BrainBOK Review

BrainBOK Review

BrainBOK ReviewRating: ★★★

BrainBOK offers flexible PMP and CAPM exam study materials at an affordable price and is a great option for students who don’t want to break the bank while studying for their project management exams.

You may choose from a number of different subscription options, or just buy additional practice exams, depending on your budget and study needs.


pmp-capm-pmbok-itto-tool1. Versatile Learning Options

BrainBOK has four main features: The ITTO (inputs, outputs, tools & techniques) Explorer, an Exam Simulator for the PMP and CAPM exams, 2000 Flashcards, and the  ITTO and Glossary Quiz. In addition, some subscriptions include a downloadable PM Formula Quick Reference Guide (PDF).

Components can be purchased together in several different bundled options, or separately (for example, just the flashcards, the ITTO Package, or practice exams). The Premium Pro subscription option also allows students to use BrainBOK to satisfy the education requirements for PMP or CAPM certification.

2. ITTO Explorer Tool

BrainBOK designed the ITTO Explorer to make studying for the PMP and CAPM exams more interactive and engaging. This tool helps you study the Inputs, Tools and Techniques, and Outputs (ITTO) of the project management processes that are defined in the lengthy PMBOK Guide. Instead of slogging through 600+ pages of text, you can use the ITTO tool to understand these processes in a quicker and more dynamic way.

With the ITTO Explorer, you can read descriptions of each process, each Process Group and Knowledge Area, group processes, learn process interactions and data flows, and find a page reference if you need to refer back to the PMBOK Guide for more information.

3. Highly-Rated Practice Exams

BrainBOK’s practice exams get high praise from clients for preparing them for the actual exam. Most students agree that the practice tests are longer and harder than the actual PMP or CAPM, which helped them complete the actual exam more quickly and easily on test day. If you are doing well on BrainBOK’s practice exams and finishing on time, you should have no trouble with the real thing.

Additional PMP and CAPM practice exams can also be purchased separately alone or in a package deal ($20-$70 for PMP exams; $15 for CAPM exams).

pmp-capm-flashcards-study-notes4. Useful Flashcards

Many students prefer to make their own flashcards because it helps them to retain the information while they are writing them out, however, students have found BrainBOK’s flashcards to be a very useful study tool. The flashcards are a great way to fill in any knowledge gaps you may have, even after you have reviewed everything in the PMBOK guide.

5. Great Price

It’s always gratifying to find an effective course for less money. BrainBOK gets high praise from satisfied students who have passed the exam on their first attempt without spending a lot of money on a more expensive course. The well-priced individual components also mean you can use BrainBOK’s materials as a supplement to other review courses to beef up your skills and knowledge.

6. Mastery Mode

One impressive detail we learned is that BrainBOK works tirelessly to incorporate feedback from previous students to make their product better. For example, the Mastery Mode feature was suggested by an actual student who had used BrainBOK to prepare for the exam, and was implemented very quickly by the company after the student pointed out how useful it would be.

Mastery Mode consists of a special exam that helps you improve your weak areas. The software tracks your performance on the exams and each question you get wrong (or mark for review) automatically gets added to your Mastery Mode database.

You can generate quizzes from the database, and the question is only removed from the database once you get it right. It is included in the Premium Pro, Premium Plus, and with all Exam subscriptions.

7. Free Basic Account

You can take advantage of several free components of BrainBOK’s review programs by signing up for the free basic account. If you like the materials and the program, it’s easy to upgrade to a premium subscription in a matter of minutes.

8. 100% Money Back Guarantee

BrainBOK is so confident with the quality of their course that they offer a 100% Money Back Guarantee. They will refund you if you meet the following conditions:

  • Your request is submitted through the help center within 7 days of purchasing the subscription
  • You have not attempted more than one paid exam
  • You have not attempted any paid exam more than once


 1. No Live Online Instruction or Video Lectures

Many competitors offer some kind of live component in terms of online lectures or interaction with professors, but BrainBOK does not. You will have to sit down with the materials and go through them carefully to learn them on your own.

Ideal User

BrainBOK’s course is best suited for independent, self-motivated learners who want a bargain price. If you want 180 days to go over the material, a ton of practice questions, and are self-motivated BrainBOK is a good fit. The lack of lectures and live options makes it less suitable for students who crave more interaction and more access to a professor to guide them.

My Suggestion

BrainBOK offers a solid option for students on a budget. One of the strengths of this program is the ability to buy only the components you need if you don’t want a comprehensive review course (although that option is also available).

Students who are ready to take charge of their learning and want to power through a course in 180 days should definitely consider this well-priced option. The practice exams alone are a great resource: if you do well on the practice tests, you will almost certainly have no trouble with the real thing. Be sure to take advantage of the free trial to get a better idea of their course and its features today!


(if you’re still not sure that BrainBOK is a good fit for you, check out our other PMP course recommendations here)

Summary of Course Features

  • Free Trial
  • 100% Money Back Guarantee
  • Student Forum
  • PMP/CAPM Practice Exams and Quizzes
  • 2,000 Flashcards
  • ITTO Explorer tool
  • Mastery Mode
  • PM Formula Quick Reference Guide (PDF)
  • Exam simulator for Practice Questions
  • Course Completion Certificate


Basic PMP or CAPM Subscription

Price: FREE
Includes: 150 Flashcards, Mastering PMBOK Exam 1, and Forum Membership.

Premium Subscription

Price: $59.99 (90 days) for PMP or CAPM
Includes: ITTO Package, Flashcards Package, Mastering PMBOK Exam 1, Forum Membership, and Priority Support.

PMP Plus Subscription

Price: $109.99 (90 days) for PMP; $99.99 (90 days) for CAPM
Includes: Everything in the Premium Subscription plus PMP or CAPM Practice Exam 1, PMP or CAPM Formula Challenge Exam, PM Formula Quick Reference Guide (PDF), and Mastery Mode.

PMP Pro Subscription

Price: $149.99 (90 days),  for PMP; $129.99 (90 days) for CAPM
Includes: Everything in the Premium Plus Subscription plus PMP or CAPM Practice Exams 2 and 3, Mastering PMBOK Exam 2, and Course Completion Certificate.


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