PMP Certification Training Courses

best pmp certification coursesFinding a PMP Certification Training Course is an important decision you’ll make on your journey to pass the Project Management Professional exam.

Many students learn better in a traditional classroom-type setting rather than from a self-paced prep course. We have researched and reviewed the best PMP certification classes online to help you better compare them.

The comparison chart below will help you decide which PMP certification study materials best fit your needs.

Best Project Management Certification Courses Online

PMP CERTIFICATION COURSES pmtraining pmp certification course review simplilearn pmp certification course review GreyCampus PMP certification course review PMstudy PMP certification course review
RANKINGS #1 #2 #3 #4
★★★★★ ★★★★ ★★★★ ★★★★★
COMPANY PMTraining PMP Course Simplilearn PMP Course Grey Campus PMP PMstudy PMP Certification
PRICE $894 $999 $699
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$699 $629
Show Coupon
MONEY-BACK GUARANTEE Pass or Free Re-Enrollment & Instructor Assistance Pay for 3 Retakes up to Cost of Course, Balance Refunded. Pass or Money-Back Guarantee Pay for 3 Retakes up to Cost of Course, Balance Refunded.
PRACTICE QUESTIONS 1,000+ 83 Chapter End Quizzes 13 Quizzes 1,000
FULL-LENGTH PRACTICE EXAMS 20+ Condensed Mock Exams 5 3 4
METHOD OF INSTRUCTION 35 Contact Hours of Live-Online Instruction & On-Demand Class Recordings 32 Hours of Live-Online Instruction 32 Hours of Live-Online Instruction 32 Hours of Live-Online Instruction
COURSE FORMAT 6 Weeks of Evening PMP Classes (twice a week), or a 5-Day Bootcamp 4, 8, and 10 Day Course Options 10 Weekdays, or a 4 Day Weekend PMP Class 4-Day PMP Course
COURSE MOBILE APP Android Android Android and iOS
Question Bank & PMP Exam Demo Free Course & Test Demos
STUDENT SUPPORT Instructor Email and a 1-on-1 Q&A Session Phone, Live Chat, and Email Support Instructor Email Support Instructor Email Support
ONLINE MATERIALS ACCESS 180 Days 180 Days 60 Days 1 Year
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PMTraining PMP Certification (Rank: #1)


pmtraining best pmp certification course

best pmp certification course


Interactive Course Options: PMTraining’s PMP certification online course boasts a number of interactive features that provide a customized learning experience. You can interact with you instructor and peers online and get one-on-one access to instructors during scheduled Q&A sessions, which make the course feel more like traditional classroom setting.
Pass Guarantee: PMTraining’s pass guarantee for all Project Management certification classes online means that you can keep taking the course for free until you pass. PMTraining advertises that 97% of students who take one of their live courses pass the PMP exam on the first try. If you fulfill all course requirements and fail the exam, you can take the same course again for free, and your course access is extended indefinitely.
35 Contact Hours Included: The live PMTraining course includes 35 PMI contact hours and PDU credits, which meet the requirements for your PMP certification. You’ll get twice the bang for your buck by completing your Project Management Professional certification hours while you study – all from the convenience of your home or office while interacting with your instructor and peers in this PMP course.

Bottom Line: With a substantial curriculum filled with interactive materials and over 30 contact hours, it should come as no surprise that PMTraining has an unprecedented 97% pass rate.


Simplilearn PMP Certification (Rank: #2)

simplilearn pmp certification course


Excellent Resources: In addition to online PMP classes with an instructor, you will get five full-length PMP Simulation Exams, 83 Chapter-end quizzes, and 4 PMP exam simulations to practice exam-like questions. The live online course includes full access to all of the online PMP materials available in the Self-Learning course, so you can keep studying even when you are not in class.
Free Material: Simplilearn offers multiple extras with each PMP course offering. Although these vary, special offers often include a free course (such as PMI’s Agile Certified Practitioner course and Microsoft Project 2013), a free 200-question PMP Simulation test, and a User Forum with free advice and support.
86 PDUs and 35 PMI Contact Hours: You get 86 PDUs with the Simplilearn PMP preparation course; this is in addition to the 35 contact hour requirement for taking the PMP exam. That is considerably more PDUs than most competitors offer. After you have completed the requisite number of hours on Simplilearn’s website, you will be issued the 35 contact hours certificate at no additional cost.
Money Back Guarantee: Simplilearn offers a 100% Money Back Guarantee, so if you don’t pass using their course you get a full refund! This shows just how confident they are that their course will help you get your PMP certification. using their course risk-free. For their 4-day PMP Bootcamp, the re-examination fee is paid by Simplilearn and the remaining amount is refunded if you do not pass the exam.

Bottom Line: Although SimpliLearn’s PMP training course is of a tremendously high quality, they offer a very generous trial offer and an affordable asking price. Students will also receive several contact hours and PDU’s.


GreyCampus PMP Course (Rank: #3)

grey campus pmp certification classes


One-on-One Time with an Instructor: Instructors have 10+ years’ experience in Project Management, and are active PMP certificate holders, so you know you will be getting great instruction when you get your individual coaching time. You also get 24/7 customer support and access to a 30-day instructor helpline if you are in between live PMP class sessions.
1 Full Year of Access: GreyCampus gives you access to their PMP Certification program materials for 12 months, which is several months more than most competitors. You’ll have more than enough time to learn and practice the material before the exam. Note that you only get 30 days to take advantage of the instructor helpline, so be sure to schedule your PMP certification exam prep to maximize the use of that feature.
100% Money Back Guarantee: GreyCampus offers a 100% money back guarantee if you do not pass the Project Management Professional exam the first time you take it. You must take the PMP certification exam within 14 days of completing the course completion, finish the entire course, pay all enrollment fees, and pass 2 of the Mock Tests in the GreyCampus portal with a score of at least 75% to qualify.
Mobile App: GreyCampus has a mobile app for Android users with some free content as well as access to 13 knowledge area exams and more than 200 flashcards. This is a nice extra because you will want to study in between your live PMP classes whenever you have time in order to get the most out of the course. Unfortunately, there is no app for iOS devices.

Bottom Line: All of the instructors associate with GreyCampus are highly experienced and their Android mobile app is convenient for students on the go. They also offer a full year of access to their material.


PMstudy PMP Prep Course (Rank: #4)

pm study pmp certification classes


Minimal Prep Work: You can complete minimal prep-work to get 40 PMI Contact Hours to apply for the PMP Exam before your class starts. Unlike competitors, PMstudy recommends you attend the live class sessions without doing any PMP certification preparation. This model works best if you take their PMP Training course immediately before the exam. Ideally, you will take a 4-day class, do the homework, and take the exam on the 5th day.
Free 30 PDUs for Continuing Education: If you sign up for a live online course, your cost includes 30 PMI PDUS, which satisfies continuing education requirements for the first year for certified Project Management Professionals. This is in addition to the 40 PMI Contact Hours you will need in order to sit for the PMP exam.
More Expensive: PMstudy’s options come at a hefty price. At $1,899, the live virtual course costs significantly more than most competitors’ PMP classes. Their impressive success rate (98.7% of students pass the PMP exam) and the Money Back Guarantee may make the cost worth it for you.

Bottom Line: PMStudy offers a user-friendly and hassle-free PMP certification course that even includes a generous 30 units of CPE. However, all of these enticing features come at an intimidatingly high price.


pmp certification discount code

Best PMP Certification Training Courses of 2018 – Top 4!

PMP Certification Courses Course Format Price
PM Training PMP Course 6 Weeks of Evening PMP Classes, or a 5-Day PMP Bootcamp $894
SimpliLearn PMP Review 4, 8, and 10 Day PMP Course Options $999
Grey Campus PMP Course 10 Weekdays or 4-Day Weekend Class $1299
PM Study PMP Prep 4-Day PMP Class $1899-$1999



Best PMP Certification Training Courses
Written by: Amit Patel
5 / 5 stars


Best PMP Practice Exams

best pmp practice examsPMP practice exams are one of the best study tools to increase your test scores significantly. By attempting one or more practice tests under conditions that simulate the PMP exam, you will find out how much time it takes you to finish the exam and whether you have any weak areas that require additional study while you still have time to do something about it.

As a rule, the more PMP mock exams you take, the more familiar you will be with the format and content of the test, which will help you complete the exam more quickly and under less stressful conditions.

Click Below To Research the Top 4 Best PMP Practice Exams & Mock Exams of 2018

PMP Practice
brainbok pmp practice exams pmtrainng practice exam pm exam simulator practice exams Wiley pmp practice exams
COMPANY BrainBOK PMTraining PM Exam Simulator Wiley PMP
Free Trial
Practice Exams 5 10 9 PMP/ 5 CAPM 2
Practice Questions 900 1000+ 1800 PMP/ 750 CAPM 400+
Custom Exams No
Price PMP $99.99

CAPM $89.99

$59 PMP $125

CAPM $59




PMP Mock Exam Providers

Several companies offer PMP and CAPM practice tests. Many simulate the actual exam’s computer screen and timing for each question. Companies that offer practice exams for purchase include:

#1: BrainBOK PMP Practice Exams

brainbok review

The Crush the PM Exam award for best PMP Practice Exam course was awarded to BrainBOK! This course deserves the #1 spot because of the following reasons:

  • 3 full-length PMP practice exams
  • 3 full-length CAPM practice exams
  • Detailed answer explanations with links to reference materials and exam history tracking
  • Ability to create custom practice exams in “Mastery Mode”

The medallion signifies that BrainBOK has gone above and beyond to create a course that will help you pass your exams and help you achieve your career goals!

PMP and CAPM Practice Exams offered? Yes

Free Trial? Yes, sign up here.

Details:  Five full-length practice exams for both PMP and CAPM.

PMP: 3 full-length (200 questions) practice exams plus Mastering the PMBOK 1 (100 questions), and Mastering the PMBOK 2 (200 questions), in addition to one free PMP Formula Challenge exam (100 questions).

CAPM: 3 full-length CAPM exams (150 questions), the CAPM Formula Challenge exam (50 questions), plus  Mastering the PMBOK Exam 1 (100 questions), and Mastering the PMBOK Exam 2 (200 questions).

Number of Practice Questions: 900 (full 5-exam pack).

Format: Full-length simulated exams. Detailed answer explanations with links to reference materials and exam history tracking.

Can you create custom practice exams? Only in Mastery Mode (see below)

Design & Content of Online Test Bank: Access to full-length PMP and CAPM formula-based exams and multiple choice question (MCQ) exam designed to simulate the real exam in terms of question similarity and computer interface. Questions can be marked for review so you can come back to them once in the “review mode.” In addition to answer explanations, the score report shows if you passed or failed, your overall score, and proficiency level by Process Groups and PMBOK Guide chapters. Your exam history lists all the exams you’ve taken, the result, and the score. You can click on any exam to open and review it.

In Mastery Mode you can create a special exam with 25 questions (maximum of 30 minutes long) that are selected from your Mastery Mode Database. Every time you get a question wrong on a practice exam or mark a question for review, it goes into this database and the only way to remove that question from the MM database is to get it right on a future practice test. Only available with the Premium Pro, Premium Plus, and to Exam subscribers.


PMP 5-Exam Pack + Formula Guide: $99.99/ CAPM $89.99

PMP 3-Exam Pack: $79.99/ CAPM $69.99

Practice Exams or PMP Formula Challenge Exam purchased separately: $29.99 each/ CAPM $24.99

Flashcards (PMP or CAPM): $49.99

Bottom Line: BrainBOK went above and beyond with their PMP practice exams. Students have thousands of practice questions and five full exam simulations with which to study, but the PMI-ACP is sadly not represented.


#2 PMTraining PMP Practice Exams

pmtraining pmp practice exams

PMP and CAPM Exams Offered? PMP only

Free Trial? Yes, sign up here.

Number of Practice Exams: Twenty condensed PMP mock exams and Ten Knowledge Area tests based on the latest exam format and PMBOK Guide (Fifth Edition).

Number of Practice Questions: 1,000+

Format: Access questions and mock tests from web browser (no downloads). Includes detailed explanations and PMBOK Guide references for each question.

Can you create custom practice exams? Yes, from the 1,000+ question database.

Design & Content of Online Test Bank: Log on to the site and use the exam dashboard to access tests, test questions, personalized reports, exam tips, and video tutorials. As on the actual PMP exam, questions can be marked for review. Tests can be saved and resumed later.

There is a count-down clock on the top right of the screen. One you have submitted your exam to be graded, the progress report shows which questions were answered correctly, which were wrong, and breaks down test performance by knowledge area and by process group. Each question includes a detailed explanation of why the answer is correct.


$59 for 90-day access.

Bottom Line: PMTraining allows for students to make customizable quizzes, offering a nearly unlimited amount of exam simulations. However, the diminished volume of practice questions to pull from is a bit disappointing.


#3 PM Exam Simulator


PMP and CAPM Exams Offered? Yes

Free Trial? Yes, sign up for 3 day free trial here.

Number of Practice Exams: 9 complete exams for PMP / 5 exams for CAPM

Number of Practice Questions: 1,800 sample questions very similar to those on the exam for PMP exam, 750 questions for CAPM exam.

Format: Access the simulator from any web browser, there are no downloads. Take any of the 9 complete PMP  practice exams or 5 CAPM exams in a simulated environment. (A new version, the PM Exam Simulator 2.0 is scheduled to be released on May 2nd, 2016.)

Can you create custom practice exams? No

Design & Content of Online Test Bank: Updated to reflect changes to January 2016 exam, the PM Exam Simulator is a web-based PMP Exam preparation environment. Choose from three different exam modes in the PM Exam Simulator: the “Learning Mode” provides hints and answers and no time limitations, the “Timed Mode” offers hints and answers but limits your time, and the “Real Exam Mode” simulates the actual PMP exam experience. Just as on the actual PMP exam, you can mark questions for review and come back to them. You can repeat the exams as many times as you like.


PM Exam Simulator from now until May 2nd: $99.99 for 90-day access.

PM Exam Simulator 2.0 (available May 2nd): $125

CAPM Exam Simulator (750 questions): $59

Bottom Line: The online PMP exam practice environment made by Exam Simulator offers three different styles of study. At such a low asking price, this is an excellent deal for the versatility it provides.


#4 Wiley PMP Test Bank

Wiley logo

PMP and CAPM Exams Offered? PMP only

Free Trial? Yes

Number of Practice Exams: 2 PMP practice exams with 200 questions each.

Number of Practice Questions: 400+

Format: Web-based access to test question bank that allows you to create customizable practice sessions, quizzes and practice exams and includes answer explanations. Progress Report feature provides metrics and shows areas that need improvement. Compatible with Mac and PC.

Can you create custom practice exams? Yes. You can create unlimited custom practice sessions and tests.

Design & Content of Online Test Bank: Wiley’s cloud-based PMP Test Bank allows you to study with three different modes: practice session (study mode), pop quiz and practice test. Question Sets, Bookmarks and Notes are stored online, so you can start a customized practice session on one device and resume on another, if necessary. You can bookmark questions, take notes, and turn the answer explanations on or off.

Customize your practice tests by choosing how many questions you want from each domain, and filter question types by choosing questions you’ve never seen, those you’ve gotten wrong, or bookmarked. Check out your progress in the Progress Report section, which lists the questions you answered incorrectly alongside the answers. The Progress Report  can also be customized to show your percentage scores by sub-domain and gives you the option to include or exclude past saved sessions.


Wiley PMP Test Bank: $75

Discounts: Get the 20% OFF student discount if you are a faculty member, full-time or part-time college or university student.

Bottom Line: Wiley is a reputable brand that offers a well-made PMP test prep study plan. While their lack of additional material for CAPM and PMI-ACP is disappointing, Wiley’s affordable price is hard to beat.


Top 6 Reasons To Take A PMP Practice Exam

1. Familiarize Yourself with the Test

Mock exams are often based on actual exams from previous years, so you will get a feel for the structure and types of questions that typically appear on the PMP exam. Being familiar with the content and structure of the exam will help you answer questions more quickly and accurately. You will need to answer 200 questions in 4 hours and will probably want to build in time to review and come back to those questions you aren’t sure about. Practice will help you create additional time for reviewing your answers when you take the exam.

2. Learn Which Topics to Study

Certain topics are emphasized more than others and tend to appear more often on the exam. By taking mock exams, you will get a feel for which topics are tested more frequently and be able to concentrate your studies more on those areas.

3. Identify Your Strengths and Weaknesses

Practice exams will help you understand your strengths and weaknesses. If you frequently tend to get a certain type of question wrong on your practice exam, you will know what to go back and study. You’ll also know which areas you’ve mastered, so you can save time by not spending any more time on those topics.

4. Retain and Apply Knowledge

Practice exams give you a chance to apply what you’ve studied. Many of us learn by repetition and use. You are more likely to remember what you’ve studied and be able to answer questions correctly if you practice them repeatedly.

5. Spread out Your Study Sessions

Research shows that “chunking” information while you study makes it easier to retain. By spacing out your studies and taking practice exams at regular intervals, you can study, take a practice test, see your progress, and go back to studying some more. This will help you avoid cramming at the last minute, which is much less effective.

6. Reduce Stress and Anxiety

Practice exams will make you feel more prepared on the day of the exam and reduce test-related anxiety. You won’t waste time reading instructions you already know or trying to figure out the structure and content of the test if you are already familiar with it from taking practice exams. Studying with many practice tests will also give you the experience to know if you need to move more quickly through questions, or if you are on track with your current pace.

How Many Mock Exams Should I Take?

Well, the answer is as many as possible, but it will depend on your schedule and time constraints. Taking one or two mock exams is obviously better than none, but in general, the more practice tests you take, the better prepared you will be when you take the actual PMP exam. If possible, take several mock tests early on in your studies so that you can identify knowledge gaps and address them in your overall study plan.

If you have time, try to take at least 6-10 exams. That may seem like a lot, but research shows that the more practice you get, the faster and better you will become at answering questions correctly, which is the key to passing the exam.

Most commercial review courses offer at least a few practice exams in their bundled course (some offer 9 or more!) and you can find additional free mock exams or purchase them individually online. For your convenience, we’ve compiled a list of companies that will let you purchase mock exams below.
75% of PMP candidates use mock exams as their primary way to prepare for the PMP exam, and for good reason.


Best PMP Practice Exams Online

PMP Practice Exams Ranking
BrainBok 1
PMTraining 2
PM Exam Simulator 3
Wiley PMP Test Bank 4


PMP Practice Exams
Written by: Amit Patel
5 / 5 stars


PM PrepCast Review

RATING: ★★★★★

Cornelius Fichtner’s PM PrepCast course has helped more than ten thousand students pass the PMP exam and is one of the most popular prep choices for the test. This course stands out for its range of content options, strong foundation, variety of videos, and the PMP exam simulator.

PM PrepCast offers various comprehensive and versatile study materials including webinars, live classes, student forums, email courses, and personal coaching.


prepcast_tablet_81. One-on-One Coaching

Whether you choose the PM PrepCast Executive course or purchase PMP Coaching separately, you can get live, one-on-one coaching with a PMP expert, who will guide you through challenging areas, ensure that you are studying correctly, and answer questions. During weekly 60-minute calls for a recommended 3-6 weeks, your personal PMP Exam coach will go over specific topics and your progress to get you ready for the exam. Group coaching is also available.

2. Video Sessions Run By Pros

More than 50 hours of video are available in the PM PrepCast. You can download this exam prep video workshop to your tablet or smart phone, and synchronize the lessons with those on your computer when you switch devices. Alternatively, consider the PM StudyCoach, which is a recorded, 10-week long course. You get 14 coaching sessions with course founder, Cornelius Fichtner, PMP, CSM. Fichtner, a PMP expert with more than 20 years of project management experience in various industries, enjoys considerable popularity with students who have used many of his techniques to pass the PMP exam.

pmp exam simulator3. PMP Exam Simulator & Practice Exams

An exam simulator allows you to simulate the 4-hour PMP exam in order to prepare for the environment, stress, and time constraints of the actual test. The PMP PrepCast Executive package includes up to nine simulated exams with 1,800 simulated questions. Explanations are included for all questions, and you can retake the exams as often as you want. Smaller packages include fewer questions, and note that the basic package does not include the PrepCast Exam Simulator or prep questions (other than four printable sets of 15-questions.) More comprehensive courses include 90 days of access to the PMP Exam Simulator from the day you take the first simulated exam.

4. Comprehensive Study Materials

A variety of study materials are available, including study guides, recorded videos, podcasts, coaching, webinars, the Exam Simulator, online forums, email courses, the most recent PMBOK guide, formula study guides, and eBooks. Although not all features are included in each course, you are free to choose the prep course that best suits your needs.

pmp study coach5. Contact Hours Included

All PM PrepCast courses include the required 35 contact hours needed to apply for the PMP exam and certification. Simply complete a PM PrepCast course and pass the course’s final exam, and you’ll be able to print the 35 Contact Hours Certificate. Getting your 35 hours through a separate program will cost you $150 or more, so why not take advantage of this embedded offer?

6. Mobile Options

PM PrepCast can be accessed from your phone, tablet, or computer, so you can study on the device that is most convenient for you. The videos have been optimized for use with iTunes, regardless of your device (you don’t have to use an iPad, iPhone or iPod). In as little as 45 minutes, you can download the material and have access to the entire workshop.

7. Money-Back Guarantee

The 90-day money back guarantee promises that if you are not satisfied with PM Prepcast’s product for any reason, you will receive a full refund. Note that the PM Exam Simulator comes with a conditional 15-day money back guarantee, and the PM StudyCoach comes with a 30-day money back guarantee. Please see the PM Prepcast website for details and requirements.


1. Lower Level Offerings are Limited

There is only 1 simulated practice exam with the PM PrepCast Standard course option. If you purchase the Elite course for slightly more, you can upgrade to nine simulated exams.

2. Traditional Learning

While many PMP prep courses now use digital exams and highly interactive online media, PM PrepCast does not. The large amount of print material makes the course a better fit for traditional learners.

Ideal User

PM PrepCast has a wealth of different features, most of which are included in the top-tier course offerings. The Exam Simulator is particularly useful in terms of preparing for and passing the exam and will be a good fit for you if you are looking for a lot of practice that can be completed under test conditions. If you prefer printable study materials and favor a more traditional learning style, PM PrepCast has various affordable options that cater to those needs.

My Suggestion

PM PrepCast stands out as a high-quality exam preparation course developed by PM expert Cornelius Fichtner. The opportunity for live, one-on-one coaching and the impressive number practice exams (9 Simulated Practice Exams) make this company stand out from the crowd. Although the basic levels of the course are nothing special, the Elite and Executive offerings, and the blended learning option offer a rich, immersive program with more than 50 hours of lessons and 1,800 practice questions in simulated exams.

The 90-Day money back guarantee makes this a risk-free option. Fichtner is so confident that you will succeed on the PMP exam by using this product that you can request a full refund if the course does not meet your expectations for any reason.


Summary of Course Features

  • 50 Hours of Webinars
  • Recorded Video Lessons
  • 1,800 Exam Questions in 9 Practice Exams
  • 90-day Money Back Guarantee
  • Live Coaching Available
  • Podcasts & Recorded Videos
  • Downloadable Study Material & Printable Quizzes
  • Email Course Options
  • Updated PMBOK Guide
  • Formula Study Guide
  • eBook Bundles


PrepCast Standard
Price: $179.99
Includes: 50+ Hours of Webinars, 35 Contact Hours Certificate, Online Forum, Email Course, and PMBOK Guide.

PrepCast Elite
Price: $229.99
Includes: 50+ Hours of Webinars, 35 Contact Hours Certificate, Online Forum, Email Course, PMBOK Guide, 90-Day Access to Exam Simulator, 9 Simulated Practice Exams, and Detailed Exam Review and Explanations.

PrepCast Executive
Price: $1,199.99
Includes: 50+ Hours of Webinars, 35 Contact Hours Certificate, Online Forum, Email Course, PMBOK Guide, 90-Day Access to Exam Simulator, 9 Simulated Practice Exams, Detailed Exam Review and Explanations, 12 Hours Personal Coaching, 5 Hours Group Coaching, Formula Study Guide, and eBook Bundle.


Online Exam Simulator
Price: $99
Includes: 90 Days of Access to 1,800 Exam Questions on 9 Full-length Exams

PM FlashCards
Price: $29.99
Includes: 1,500 Electronic/Printable Flashcards and Email Course

Price: $29.99
Includes: Explanations of PMP Formulas, Email Course, 105 Sample Questions

PM Study Coach
Price: $49.99
Includes: Video/Audio Lessons, PDF Workbooks, Email Course, 210 Sample Questions


PM PrepCast Breakdown

PM PrepCast Review
1. One-on-One Coaching
2. Video Sessions Run by Pros
3. PMP Exam Simulator & Practice Exams
4. Comprehensive Study Materials
5. Money-Back Guarantee

PM PrepCast Review
Written by: Amit Patel
5 / 5 stars

Brain Sensei Review

: ★★★★★

Brain Sensei offers a unique way to prepare for the Project Management Professional exam. Its mission is to provide simple and innovative ways to help you achieve your learning goals through the use of storytelling.

Brain Sensei stands out from the other test prep courses by using an animated story to reinforce key project management concepts. Stories have been proven to make it easier for people to absorb information. With this approach, Brain Sensei provides an engaging way to learn in addition to its easy to read content, quizzes, and a ton of practice questions.





1. Interactive Lessons With Storytelling


Unlike any other PMP review course, Brain Sensei will draw you into a story of a Samurai who overcomes adversity in Feudal Japan. By using an engaging animated story, you will be entertained while bolstering key project management concepts. Most PMP test prep courses are dull and lifeless. With Brain Sensei, your PMP course will be anything but boring.  

Stories have been used to share knowledge and teach lessons since the dawn of humankind. Research has also proven that when you receive information in the form of a story, you will have an easier time absorbing and recalling information. Brain Sensei’s review material is broken up with little animation clips. These brief animation clips are not only entertaining, but also act as an efficient way to remember important concepts on test day.




2. Pass Guarantee


Brain Sensei offers a 100% pass guarantee with their 35 hour Complete PMP Exam Prep course. With the unique memorization tactics and innovative teaching style, Brain Sensei guarantees you’ll get that passing score. If you meet all the course requirements but still end up failing the exam, you can retake the Brain Sensei PMP prep course for free!


3. Includes Contact Hours for PMP Certification


As a Registered Education Provider (REP) with the Project Management Institute (PMI), you will meet the 35 hour requirements for the PMP exam. This course is a great way to maximize your study time without having you pay extra for a course that will let you gain contact hours. And, you’ll be having fun while putting in the hours!



4. Practice Questions and Quizzes


In addition to the four full length Practice Exams available at the end of the course, you are given quizzes throughout your lessons. These short self-assessments can track your progress and help guide you towards topics that need more study time.

Brain Sensei’s complete PMP course comes equipped with more than 900 practice exam questions and answer explanations. Almost everyone who has passed the PMP exam will agree that practice questions are the most important part of studying and the best way to get you that passing score.




5. Your Own Personal Sensei (Instructor)


It’s not very fun to listen to a boring professor read from a book. Many other PMP test prep instructor led courses have this problem. But with Brain Sensei, you get your own personal animated sensei! He will be your teacher throughout your studies and offer you any additional help or questions you may run into.

Brain Sensei understands that self-studying with slide shows is not very engaging. That’s why it gives you your own private teacher that takes you through the studying process step-by-step. This will help keep you from getting lost in the mountains of material and since he’s animated, he’ll always be there to support you.


6. Detailed Progress Tracking


It’s crucial to your success to know where you stand. Brain Sensei just introduced real-time and detailed progress tracking reports. In your dashboard you’ll find your scores, duration and status all in one place.







1.  Course Design


While other courses have fancy technology and a flashy website layout, this course is pretty basic and lacking innovative design. You may prefer this since it is a direct and to-the-point way to learn. There aren’t any additional distractions that can take your focus away from studying. So depending on how you plan to study, this could be a non issue.


Ideal User


If you are struggling to find a course that consistently keeps you engaged, Brain Sensei’s PMP Review Course is the test prep for you! You will be learning PMP concepts and have them ingrained through an exciting story of a young samurai taking on a variety of projects and challenges. This is helpful if you like to learn by experience. You will be able to have anecdotal memories of information that will be tested on exam day, making it easy for you to remember key concepts.


My Suggestion


By following your personal Sensei’s instruction and watching the animation story clips, you will be learning in the least boring way possible. I suggest this course to anyone who struggles with focusing and motivating themselves to keep studying mundane material. Brain Sensei reveals one of the best kept secrets of learning: storytelling.

This top-rated review course will give you everything you need to know to pass the PMP exam, including a 100% pass guarantee to ensure that Brain Sensei’s software works. This course is anything but traditional, teaching you through an fascinating story and high-quality interactive content that is consistently up to date with any changes made by the PMI. Check out Brain Sensei’s free demo and see the storytelling learning for yourself!





Brain Sensei PMP Review Course Overview

Brain Sensei Review
1. Interactive Lessons with Storytelling
2. Pass Guarantee
3. Includes Contact Hours
4. Practice Questions and Quizzes
5. Your Own Personal Instructor

Brain Sensei Review
Written by: Amit Patel
5 / 5 stars

PMTraining Review

PMTraining pmp review

RATING: ★★★★★

The Crush the PM Exam award for the best PMP and PMI-ACP review courses of 2017 was awarded to PMTraining for its various study structures and quality user support. I decided on PMTraining because of the following main reasons:

  • Quality user support that stands out from the competition
  • 97% of students who take a live class from PMTraining pass the PMP exam on their first try
  • Includes 35 PMI contact hours and PDU credits, which meets the requirements for your certification
  • Built in analytic software that pinpoints your weaknesses so you can target the areas that need improvement

With all that PMTraining has to offer, it’s no wonder it earns our #1 spot. Read my full review to see why PMTraining is the course that will help you CRUSH your exam on your first try!


PMTraining offers a variety of top-notch courses to prepare you for the PMP exam. As a recognized PMP training provider, PMTraining’s courses are approved by the Project Management Institute (PMI), and stand out from the competition thanks to their quality user support.

By offering on-demand and live prep courses in addition to corporate training options, PMTraining gives you several choices to prepare for your PMP exam.

The online platform allows you to attend live classes with dedicated instructors in an interactive environment, or to choose the more flexible option of on-demand videos. Both types of courses include a variety of study materials, quizzes, mock exams, and practice questions.

The Crush the PM Exam award for the best PMP review course of 2017 was awarded to PMTraining for its various study structures and quality user support. I decided on PMTraining because of the following main reasons:

  • Quality user support that stands out from the competition
  • 97% of students who take a live class from PMTraining pass the PMP exam on their first try
  • Includes 35 PMI contact hours and PDU credits, which meets the requirements for your certification
  • Built in analytic software that pinpoints your weaknesses so you can target the areas that need improvement

With all that PMTraining has to offer, it’s no wonder it earns our #1 spot. Read my full review to see why PMTraining is the course that will help you CRUSH your exam on your first try!


pm training video lectures1. Interactive Video Lessons & Live Course

PMTraining’s interactive course features give you many opportunities for individualized learning. The videos in the on-demand course are interactive; you can pause a lecture to ask questions or use flash cards while watching to help boost your memory.

The live course option includes one-on-one scheduled Q&A sessions with your instructor, which is particularly helpful if you perform better in a traditional classroom or tutoring environment than by studying on your own.

2. Pass Guarantee

PMTraining offers a pass guarantee for their Live Online PMP classes. The company boasts that 97% of students who take a live course pass the PMP exam on the first try. If you fulfill all of their course requirements but fail to pass the exam, you can take the same course again for free, and your access to PMTraining online exam prep is extended for as long as you need.

In the unlikely event that you fail the exam a second time, you can enroll in the class again and will receive instruction until you pass, all at no additional cost. (Access to PMTraining online exam prep materials is extended in this case as well.) Please consult the eligibility requirements for this guarantee on the PMTraining website.

3.  Multiple Training Options Available

PMTraining offers multiple prep options for the PMP exam, including a series of exams and prep questions that can be purchased separately, live online or on-demand courses over several weeks, and 5-day-bootcamp options for both versions. You also get podcasts, and flashcards.

The courses are broken down into sections based on the test material in the PMP guide, so you can study each unit individually before you have to bring everything together in a final review. This allows you to master individual skills and knowledge areas without being overwhelmed by the entire syllabus at once.

mobile friendly

4. Includes Contact Hours for PMI Certification

Both the live and on-demand PMTraining courses include 35 PMI contact hours and PDU credits, which cover the requirements for your PMP Exam and certification. This is a great way to maximize your study time without having to enroll in or pay for a separate course to obtain your contact hours.

5. Quality Support

With phone, email, and live chat support, you can get easily get help at any time before, during, or after purchasing a PMTraining course. You can also get additional help from instructors via email if you’re having trouble with a concept or a technical problem. Video tutorials explain the features of the course when you begin, making it easier to benefit from the whole PMTraining experience.

pm training exam portal6. Feedback and Analytics

When you take the PMP practice exams, course software identifies your strengths and weaknesses to pinpoint the areas you should target while you study. A personalized dashboard gives you a snapshot of your account. Analytics track your progress according to knowledge area and practice group, which is useful for identifying those specific areas that need improvement.

You’ll get instant feedback and analysis, as well as the ability to review the reasoning behind the questions, so that you can see where you went wrong. A feature that allows you to take a break at any time and save your progress makes the exams convenient and flexible for any schedule.


1. Extra Practice Questions and Exams Cost More

If you want more practice questions and exams than those offered in the course, you will have to buy them. You can purchase an additional 1,000 practice questions for $59. You’ll get access to the question bank for 90 days and can create your own practice tests. Personalized reports, an exam dashboard, PMP exam tips, and video tutorials are included.

2. No Free Trial

There is no free trial of the course; however, you do have the opportunity to view a demo video and take a 10-minute demo test. A course demo is available for the on-demand PMP Certification Bootcamp so you can get a feel for the study materials available to students who are enrolled in the actual course.

Ideal User

PMTraining is ideal if you have between 90 and 100 days to practice for their exam and prefer the flexibility of studying from the comfort of your own home or office. The live online option is convenient if you work full-time and don’t have time to travel to a physical classroom.

Live classes are held in the afternoons (to help with EU students schedule), evenings and on weekends, allowing you to attend classes after work, and the on-demand options allow students to study whenever they want.

PMTraining’s courses are a great option for you if you need the discipline of regularly study sessions to keep you on track. The company hires very qualified instructors, and students frequently recommend the course specifically because of the caliber of their instructors.

Those who have additional time to study will welcome that all live class students receive a 90-day extension to the PMTraining exam prep online portal at no extra charge. After this extension, an additional 90-day extension to the system can be purchased.

My Suggestion

PMTraining’s flexible program has a high success rate: 97% of students who enroll in a live course pass the PMP exam the first time. With a variety of study materials, including over 1,000 practice questions, numerous mock exams, and live online options, the company offers something for everyone. It is also risk-free, since you can take the course again at no extra charge, thanks to PMTraining’s pass guarantee.

PMTraining offers the 35 contact hours you need for your PMI certification as part of the program, making the courses twice as valuable to project managers who want to achieve their PMP certification. If you need to brush up on all of the content, earn your contact hours, and take a number of practice exams, then PMTraining is definitely the right choice for you!


Summary of Course Features

  • 12 Milestones
  • 1,000+ PMP Practice Questions
  • Question Bank to Create Own Quizzes
  • 20 Practice Exams
  • Lesson Breakdown
  • Flashcards, Reading Material, Study Guides
  • Live Online Instruction Available
  • Student Support
  • 90-Day Access to Learning Material
  • Pass Guarantee with Live Study Option


PMP Practice Exams
Price: $59
Includes: Over 1,000 PMP practice questions, and 20 exams. You also get ten knowledge area tests, and the ability to create your own exams from the question bank. Each exam includes reports, analysis, video tutorials, tips, and more.

PMTraining On-Demand Course
Price: $250
Includes: 12 milestones, 35 PMI contact hours and PDUs, additional study materials, exercises, and quizzes.

Live PMP Classes
Price: $800-$1,600
Includes: Choice of live courses (length varies) taught by accredited instructors, all study materials, one-on-one access to teachers and tutors, exam application assistance, 35 PMI contact hours and PDUs, online student portal, and a 100% exam pass guarantee.

On-Demand PDU Course

Price: $449

PMTraining now offers a PMI-accredited course that fulfills all 60 PDU credits for PMPs, CAPMs, ACPs, and any other PMI credential holder. This is important because every 3 years PMI credential holders must earn up to 60 PDU credits to maintain their certification.  They often spend weeks scrambling around for courses and lectures that offer them PDUs to earn.  This course bundle provides all 60 PDU credits in one go!


PM Training Breakdown

PM Training Review
1. Interactive Video Lessons
2. Pass Guarantee
3. Multiple Training Options Available
4. Includes Contact Hours for PMI Certification
5. Quality Support

PMTraining Review
Written by: Amit Patel
5 / 5 stars


Becker PMP Review

becker pmp reviewRATING: ★★★★★

Becker PMP Review is a leader in education for project management, accounting and healthcare professionals. Becker offers self-paced online course reviews and live workshops (in select cities) for the PMP and PMI-ACP exams.

All review courses cover the ten Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK Guide) areas covered on the exam via an interactive educational platform.

Becker’s courses are best suited for you if you have prior experience and a background in project management practice and techniques and is a Global Registered Education Provider with the Project Management Institute.


pmp-laptop1. Flexible and Self-Paced Program

If you enroll in Becker’s online review course, you can set your own schedule and pace. Assignments can be completed according to your timeline, and the course can be accessed from anywhere via internet access.

Aligned with the PMBOK Guide, Becker’s review includes videos, interactive practice problems, realistic examples and case studies so that you can practice what you have learned in the course.

2. “Ask the Expert” Feature

Invariably, questions come up while you are going over the material and practicing questions. If you are in a live workshop, you can raise your hand to ask the instructor, but in an online course, you’ll need another way to get tough questions answered.

Becker’s “Ask the Expert” feature addresses this by allowing you to email your questions directly to Becker’s expert teachers to get a quick and reliable response.

3. PMI-ACP Review Course Available

The Becker PMI-ACP Exam Review course targets Agile practitioners who plan to take the PMI-ACP Exam. Like the the PMP Review course, the PMI-ACP course is aimed at students who have a PMP background and prior education.

The PMI-ACP Review Course is aligned with the PMBOK Guide (5th edition) and includes video lessons, several hundred practice questions, 2 online practice exams, the “Ask the Expert” feature, case studies, and information on best practices to help you distinguish Agile methodologies to prepare yourself for the exam.

becker-certified-seal4. Includes Contact Hours for PMI Certification

Both the live and online courses include 35 PDUs (15 technical, 13.5 leadership, and 6.5 Strategic & Business Management) to meet certification requirements for the PMP exam, and 21 PDUs for the PMI-ACP exam. This is obviously much more convenient and cost-effective than enrolling in additional training courses to fulfill PDUs.

5. Price

At only $499 for the online PMI-ACP Exam Review Course and $699 for the online PMP Exam Review Course, Becker’s options are very affordable. Although you won’t get as many practice exams or questions as in some competitors’ courses, high quality materials and flexibility make Becker a solid option if you are on a tight budget or as a supplement to other review materials.

6. Live Workshops Available

The live course typically lasts 4 days (7 hours per day) and is offered through PMI chapters in the following cities: Atlanta, Chicago, Keystone (Pennsylvania), Los Angeles, Nashville, Northern Utah, Phoenix and Silver Spring (Maryland). Group workshops can also be arranged through a national network of DeVry or Keller locations.

Attendees earn a total of 35 PDUs (hours of project management education required for the PMP exam).


1. Limited Course Options

Becker’s products have a great price point, but you really only have two choices: online PMP Review/online PMI-ACP Review or live workshop. Unlike other prep companies, which allow you to choose from various features and add-ons, Becker offers a relatively standard review course without bells and whistles and only 2 practice exams.

2. Cookie-Cutter Course

Becker offers a number of different professional development and review courses for a large number of clients in various different industries, and therefore does not specialize in PMP content or preparation alone.

All of Becker’s professional review courses are relatively similar. If you are looking for a more comprehensive review and insider tips and strategies on how to ace the PMP exam, this course may not be the best choice for you.

Ideal User

Becker’s courses assume some prior knowledge and education in the field, making them most suitable for you if you are already familiar with key concepts. The flexible nature of the online course is attractive if you have busy and unpredictable schedules.

One particularly convenient feature is the ability to turn in assignments on your own schedule instead of having to follow a specific syllabus with inflexible deadlines. The low price of the online courses also makes this a great choice if you are a budget-minded student.

My Suggestion

In terms of price and flexibility, Becker’s online PMP Exam Review and PMI-ACP Review courses are a good choice if you already have some background in the field. Becker covers the necessary material, is aligned with the PMBOK, and is comprehensive without exposing you to an overwhelming amount of information or practice questions.

Some students may prefer a review course that goes into more depth and offers more than 2 full-length practice exams. Becker is a good option if you are looking for a relatively quick and painless review without a large monetary investment. If you need a flexible course that will provide supplementary practice exams and questions at a reasonable price, Becker is a great choice.


Summary of Course Features

  • Available as self-paced online course or as a live, in-person workshop
  • Comprehensive course materials are aligned with PMBOK Guide
  • Video instruction and commentary
  • Interactive practice exercises
  • Real-world examples and case studies
  • 2 full-length practice exams
  • “Ask the Expert” feedback from expert instructors via email


Online PMP Exam Review Course
Price: $699
Includes: video commentary, interactive exercises, real-world examples, access to instructor feedback via “Ask the Expert” feature, 2 full-length practice exams, and case studies.

Online PMI-ACP Exam Review Course
Price: $499
Includes: Video instruction by experienced Agile practitioners, comprehensive materials including Agile Basics and Agile Application modules, 2 practice exams with 120 sample questions, best practices and case studies to help with differentiation of Agile methodologies, team leadership and Agile project skills, and “Ask the Expert” feature.

Live PMP Exam Review
Price: $900+
Includes: Four days of instruction by an experienced PMP instructor; comprehensive set of materials including the current edition of the PMBOK Guide, Becker PMP Exam Review Guide, Q&As to the PMBOK Guide, Crosswind PMP Exam Prep Series Guide; flashcards; online access to additional resource material and sample exam questions; and online access to the PMP instructor during non-class hours and for 60 days after classroom training ends.


Becker PMP Review Breakdown

Becker PMP
1. Flexible and Self-Paced Program
2. Get 20% OFF Discount Code
3. “Ask the Expert” Feature
4. PMI-ACP Review Course Available
5. Includes Contact Hours for PMI Certification

Becker PMP Review
Written by: Amit Patel
3 / 5 stars

Wiley PMP Review

Wiley LogoRATING: ★★★★★

Wiley PMP Review offers an innovative and easy-to-use review course to pass the PMP exam. With materials created and approved by industry leaders, you have access to a customizable course that features tried and true methods to pass your test.

By incorporating a unique assignment timeline widget, an exam planning calendar, and lecture videos from Cynthia Snyder Stackpole–a member of the committee revising the test for upcoming years–this review is the best of what the prep industry has to offer.

The online platform allows you to edit your exam plan to fit your schedule and easily track your progress with intuitive reminders and a course completion meter.


1. Lecture Video Content

Wiley’s PMP exam course features video lectures from an industry leader and future shaper of the actual exam. With 12+ hours of content starring Cynthia Snyder Stackpole, you’re sure to get insights into exam strategies and test-taking tips that you’re not going to find elsewhere. Her wisdom has filled a number of top-selling books within the industry, but you get access to her project management sagacity in this review package.

2. Customizable Calendar

If you’re like most PMP exam candidates, finding time to study is one of the more difficult parts of passing the test. With the Wiley platform, you’re given access to an exaWiley PMP Platinum Coursem planning system that can coincide with whatever life you’re living. If you can only study on Tuesday and Thursday nights, adjust the settings to accommodate this schedule.

3. Course Completion Gauge

If you’re like most people, a visual representation of your progress is a helpful tool – this not only alerts you to how far you’ve gone, but also reminds you that you need to put in more time! This feature breaks down your progress within the overall course, what percentage of the questions you’ve completed, how far along you are with regard to practice exams, your completed test bank percentage, and your overall study time. Gauge your progress better with this unique feature!

4. Metrics

Many courses offer data to help you see where you need improvement and what areas in which you may be suffering. This course does so in a manner that is much more user friendly, as it gives you a complete breakdown of this information in the “My Metrics” section. With all of the data you would ever need about your performance, you can see exactly where you’re struggling and where you may need to spend less time.

5. Price

You’re not going to get a much better deal than this one, as the Platinum Review Course is $495 and comes with a free 48 hour trial to ensure that its the right exam prep solution for you. With numerous discounts and special deals for students, this is one of the best values on the market. You get amazing resources for less than what most other courses are going to cost you, so be sure to take advantage of this offer.

6. Back to School

With a syllabus that brings you back to your younger days, this course truly treats the PMP study process how it should be treated: as a learning experience. If you follow your syllabus with this course, you’re going to achieve success. Wiley has designed this review prep with assignments and grades, allowing you to hop into your best learning mode and truly ace this test.


1. Website

While other courses may have flashy websites that feature the latest in design and intuitive responses, this course lags slightly behind. While this may not be the best designed website out of all of the courses, the content is what really matters – this isn’t an issue at all, as the prep materials are top of the line and tough to beat.

2. Bells and Whistles

This course is about as simple as it gets. For those students who enjoy a direct and to-the-point learning style, this is your best option. For other students, who may prefer the latest and greatest features and exam prep bells and whistles, there are other courses that provide more options and innovative approaches to the classic learning style.

Ideal User

Wiley’s PMP Exam review course is designed for candidates who have busy schedules yet want to put in the work when they have time. It’s designed to prepare you for the test in the matter of a couple months, if you’re spending two days a week preparing. This course is ideal for you if you want the classroom experience without actually going to a physical lecture.

With its top-rated videos and numerous metrics, this is a platform that really brings you into an informative and efficient study realm. Once you sign into the site, you’re going to have access to easy progress tracking, timeline widgets, an intuitive study syllabus, and customizable test banks.

My Suggestion

This is a top-rated review course that provides an encompassing view of the PMP exam and exactly what you’ll need to know for the test. At a very reasonable price, this exam prep tool is one of the best values you’re going to find. You get top-level video lectures and exam questions to work off of, as well as a customizable schedule that can coincide with your busy life.

The Wiley PMP course is great if you want to get a lot done without the bells and whistles – all on your own time. If you’re busy, trying to get right into studying, and not looking for anything too fancy, this is your best option.


Summary of Course Features

  • Comes with 35 PDUs
  • 12+ hours of lecture videos presented by a top industry professional
  • Online test bank of more than 300 practice questions
  • Guarantee – Partner Until You Pass’
  • Online flash cards, digital review text and core study materials
  • Two full 200+ question mock exams
  • Customizable calendar
  • Course completion gauge and progress tracker
  • Detailed metrics to analyze performance


Platinum Review Course

$495 $421
Show Coupon

Includes: 35 PDUs, Partner Until You Pass Guarantee, 12 hours of lecture videos, core study materials, two exams, online test bank with 300+ questions.

Gold Review Course

$395 $354

Includes: 12 hours of lecture videos, core study materials, 25 PDUs, online test bank.

PMP Test Bank

$75 $60
Get Discount

Includes: Compliant with PMP Exam format, scoring requirements, and Exam limits, as well as two 200-question practice exams and 400 practice questions.


Wiley PMP Breakdown

Wiley PMP Review
1. Flexible and Self-Paced Program
2. Get 20% OFF Discount Code
3. Expert Videos
4. PMI-ACP Review Exams
5. Guarantee


Wiley PMP Review
Written by: Amit Patel
5 / 5 stars



Simplilearn PMP Review

RATING: ★★★★

Simplilearn is one of the largest online certification and prep course providers in the field, offering 100+ different courses and classes in more than 150 countries around the world. Their PMP preparatory course consistently ranks as one of the most popular options, with thousands of students enrolling each month.

Choose from in-person classroom instruction, a live-online instructor-led experience with other students, or the online Self-Learning option. A variety of available dates, times, and locations makes this program a good fit if you are a busy professional juggling work and other commitments with studying for the PMP exam.

simpli learn pmp1. Versatile Learning Options

With both live and self-study learning options available, you can choose which course best suits your schedule and learning style. Online Classroom options are available in 8-10 day batches, and can be attended during different times throughout the day, allowing you to choose a course option that fits into your schedule. Or you can enroll an in-person, 4-day PMP Bootcamp at a location near you. The Online Self Study option gives students access to more than 29 hours of quality video lectures and lessons for maximum convenience.

2. Number of Exams and Practice Questions

In addition to five full-length PMP Simulation Exams, you get 83 Chapter-end quizzes, and 4 PMP-ACP exam simulations, giving you many opportunities to practice exam-like questions. Watch the instructional lectures and/or videos (the Classroom Courses include full access to all of the online materials in the Self-Learning course) and try your hand at the practice questions on quizzes and exams until you have mastered the material.

3. Free Perks

Simplilearn offers multiple extras with each course, both for the Live and Self-Learning options. Although these vary, special offers often include free courses, such as PMI’s Agile Certified Practitioner course (PMI-ACP) and Microsoft Project 2013, a free online practice test (access through the Simplilearn Forum), and a Forum for support and exam strategies, such as the Top 10 Ways of preparing for PMP Certification Exam.

4. 86 PDUs in Addition to 35 Contact Hours

One great perk is that you get 86 PDUs with the Simplilearn PMP preparatory course – that’s in addition to the 35 contact hours that are a requirement for taking the PMP exam. That is considerably more PDUs than most competitors offer. After you have completed the requisite number of hours on Simplilearn’s website, you will be issued the 35 contact hours certificate at no additional cost.

Mobile-friendly-website5. Mobile App Available

The Simplilearn mobile app for Android devices makes it easy to study on your tablet or phone by giving you access to all of the online content and videos. All you have to do is log into your account, and your progress will be synchronized among your different devices and computer.


1. No Access to Instructors with Self-Learning Course

Unlike many of its competitors, Simplilearn does not provide any form of instructor assistance or chat feature for the online, Self-Learning option. This is a disadvantage if you have a question about the material, because you have to send it through their general email support or rely on the Forum to get an answer, rather than asking a trained instructor directly.

2. Limited Money Back Guarantee

Simplilearn offers a very limited refund policy that varies from one course to the next. The online course must be canceled within 3 days of subscribing, and you must have accessed less than 50% of the course content. For the 4-day PMP Bootcamp with 100% money back, the re-examination fee is paid by Simplilearn and the remaining amount is refunded if you do not pass the exam. For live course options, if you cancel within 7 days, you will be charged a 10% administrative fee and refunded the rest of the amount. See the Simplilearn website for additional details.

3. Limited Access

For the Self-Learning Course, Simplilearn charges you according to how long you want to access the training. You can get access to the Self-Learning course for 30 days for $199 or 180 days for $299. If you choose the live classroom option, it is only available at specific times during the day, and the in-person option may or may not be available in a city near you.

Ideal User

Simplilearn caters to business professionals who are currently employed and looking for a course outside of regular working hours. With a variety of learning options that allow you to study when you have time, the course is ideal for you if you want to prepare for your PMP exam without taking time off from work.

Because Simplilearn has a lot of offerings in terms of PDUs and certifications, this course is perfect for you if you are trying to maintain a current certification (such as another PM certification) while you study for your PMP exam.

Online courses are available in 3 to 12 month periods, which is more than enough time to prepare for the PMP exam even if you have the busiest of schedules. The ability to merge your mobile and desktop account seamlessly makes it possible to study while traveling as well.

While the online Self-Study course offers no access to instructors, Simplilearn’s instructor-driven courses will work well for you if you need the motivation that comes with a live course that has set lecture and study times.

My Suggestion

Simplilearn has trained more than 400,000 students with its high-quality and well-organized prep program courses. All PMP prep courses include a well-organized dashboard, on-demand video lectures, practice questions, exams, access to an Android app, as well as the option of taking live online courses.


Summary of Course Features

  • 4-day Classroom Bootcamp or 32 hours of Instructor-led Training
  • PMBOK included with 4-day Classroom Bootcamp
  • 71 hours of learning with 10 Webinars
  • 29 hours of quality e-Learning content
  • 20 real world examples from various industries
  • 15 Chapter-wise exam tips & brain dumps
  • 5 PMP Simulation Exams
  • 4 PMI-ACP Simulation Exams
  • 6 Industry-based case studies
  • 15 end of chapter reference slides for terms & acronyms
  • 12 Tips and Tricks Videos
  • 83 Chapter-end Quizzes
  • 86 PDUs in addition to 35 Contact hours needed for PMP exam
  • Money Back Guarantee


Online Self-Learning
Price: $199/$299 (30 days/180 days)
Includes: 29 hours of online videos and lectures, tips and tricks, study material, 5 PMP exams, 83 Chapter-End quizzes, 86 PDUs.

Online Classroom Training
Price: $899
Includes: 32 hours of instructor-led training and all Online Self Learning Content at no additional cost.

In-Person Physical Classroom Course
Price: $1799
Includes: 4-day in-class course in a city near you (where available). Includes all Online Self Learning Content at no additional cost.


Simplilearn PMP Online Course Review: Summary

Simplilearn PMP Review Strengths 
1. Versatile Learning Options
2. Number of Exams and Practice Questions
3. Free Perks
4. 86 PDUs in Addition to 35 Contact Hours
5. Mobile App Available

Simplilearn PMP Review
Written by: Amit Patel
4 / 5 stars


BrainBOK Review

brainbokRating: ★★★★

BrainBOK offers flexible PMP and CAPM exam study materials at an affordable price and is a great option for students who don’t want to break the bank while studying for their project management exams.

You may choose from a number of different subscription options, or just buy additional practice exams, depending on your budget and study needs.


pmp-capm-pmbok-itto-tool1. Versatile Learning Options

BrainBOK has four main features: The ITTO (inputs, outputs, tools & techniques) Explorer, an Exam Simulator for the PMP and CAPM exams, 2000 Flashcards, and the  ITTO and Glossary Quiz. In addition, some subscriptions include a downloadable PM Formula Quick Reference Guide (PDF).

Components can be purchased together in several different bundled options, or separately (for example, just the flashcards, the ITTO Package, or practice exams). The Premium Pro subscription option also allows students to use BrainBOK to satisfy the education requirements for PMP or CAPM certification.

2. ITTO Explorer Tool

BrainBOK designed the ITTO Explorer to make studying for the PMP and CAPM exams more interactive and engaging. This tool helps you study the Inputs, Tools and Techniques, and Outputs (ITTO) of the project management processes that are defined in the lengthy PMBOK Guide. Instead of slogging through 600+ pages of text, you can use the ITTO tool to understand these processes in a quicker and more dynamic way.

With the ITTO Explorer, you can read descriptions of each process, each Process Group and Knowledge Area, group processes, learn process interactions and data flows, and find a page reference if you need to refer back to the PMBOK Guide for more information.

3. Highly-Rated Practice Exams

BrainBOK’s practice exams get high praise from clients for preparing them for the actual exam. Most students agree that the practice tests are longer and harder than the actual PMP or CAPM, which helped them complete the actual exam more quickly and easily on test day. If you are doing well on BrainBOK’s practice exams and finishing on time, you should have no trouble with the real thing.

Additional PMP and CAPM practice exams can also be purchased separately alone or in a package deal ($20-$70 for PMP exams; $15 for CAPM exams).

pmp-capm-flashcards-study-notes4. Useful Flashcards

Many students prefer to make their own flashcards because it helps them to retain the information while they are writing them out, however, students have found BrainBOK’s flashcards to be a very useful study tool. The flashcards are a great way to fill in any knowledge gaps you may have, even after you have reviewed everything in the PMBOK guide.

5. Great Price

It’s always gratifying to find an effective course for less money. BrainBOK gets high praise from satisfied students who have passed the exam on their first attempt without spending a lot of money on a more expensive course. The well-priced individual components also mean you can use BrainBOK’s materials as a supplement to other review courses to beef up your skills and knowledge.

6. Mastery Mode

One impressive detail we learned is that BrainBOK works tirelessly to incorporate feedback from previous students to make their product better. For example, the Mastery Mode feature was suggested by an actual student who had used BrainBOK to prepare for the exam, and was implemented very quickly by the company after the student pointed out how useful it would be.

Mastery Mode consists of a special exam that helps you improve your weak areas. The software tracks your performance on the exams and each question you get wrong (or mark for review) automatically gets added to your Mastery Mode database.

You can generate quizzes from the database, and the question is only removed from the database once you get it right. It is included in the Premium Pro, Premium Plus, and with all Exam subscriptions.

7. Free Basic Account

You can take advantage of several free components of BrainBOK’s review programs by signing up for the free basic account. If you like the materials and the program, it’s easy to upgrade to a premium subscription in a matter of minutes.

8. 100% Money Back Guarantee

BrainBOK is so confident with the quality of their course that they offer a 100% Money Back Guarantee. They will refund you if you meet the following conditions:

  • Your request is submitted through the help center within 7 days of purchasing the subscription
  • You have not attempted more than one paid exam
  • You have not attempted any paid exam more than once


 1. No Live Online Instruction or Video Lectures

Many competitors offer some kind of live component in terms of online lectures or interaction with professors, but BrainBOK does not. You will have to sit down with the materials and go through them carefully to learn them on your own.

Ideal User

BrainBOK’s course is best suited for independent, self-motivated learners who want a bargain price. If you want 180 days to go over the material, a ton of practice questions, and are self-motivated BrainBOK is a good fit. The lack of lectures and live options makes it less suitable for students who crave more interaction and more access to a professor to guide them.

My Suggestion

BrainBOK offers a solid option for students on a budget. One of the strengths of this program is the ability to buy only the components you need if you don’t want a comprehensive review course (although that option is also available).

Students who are ready to take charge of their learning and want to power through a course in 180 days should definitely consider this well-priced option. The practice exams alone are a great resource: if you do well on the practice tests, you will almost certainly have no trouble with the real thing. Be sure to take advantage of the free trial to get a better idea of their course and its features today!


Summary of Course Features

  • Free Trial
  • 100% Money Back Guarantee
  • Student Forum
  • PMP/CAPM Practice Exams and Quizzes
  • 2,000 Flashcards
  • ITTO Explorer tool
  • Mastery Mode
  • PM Formula Quick Reference Guide (PDF)
  • Exam simulator for Practice Questions
  • Course Completion Certificate


Basic PMP or CAPM Subscription
Price: FREE
Includes: 150 Flashcards, Mastering PMBOK Exam 1, and Forum Membership.

Premium Subscription
Price: $29.99 (90 days) for PMP or CAPM
Includes: ITTO Package, Flashcards Package, Mastering PMBOK Exam 1, Forum Membership, and Priority Support.

Premium Plus Subscription
Price: $59.99 (90 days) for PMP; $49.99 (90 days) for CAPM
Includes: Everything in the Premium Subscription plus PMP or CAPM Practice Exam 1, PMP or CAPM Formula Challenge Exam, PM Formula Quick Reference Guide (PDF), and Mastery Mode.

Premium Pro Subscription
Price: $149.99 (180 days),  for PMP; $139.99 (180 days) for CAPM
Includes: Everything in the Premium Plus Subscription plus PMP or CAPM Practice Exams 2 and 3, Mastering PMBOK Exam 2, and Course Completion Certificate.


BrainBok Breakdown

BrainBok Review
1. Versatile Learning Options
2. ITTO Explorer Tool
3. Highly Rated Practice Exams
4. Useful Flashcards
5. Money Back Guarantee

BrainBOK Review
Written by: Amit Patel
4 / 5 stars


PMstudy Review

RATING: ★★★★★

PMstudy’s wide variety of learning options include a choice of online and in-class courses that allow students to choose a prep option that fits their time, budget, and personal preferences.

Partnerships with more than 100 major companies, offices and classes in more than 150 locations, and nearly 100 accredited PM trainers make PMstudy one of the largest companies in the field. Their money back guarantee also makes their courses an attractive option.


1. Minimal Prep Work

One of the most appealing elements of this course is that very little prep work is required for the live class options. Students complete minimal prep-work to get 40 PMI Contact Hours to apply for the PMP Exam before their course begins. Unlike competitors, PMstudy recommends students attend the live class sessions without doing prep work first. This model works best if you take the course immediately before the PMP exam. Ideally, you will take a 4-day class, do the homework, and take the exam on the 5th day of that week (or as soon as possible after you have finished the course).

2. Fully Recognized Courses & Qualified Instructors

As a fully recognized institution and PMI Approved Registered Education Provider, PMstudy offers valid PDUs. Their staff includes more than 90 accredited and experienced project management trainers in a variety of locations and countries for maximum accessibility and convenience.

3. Money Back Guarantee

PMstudy offers a full money back guarantee if you take the live or platinum course and take the test within 30 days of completing the course. The company either pays your fee to retake the test or offers you a full refund for your course if you don’t pass the first time. Please see the PMstudy website for details and requirements.

4. 40 Contact Hours Included in Some Courses

The Free and Silver PMP Online Course options only include 10 PDU contact hours, but the Gold, Platinum, and Classroom options include 40 PDUs with the course. If you sign up for a live online course, your cost includes 30 PMI PDUs, which satisfies continuing education requirements for the first year for certified PMPs. (This is in addition to the 40 PMI Contact Hours you get with the course).

5. Downloadable Content for Offline Study

For those who want to study offline, PMstudy offers downloadable study guides and project notes in conjunction with the classroom and online courses. This is great for those times you do not have ready access to the internet. Read the downloaded material until you can connect to the internet again to maximize your use of study time.

6. Free Mobile App

A mobile app for iOS and Android allows students to access study materials, videos, lectures, flashcards, and more right from their phone with the purchase of any PMstudy program. The app includes chapter information and lectures, which you can use while reading or studying the PMBOK guide as well. When you use your online course login credentials on your smartphone, the course is automatically synced among devices.

7. Comprehensive Course Materials

With 1,000+ practice questions, more than 12 chapters of video lessons and lectures, online and classroom course options, and flashcards, PMstudy provides everything you need to study for the PMP exam. The classroom option also includes 60-day access to the online prep course, which contains more than 4 hours of video and all of the flashcards, practice exams, and chapter tests.


1. Free Course Option is Limited

While PMstudy advertises a free PMP prep course, the course is a very limited version of their online classroom option and has a maximum 3-day access period. With only one practice exam, just a few videos, and limited access to everything else, it’s more of a free trial than a free course.

2. Price and Limited Money Back Guarantee

PMstudy’s options come at a hefty price. At $1,899, the live virtual course costs significantly more than most competitors’ live courses. In addition, PMstudy’s money back guarantee is only applicable if you take one of their more expensive courses, such as the platinum online class or the virtual classroom option; the guarantee does not apply to the more affordable prep options. On the other hand, the PMstudy advertises that they have a 99% pass rate, so most clients don’t need a money back guarantee.

Ideal Student

PMstudy has several versatile study options, a generous rescheduling policy, and a variety of access levels to customize the length of your course based on the amount of time you have. Although these courses may not be the best option for those who need a large amount of study material at a bargain price, PMstudy is a good fit for students who want to brush up on the basic concepts without delving into the material in too much depth.

The in-person Boot Camp prep course is a great option for those looking for a quick and thorough review just before taking the exam. Available in more than 150 cities, the Boot Camp will get you ready for the exam quickly and efficiently. You’ll also get online access to the study materials, so you’ll be able to study before you take the course to make sure you’ve mastered the basics. Alternatively, take the 4-Day Live Virtual Live Course that contains the same high quality materials and expert instruction.

My Suggestion

As one of the largest companies in the PMP test prep industry, PMstudy stands out as an accredited prep course option that has more than 100 partner companies, and more than 90 accredited PM trainers. The large number of practice questions, simulated exams and qualified instructors are some of their biggest advantages. However, for almost $2,000 they don’t really offer students the amount of value they are charging so I would suggest comparing them to their competition before making any decisions.


Summary of Course Features

  • 1,000+ Practice Questions
  • 4 Simulated Exams
  • More than 58 Video Lectures
  • Downloadable Study Material
  • Chapter Quizzes
  • Accredited Course
  • PMI Contact Hours Included/May Be Added
  • Flash Cards
  • Free Mobile App


Free Online Course
Cost: Free
Includes: 3-Day Access to 1 Simulated Practice Test with 200 Questions, Two Chapters of Video Lectures, Two Chapters of Study Material, Mobile App, and 10 PMI Contact Hours.

Silver Online Course
Cost: $25+
Includes: 12-Day Access to Course, 1 Simulated Practice Tests (Option to Purchase 1-3 Additional Tests for $25 each or $60 for All 4 Tests), 2 Chapters of Video Lectures, 2 Chapters of Study Material, Mobile App, and 10 PMI Contact Hours.

Gold Online Course
Cost: $89.95+
Includes: All 4 Simulated Practice Tests, All 12 Chapters of Video, All 12 Chapters of Study Material, Mobile App, 30 Days of Access, and Option to Add 40 PMI Contact Hours for $50. Additional Access and 40 Contact Hours Available for a Separate Fee.

Platinum Online Course
Cost: $499.95+
Includes: All 4 Simulated Practice Tests, All 12 Chapters of Video, All 12 Chapters of Study Material, Mobile App, 180 Days of Access, 40 PMI Contact Hours, and Money Back Guarantee.

Live Virtual Classroom Course
Cost: $1,999
Includes: 4-Day Virtual Classroom Training, Tool to Calculate Work Experience, 60-Day Access to All Online PMP Exam Prep Course Materials, 40 PMI Approved Contact Hours, 30 PMI PDUs for Continuing Education Requirements, Comprehensive Classroom Study Materials, 800+ Practice Questions and 4 Full-Length Simulated Practice Tests, PMI Application Assistance, and Money Back Guarantee.

In-Classroom Course
Cost: Prices vary based on location. Typically, the 4-day Boot Camp costs $1,999.
Includes: 4-Day Classroom Training, Tool to Calculate Work Experience, 60-Day Access to Online Exam Course and All Study Materials, 40 PMI Contact Hours, 30 PMI PDUs to Satisfy Continuing Education Requirements for Certified PMPs, Mobile App, 58 Videos, 4 Full-Length Simulated Practice Tests, 1,000+ Practice Questions, PMI Application Assistance, and Money Back Guarantee.


PMstudy Breakdown

PMstudy Review
1. Minimal Prep Work
2. Fully Recognized Courses & Qualified Instructors
3. Money Back Guarantee
4. Downloadable Content for Offline Study
5. Free Mobile App

PMstudy Review
Written by: Amit Patel
3 / 5 stars


PMP Exam Boot Camps (What You Need to Know)

PMP boot camp isn't for everyone.To earn your Project Management Professional (PMP) credential, you need pass the PMP exam and meet the experience and education requirements. The 200-question long exam is tough and requires about 35 hours or more of study, regardless of your experience in project management. You can choose to self-study with an online PMP training course or you can attend classes or study groups. Or, if you want to be really hardcore and ensure you pass your exam, you should definitely consider a PMP boot camp.

Usually at boot camps you find soldiers crawling through mud or climbing over 10 foot tall walls. The intense nature of a boot camp is meant to break in new recruits, and that is exactly what the PMP boot camps do with aspiring project management professionals.

PMP boot camps provide an accelerated path through the study process while taking out the many interruptions in our daily lives. Enrolling in PMP boot camp is a sure way to keep your head in the game and complete a concentrated amount of studying. Boot camps also provide the 35 contact hours that are a prerequisite for the PMP exam.

How Long and How Much are the best PMP Boot Camps?

PMP boot camps generally range from three to five days and can cost anywhere from a couple hundred dollars to several thousand. Some boot camps have a money back guarantee if you don’t make a passing grade like many other PMP Prep courses including SimpliLearn and PMTraining. Some employers will even offer to fund your boot camp as long as you pass, incentivizing project managers to sign up for a couple days of intensive studying.

Before and After Boot Camp

Many PMP boot camps have passing rates as high as 99%. While other test prep courses have exceptional passing rates, they lack the concentrated study structure of a boot camp. Preparing for the exam in three to five days can be an intense experience. Many PMP candidates will read the PMBOK guide prior to boot camp and make notes on what to areas to focus on in bootcamp. It’s also recommended that you rely on outside studying in addition to bootcamp. Remember to book your examination no more than a couple of weeks after your boot camp so all studying doesn’t go to waste.

Boot Camps are not for Everyone!

When preparing for the PMP exam, the most important part is picking a study plan that works with your life and learning style. Whether its visual, audio, or through experience, everyone learns best in their own way. For some, bootcamps are not the best option for their study schedule.

Boot camps are designed to give you noticeable results with a lot of effort in a short amount of time. This doesn’t work for some because cramming 35 hours of instruction and practice exams into a 4 day span leaves students with insufficient time to digest the material. Also, boot camps often have limited space and are only offered at certain times of the year. This makes it difficult, sometimes impossible, to schedule a good time to go to PMP boot camp. 

At PMP boot camp, the focus is on passing the exam instead of learning concepts for personal growth. Depending on what you are hoping to achieve with your PMP license, boot camp may not be the place for you. If you are simply trying to pass, PMP boot camp could be a great aid to use. If you are trying to become a better project manager and learn new skills, perhaps you should try an alternative study method that allows for you to have a deeper conceptual understanding. 

We are all different as individuals, so of course boot camps are a great fit for some and not others. Regardless of whether you plan on doing a boot camp or not, I highly recommend getting a top PMP training course to supplement your studies. Best of luck!



Best PMP Boot Camp
Written by: Amit Patel
5 / 5 stars


GreyCampus PMP Review

Grey Campus PMP Online Review

RATING: ★★★★

Grey Campus Dashboard ImageGreyCampus brings students organized, instructor-led live and on-demand PMP prep courses at a reasonable cost, as well as an entire year of access to online study materials. Their study materials are available online or offline and include the PM Toolkit, flashcards, and interactive lectures.

With training offered by project management experts and availability in more than 50 locations around the world, GreyCampus’ PMP, CAPM, and PMI-ACP prep courses stands out from their competition.

Grey Campus PMP Course Features

  • Print copy of PMBOK 5th Edition Guide
  • 3 to 4-Day Workshop or 32 Hours of Live Online Instruction
  • 35-Contact Hour Certificate with Live, Premium, and Standard options
  • 30-Day Instructor Helpline with Premium Online Self Learning course
  • 21 Hours of Video Lectures with Standard and Premium Online Self Learning
  • 3 Full-Length Mock Tests with 1500+ Practice Questions
  • 500+ Flashcards
  • 15 Common PM Tools Toolkit
  • Mobile App for Android
  • 100% Money Back Guarantee
  • Live Online, and On Demand Learning Options Available
  • 1 Year Subscription to Online Course Materials

Grey Campus PMP Pricing

PMP Training – Online Self Learning
Price: $300
Includes: 1-year access to 21 hours of video instruction, 3 simulated practice tests, 500+ flashcards, PM Toolkit with 15 common PMP tools, 35-contact hour certificate, and 30-day Instructor Helpline.

Live-Online Course
Price: $699
Includes: Live online courses with 32 hours of live instruction, a certification, and experience and interaction with project management tools. Availability varies.

Grey Campus PMP Strengths 

1. Self-Learning Platform

One of GreyCampus’ best features is the well-organized content that can be used for independent study. Study materials and questions are sorted by knowledge area and practice group, allowing students to focus their attention on areas that give the greatest difficulty. GreyCampus’ course monitors progress and provides a cumulative performance overview. Students are also given access to a PM Toolkit that includes resources used by Project Managers as well as more than 500 flashcards.

2. 35 Contact Hours

The Online Self-Learning PMP prep course will cover the 35 contact hour requirement that students need in order to apply and sit for the PMP exam, awarding those who pass with a certificate as proof. Both the self-learning and live instruction options include these contact hours, meaning that students will require no additional education to take the exam after concluding any GreyCampus PMP prep course.

Grey Campus PMP Questions Online Review

3. Interactive Lectures

As part of their Online Self-Learning package, GreyCampus includes several hours of informative video lectures. These often consist of a qualified instructor speaking with a slideshow visual aid and a live transcript along the right-hand side. Students have the option to pause, rewind, or skip certain lines and slides in each lecture, allowing for a level of interaction that rivals that of a live instructor.

Grey Campus PMP Interactive Lessons Online

4. 1 Year of Access

With one year of access to the course, students have plenty of time to study and learn the material. This is especially helpful for students who finish the course and take their PMP exam with time to spare, since they can access these same learning materials in order to brush up on certain concepts. This access also applies for students who pick the live instructor packages.



Grey Campus PMP Weaknesses 

1. Simulated Exams

GreyCampus offers three simulated exams in their PMP review course. For the vast majority of students, this should be enough material for them to become more comfortable with the exam-taking process and prepare for the real thing without wasting a great deal of time. However, the lack of more than three simulations and the exclusion of customizable simulations is disappointing since competing educational providers do provide these amenities.

2. Customer Support

GreyCampus provides chat, phone, and email support on top of a 30-day instructor helpline for answering specific questions in a one-on-one setting. While the instructor helpline is a convenient and high-quality feature, the customer support is disappointing and has led to many complaints left online from frustrated students trying to resolve issues.

Ideal User

With a variety of online and offline course offerings, different study methods, and the ability to choose the level of study you need, GreyCampus courses will meet the demands of most students. The instructor-led classes are ideal for those who need the individual guidance of an instructor as motivation to stay on task or for students who simply prefer traditional classroom learning. The live online courses are excellent as well because they are interactive and allow students to ask questions during class.

Grey Campus Practice Questions

The Online Self Learning option is a better fit for self-motivated students who want to study on their own schedule and don’t necessarily have the time or budget to attend a live class. Exam candidates can choose the best course based on their budget and individual needs, since any package will provide them with the requisite knowledge and experience to sit for and pass the PMP exam.

Grey Campus PMP analytics

My Suggestion

GreyCampus offers several options for studying for the PMP exam, including live classroom, live online, and an on-demand course. This makes them a good fit for students who are working full-time while trying to study. It’s clear from observing their Online Self-Learning package that GreyCampus is committed to providing high-quality education for students in a manner that is friendly and effective.

Having access to the course for 12 months is a nice perk, but with only 30 days of helpline access, you will have to organize your study time accordingly. Furthermore, issues with customer support are unfortunately to be expected and should be planned for if any issues arise that will necessitate contacting them. However, students should find themselves very satisfied with their results after taking GreyCampus’ PMP prep course.



Best GreyCampus Coupon Codes & Discounts

GreyCampus Online PMP Course Review: Summary

GreyCampus PMP Review
Best Features
1. Well-Organized Learning Platform
2. Includes 35 Contact Hour Certificate
3. Customer Support and Instructor Help
4. Mobile App
5. 1 Year of Access

GreyCampus PMP Review
Written by: Amit Patel
4 / 5 stars

PM Campus Review

RATING: ★★★★★

PMCampus offers a number of very flexible options that include PMI approved contact hours, PDUs Certificates and a 100% Pass Guarantee.  PMP candidates can choose from individual courses to prepare for the PMP exam by selecting only one or two prep options or by bundling several courses for the most cost-effective approach.

Through an online platform with webinars and live webcasts in addition to simulated exams, PMCampus provides learning content that extends beyond the PMBOK guide to real-world practice.


1. Variety of Study Options

PMCampus offers a variety of different study materials and courses, ranging from individual courses that focus on essential skills, tools, and techniques to bundled packages that combine several courses at a lower price. Unlike many other prep course offerings, PMCampus focuses on real world skills and tools rather than restricting itself to the content of the PMBOK guide. Coaching, simulated exams, webcasts, formulas, software, presentations, and recorded videos are also part of the package.

2. Full-Length Simulated Exams

PMCampus provides an exam simulator software program to help you prepare for the 4-hour PMP exam. Although it is possible to hit the pause button and come back to the simulated exam later, you’ll get the best results if you take the practice exams under actual exam conditions. You can buy the exams separately or check if they are included in one of the bundled packages.

3. 35 Contact Hours Included

Many PMCampus bundles include the 35 contact hours that are required to take the PMP certification exam. Take advantage of combining studying for the exam with getting these crucial hours completed for maximum efficiency.

4. E-Coaching Is Available

Options include a help desk and “ask an expert” feature, however, you can also pay for additional Email Coaching to augment your prep course. This is ideal if you want to identify and work on your weak areas under the guidance of an experienced tutor, are struggling to remain motivated in an online course, or need additional help answering questions and practice problems. PMCampus coaches help familiarize students with the online training environment, support study goals, and provide guidance in developing a study plan so that you make progress and meet your milestones.

5. Free Trial & Mock Exam

The PMCampus free trial gives students access to their new online Training Center as well as content from the Platinum PMP Prep Exam Bundle (includes 3 courses and is aligned with the most recent edition of the PMBOK). There is also a free PMP mock exam with 200 practice questions. The free trial allows you to try before you buy to make sure the course you choose is the best match for your situation. Why not try it today to see which one works best for you?

6. 100% Pass Guarantee

PMCampus’s 100% Pass Guarantee promises that you will pass the PMP exam or get your money back. You can retake their prep course twice if you fail, and if you fail a third time (and therefore make yourself ineligible for the exam for 1 year), you will receive a refund as long as you meet all requirements. Please see the PMCampus website for details.


1. Overwhelming Number of Course Options

It’s possible to have too much of a good thing, and with many different courses and bundled course options, some students will have a difficult time sorting through all of the offerings. The PMCampus website contains so much information that it is difficult to determine which courses include the prep material you will need to optimize your own studies. For example, we noticed that although the Silver and Platinum bundles include the 3 simulated PMP exams, the Gold bundle does not.

2. Upgrades Cost Significantly More than Bundles

If you purchase a bundle and decide later that you need more information, training, or help, you will end up paying more than if you had purchased the more comprehensive bundle in the first place. For that reason, you should do your research by taking advantage of the free trials, take the free practice exam, and consider a bundle based on your experience with their study materials.

3. Limited Number of Practice Questions

With only 600 practice questions and three full-length simulated exams, PMCampus lags behind its competitors in these categories. As the saying goes, practice makes perfect, and it is always better to practice many different questions to prepare for the actual exam.

Ideal User

The majority of PMCampus courses are available on demand for self-study, making them ideal for those self-motivated learners who do not need live chat, interaction with other students, or an instructor-led live course. Students on a budget will appreciate PMCampus’s offerings, especially if they spend the time to research exactly which courses will benefit them most and choose the bundle that combines those courses for additional savings. The personalized Email Coaching option is perfect for those who need a little more guidance to keep them on track while they study.

If you have the time to research the various options, you’ll be able to try out, select and purchase a course that contains precisely those features you need most. You can always upgrade to a course that contains more material, but it is more cost-effective to pay for a bundle up front. For example, the silver bundle combines the 35 contact hours course with 3 simulated PMP exams at a significant discount ($165 instead of $198). The platinum bundle contains everything in the silver course plus the 40 Essential PMP Skills Course (PMPSKL) for $199.

If you are not sure how much time you’ll need to study, you can pay to extend your course (options include 5, 10, 30, 60 or 90 extra days). The price varies according to the number of days and the type of course ($40-$95).


PMCampus allows students to access a large variety of options and practice material at a decent price. The learning modules based on real world experience take a unique approach to studying for the PMP exam while still covering the basics in the PMBOK guide. Be sure to sign-up for their free trial to check out their course material and see if you are a good fit for their teaching style.

Using PM Campus isn’t a terrible option to prepare your exam, but most of their competitors offer better and more well-rounded prep courses so I would suggest comparing them before committing to anything.


Summary of Course Features

  • 35 Hour PDU Certificate
  • Webcasts
  • PMP Exam Formula
  • PMP Simulation Software
  • 600+ PMP Practice Questions
  • PMBOK Reference & Explanations for Questions
  • PMI RDS 40 Skills Presentation
  • 100+ Advanced Situational Questions
  • Weekly Live Webinars
  • Recorded Webinars
  • Pass Guarantee
  • Help Desk
  • Email Coaching


30 Days PMP Exam Prep Course
Price: $99
Includes: 35 Contact Hours PDU Certificate, All Study Material, Exam Tips, Virtual Coach, Gap Analyzer, Webcasts, Exam Formula, Self-study Guide, Simulation Software, Speed Reading Activity, Recorded Webinars, 4 Live Webinars, Ask an Expert, Helpdesk, and 30 Days of Access

35 Contact Hours PMP Exam Prep Course
Price:  $149
Includes: 35 Hour PDU Certificate, All Study Material, Exam Tips, Webcasts, Exam Formula, Simulation Software, Speed Reading Activity, Recorded Webinars, 600+ Practice Questions, Helpdesk, Pass Guarantee, Weekly Live webinars, and 90 Days of Access

Price: $165
Includes: 35 Hour PDU Certificate, All Study Material, Exam Tips, Webcasts, Exam Formula, Simulation Software, Recorded Webinars, Helpdesk, Pass Guarantee, 12 Live webinars, 3 PMP Mock Exams, and 90 Days of Access

Price: $179
Includes: 35 Hour PDU Certificate, All Study Material, Exam Tips, Webcasts, Exam Formula, Simulation Software, Recorded Webinars, Helpdesk, Pass Guarantee, 12 Live webinars, 100+ Advanced Situational Questions, PMI RDS 40 Skills Presentation, and 90 Days of Access

Price: $199
Includes: 35 Hour PDU Certificate, All Study Material, Exam Tips, Webcasts, Exam Formula, Simulation Software, Recorded Webinars, Helpdesk, Pass Guarantee, 12 Live webinars, 100+ Advanced Situational Questions, PMI RDS 40 Skills Presentation, 3 PMP Mock Exams, and 90 Days of Access

Platinum +
Price: $249
Includes: 35 Hour PDU Certificate, All Study Material, Exam Tips, Webcasts, Exam Formula, Simulation Software, Recorded Webinars, Helpdesk, Pass Guarantee, 12 Live webinars, 100+ Advanced Situational Questions, PMI RDS 40 Skills Presentation, 3 PMP Mock Exams, and 180 Days of Access

3 PMP Simulated Exams
Price: $49
Includes: 3 Simulated Exams with 600 Questions

PMP Exam E-Coaching
Price: $179
Includes: 3 Weeks of Customized Coursework, 90 Minutes of One-on-One Time with Coach


PM Campus Review
Written by: Amit Patel
3 / 5 stars