shaper of the actual exam. With 12+ hours of content starring Cynthia Snyder Stackpole, you’re sure to get insights into exam strategies and test-taking tips that you’re not going to find elsewhere. Her wisdom has filled a number of top-selling books within the industry, but you get access to her project management sagacity in this review package.

2. Customizable Calendar

If you’re like most PMP exam candidates, finding time to study is one of the more difficult parts of passing the test. With the Wiley platform, you’re given access to an exaWiley PMP Platinum Coursem planning system that can coincide with whatever life you’re living. If you can only study on Tuesday and Thursday nights, adjust the settings to accommodate this schedule.

3. Course Completion Gauge

If you’re like most people, a visual representation of your progress is a helpful tool – this not only alerts you to how far you’ve gone, but also reminds you that you need to put in more time! This feature breaks down your progress within the overall course, what percentage of the questions you’ve completed, how far along you are with regard to practice exams, your completed test bank percentage, and your overall study time. Gauge your progress better with this unique feature!

4. Metrics

Many courses offer data to help you see where you need improvement and what areas in which you may be suffering. This course does so in a manner that is much more user friendly, as it gives you a complete breakdown of this information in the “My Metrics” section. With all of the data you would ever need about your performance, you can see exactly where you’re struggling and where you may need to spend less time.

5. Price

You’re not going to get a much better deal than this one, as the Platinum Review Course is $495 and comes with a free 48 hour trial to ensure that its the right exam prep solution for you. With numerous discounts and special deals for students, this is one of the best values on the market. You get amazing resources for less than what most other courses are going to cost you, so be sure to take advantage of this offer.

6. Back to School

With a syllabus that brings you back to your younger days, this course truly treats the PMP study process how it should be treated: as a learning experience. If you follow your syllabus with this course, you’re going to achieve success. Wiley has designed this review prep with assignments and grades, allowing you to hop into your best learning mode and truly ace this test.


1. Website

While other courses may have flashy websites that feature the latest in design and intuitive responses, this course lags slightly behind. While this may not be the best designed website out of all of the courses, the content is what really matters – this isn’t an issue at all, as the prep materials are top of the line and tough to beat.

2. Bells and Whistles

This course is about as simple as it gets. For those students who enjoy a direct and to-the-point learning style, this is your best option. For other students, who may prefer the latest and greatest features and exam prep bells and whistles, there are other courses that provide more options and innovative approaches to the classic learning style.

Ideal User

Wiley’s PMP Exam review course is designed for candidates who have busy schedules yet want to put in the work when they have time. It’s designed to prepare you for the test in the matter of a couple months, if you’re spending two days a week preparing. This course is ideal for you if you want the classroom experience without actually going to a physical lecture.

With its top-rated videos and numerous metrics, this is a platform that really brings you into an informative and efficient study realm. Once you sign into the site, you’re going to have access to easy progress tracking, timeline widgets, an intuitive study syllabus, and customizable test banks.

My Suggestion

This is a top-rated review course that provides an encompassing view of the PMP exam and exactly what you’ll need to know for the test. At a very reasonable price, this exam prep tool is one of the best values you’re going to find. You get top-level video lectures and exam questions to work off of, as well as a customizable schedule that can coincide with your busy life.

The Wiley PMP course is great if you want to get a lot done without the bells and whistles – all on your own time. If you’re busy, trying to get right into studying, and not looking for anything too fancy, this is your best option.


Summary of Course Features

  • Comes with 35 PDUs
  • 12+ hours of lecture videos presented by a top industry professional
  • Online test bank of more than 300 practice questions
  • Guarantee – Partner Until You Pass’
  • Online flash cards, digital review text and core study materials
  • Two full 200+ question mock exams
  • Customizable calendar
  • Course completion gauge and progress tracker
  • Detailed metrics to analyze performance


Platinum Review Course

$495 $421
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Includes: 35 PDUs, Partner Until You Pass Guarantee, 12 hours of lecture videos, core study materials, two exams, online test bank with 300+ questions.

Gold Review Course

$395 $354

Includes: 12 hours of lecture videos, core study materials, 25 PDUs, online test bank.

PMP Test Bank

$75 $60
Get Discount

Includes: Compliant with PMP Exam format, scoring requirements, and Exam limits, as well as two 200-question practice exams and 400 practice questions.


Wiley PMP Breakdown

Wiley PMP Review
1. Flexible and Self-Paced Program
2. Get 20% OFF Discount Code
3. Expert Videos
4. PMI-ACP Review Exams
5. Guarantee


Wiley PMP Review
Written by: Amit Patel
4 / 5 stars



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