How To Get Your PMP Certification

Professionals in the Project Management field consider PMP Certification to be one of the most prestigious certifications available for project managers globally. Learn everything you need to know to qualify, study, and earn your PMP Certification right here!

What is Project Management?

The role of a project manager in business is an important one. However, many people do not understand what the role entails. Typically, a project manager will have specific skills in an industry and have a vast knowledge of many aspects of that business. A project manager role can seem a little unclear if you don’t know what the person in that role does, however, anyone with a great skillset and some heavy knowledge in their field can become a project manager.

Why Conflict is Essential to Good Project Management

I know what you’re probably thinking—how can conflict ever be good? Of course there are plenty of problems that come up when people or ideas clash that can impact productivity and workplace satisfaction. But, almost every consequence can be avoided if the conflict is handled correctly. In fact, if dealt with properly, conflict can be […]

PMP Certification Requirements

Earning the PMP certification means you must qualify for the requirements in addition to studying for and passing the PMP exam. Although the PMP is not the right certification for every project manager, the following information will help you determine if it’s in your best interest to get certified in this field. This article can […]